Makerfire броня 85 HD DVR FPV Brushless Cinema Whoop Drone Flight Test Review

Этот безщеточный крошечные возглас беспилотный имеет встроенный DVR, что информация 1080p полное HD на 60 кадров в секунду. Узнайте это прямо здесь and right here is its on-line instruction


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  1. You can simply change the arming angle to 180 in BF . For older versions of BF , you can go to the CLI and type "set small_angle = 180" then type "save ". This allows arming in any position or angle.

  2. Re switching off the video recording before powering down to avoid loss of video. The Makerfire site says that it uses a similar system to our Phantom 3s. If power goes out before saving just leave the card in situ, add a good battery & the video can be salvaged.
    Also re the tilting problem at start-up. A short bit of PVC pipe of appropriate size would make a stable base & keep it up out of the muck.

  3. I noticed you used a jumper for this videoQuestion is, do you recommend it for noobs like me? благодаря

  4. I have reviewed similar. What's a reckon? ? 🔊🔔👏👍✔✔😆🍻

  5. Спасибо за shoutout. LOVE YOUR VIDEOS ❤️

  6. Another nice Tiny Whoop. Хороший обзор.

  7. Очень хорошо & being a b/l snob i checked the link. Спасибо & I'll get the phicodelic painted version, if avail. 👍

  8. Betaflight 3.3.0 as reference, allows you to go to “Configuration" tab, then scroll down to “Arming” and change the “25" degrees to “180”. This allows the quad to arm on any degree of tilt to help get it off a tree branch or some other unreachable place. Just some quick/short throttle bursts to help flip it off…(not turtle mode).
    Joshua Bardwell has a vid for the FrSky Taranis showing how to add a safety switch to prevent accidental arming.
    Хороший обзор! 8)

  9. Тогда хорошо, not a bad looking little guy but a little pricey. You could try the Betaflight CLI commands: get small_angle to see the arming angle then set small_angle = 180 to change it.

  10. Great picture, now I wish they would give you a flat lense, and stop with the fisheye, so you could make some amazing shots.

  11. Спасибо за видео. Have you constat aime jello because fait all Mother vidéo or this quad seem To have jello problem
    Is it your case ? It seems not but….max je ? Sorry for my english from swiss (Today 20cm Snow bbbbrrr it s cold) hihihi

  12. Looks like the caddx turtle hd board, its wery nice 👍 but i would not think this quad can take a lot of beating. Nice cinema whoop i guess

  13. Is this program already installed in the T8 controller or did you have to install it to bind the controller

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  15. Helloooo…. I'm the first…. С уважением

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