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  1. Bhai main tumhe subscribe Karoonga Chopra Mujhe subscribe kara de mera Idea All-in-One everything people have to know if it comes at 5:00 Karoge to mai tumhe karunga

  2. You think this one is better than the other Inductrix (the little yellow one)🙂

  3. С возвращением! As always thanks for another top shelf review

  4. Great to see another video review!
    I'm not a huge fan of this form factor, but it sure has taken over things in the RC quadcopter world. Not a bad package overall.

  5. Вау, I'd like to know how long it takes to edit such a well done video. Поздравляю!

  6. The editing quality is great man. You deserve way more subs

  7. Рад видеть вас обратно! Большие видео как всегда, your reviews are top notch. Have you considered reviewing the hubsan h122d X4 Storm? I just got one and I'm loving it

  8. ура, you're alive 😀 im glad winter aint stopping your channel.

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