Там. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for watching, subscribing and sharing my videos. Today’S video is about 12 common mistakes. New dji mini 2 owners make new owners who haven’t flown before make some common mistakes that may lead to either loss of your new drone or may hurt someone if you just bought your new drone or plane to buy one watch. This video to know the common mistakes that new owners make. If you avoid these mistakes, you can make sure that you have your drone safe and everyone around you will be safe. Please note this video is important for any drone owner any new drone owner it’s. Not only specifically for dji mini 2. номер, one mistake is not checking the memory in the dji mini 2.. The dji mini 2 drone does not have a hard disk or internal memory in it. That means you need to make sure you check. If the memory card is there, this is the only thing that will keep the photos and videos that you’ll be recording in case you take it out for a shooting without checking. If the card is there or if the card has this, then you’ll be wasting your time, because you won’t be able to record anything on it. The card must be free of space so that you can be recording photos and feed on it, and it must be there. В противном случае, if it’s on there, you have no way of keeping your videos or for photos.

It helps if you have a second card, just in case this one malfunctions or it’s full, then you can replace and have another card. The second common mistake is not checking the safety settings. The safety settings may be set in the beginning after installation of the dji fly app, but sometimes if the environment is changing, you may need to look at the settings again. I’M talking about settings for the maximum height or maximum altitude uh settings for maximum distance. You want it to fly before it returns. If it goes beyond that distance, it can come back without the moment it goes beyond that distance. It will have to come back um settings for the battery level when it will warn you if the battery is going down and when it has to return. If the battery is at what level? If you don’t pay attention to these settings, you may lose your door. It may go out of range and you lose it, maybe by the time, try to track to track it. It is out of battery and you can’t even fly back. That common mistake is not checking the battery level. That is for the drone itself. Is it full and that can be easily checked by just pressing the button, the controller does it have enough battery charge and the monitor or the device that you’re using to see what you’re recording this must be checked before you start flying? В противном случае, if your drone is low on battery, it may not help you, because it won’t go very far before it runs out of the battery maximum.

It can go, Это о 26 minutes because you need to consider time coming back while they are selling they say. 30 minutes but remember it has to return to your location, just return home if it goes five kilometers away from you consider you need some battery life to make it to flight back to where you are. The controller tool needs to have power, потому что, if it goes out of battery, then how can you get your drone back? The display should also be with enough battery power. Что ж, this will charge it. The controller will check the display, while using it, but still needs to be having full battery people who buy the dji mini 2 with the flymo combo pack. They get three batteries and the charger. This helps them because you’ll have three batteries. You can always change if they’re all full, Однако, if they’re also all empty, then it doesn’t help you so important is to check the batteries if they’re all fully charged, if not check them before you plan your journey. Fourth mistake is not checking the surrounding environment. Some obstacles like tall buildings, like trees, like valleys and hills, may make flying very difficult or very complicated, Например, crowded places if it’s a forest or a bush. This may not be very easy, especially if you need to land your drone and the risk with not checking the surroundings properly may extend from losing the drone to hurting someone or hurting yourself or hurting animals, Например, if it’s a park with birds flying around it Is risky to put your drone up but may look at it as something to eat or it may hurt the bad in the process or you lose it if the body is strong enough.

Пятый, mistake is not putting into consolation the landing platform or launching platform landing or launching a drone, Например, on top of a car or a car, or in the car on the vehicle. Hood may be complicated. The same even applies if you’re shooting inside the building, because some devices some gadgets may interfere with the gps signal and the compass operations that makes landing very complicated and hard. You may need to learn manually and also you may consider hand learning or hand launching. If you fly for the first time, then make sure you go out where you have proper landing platform big enough space, so that you avoid landing and landing on the first flight it’s, not true, это, safe to have your fast landing and fast launching in your hands. Это может быть опасно. The sixth mistake is not checking the flight mode and pushing so hard your controllers, if your flight is in sport mode and you push so hard, this drone will just take instructions from the controller it will move so fast and in case you are in a place With a lot of obstacles, you may end up hitting a wall or hitting any of these obstacles. This drone does not have obstacle avoidance sensors, so that means you may risk losing it. It only has sensors at the bottom for landing and launching, but on the sides there are no obstacle: uh resistance, Датчики, if it’s your first flight make sure you put it in ceiling or enough, so that the speed is controlled and also when you’re pushing the controls.

Don’T push so hard. Please control your speed so that you don’t crash drone on the first flight. Seventh mistake: people not paying attention to the weather condition. We know the dji mini 2 is a bit resistance and stable in windy conditions. Однако, it’s good not to put it into very strong winds if it’s about to rain or if there’s, a very strong wind or a sandstorm, i think it’s better, not to put out your drone. You may risk losing it’s lightweight less than half a kilogram, so putting it in strong winds or in a storm all will be dangerous to it and if it’s raining definitely this is not meant for use in water, it will be damaged and you lose it. The eighth common mistake is not paying attention to the direction of wind. This is especially important if you’re trying to hand launch or a hand land when you’re hand launching or hand landing make sure the wind is coming from behind you towards the drone. В противном случае, if it’s coming from the back of the drone towards you, this drone may fly into your face and hurt you. This is why it’s very important to make sure you check for the addition of the wind it’s, еще лучше, if there’s no wind at all, because then the risk is less. But if there’s any wind make sure the winds flowing from your back towards the drone and not from the drone towards your face, ninth common mistake is not increasing the brightness of the display, especially if you’re working outdoors.

If the display is too dim, you won’t be able to see some details on your display. That means you’ll, take your videos or shoot your photos, and once you put them on your computer, then you’ll find that they’re either too dark or overexposed, and this is not something that you want to have it so always make sure that you have enough brightness on The display so that you can clearly see what you’re recording what you’re shooting the 10th mistake is confusing, left and right of the drone and for the pilot. If you’re flying a dji mini 2, its left will be your left and your its right will be right. If it’s facing away from you, but if it’s facing you and the camera is facing you, then it changes, your right will be its left and your left will be its right. So that’s very important to note that if the camera is facing you, then the the directions will change. If you command it to go right, it will go to the left because that’s it’s right, if you command it, to go to the left. It goes to the right because that’s right when it’s facing, but if it’s facing away from you you’re facing separation, then left is left and right is right, очень важно. This may seem easy, but if you in sport mode, it may be dangerous, eleventh mistake is not putting into consideration the time of the day that you’re going to shoot outside mid days are not very good for video or photos, because the light is the sunlight is So bright and the shadows are so dark, so the photos and the videos will not have that nice look it’s, always better to take your videos and photos either in the morning hours or evenings.

When you have this natural light diffuser, the light is diffused naturally, and the shadows are not so dark and the light is not so bright. So time of the day is important. If you’re going out to do a shooting that’s, a common mistake that many drone owners make the last common mistake that new dji minute to drone owners make or any other drone make owners make, is exposing your photos and videos to light or to a dark. You have enough controls on the dji app. You can control your lighting, your exposure, you can control uh the ios source and you can control the shutter speed. This will help you to have a control of not having too much light to lose the details and not having too dark of the shootings or the footage. Another thing that might be very useful is to set the histogram and the exposure warnings. This will show you in case you’re overexposing, something it will put the difference to tell you that this is too bright and if it’s dark again you’ll see on the histogram. That is too dark, it’s very important to see those in the app and to make use of it to avoid overexposing or unexposing your footage. This is all i have for you in this video. Please subscribe for more videos about the dji mini 2 and any other drones that i’ll come across. спасибо.