DJI MAVIC PRO – Параметры ручной камеры – Баланс белого, ISO, Скорость затвора

This video offers a fast demonstration on methods to manually set the DJI MAVIC PRO digital camera for optimum video/image.

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  1. Can you please make a tutorial for manual exposure settings also?

  2. In your video about white balance. If you have no snow whats the best way to set it?

  3. Thanks for this helpfull tutorial. Highly appreciated! I set the ISO to 100. To detect the shutterspeed i switched it to auto, but the mavic then also changes the ISO! Is there something i can do to prevent the Mavic doing so?

  4. Very helpful and informative video thanks. There is a lot to set up before a flight on the Mavic pro but it is well worth understanding the best routine to adopt pre-flight to get best results and this video helps with that.

  5. Очень хорошо! благодаря

  6. Well done for a newb like me on cam settings and explanations!

  7. mavic pro flying over frozen water on a cold day, mavic pro flying over frozen water on a cold day. Нету, that just gets me more excited.

  8. Спасибо так много! Any more videos? 🙂

  9. I use the mavic pro for inspections and small surveys. I was having some problems with the pictures. Thanks for making this video so easy to understand. Straightforward info. Best regards from Bolivia.

  10. Awesome video you don't have one on ND filters.. I find your videos easier to follow than anyone else's..

  11. I think you had your contrast set to -1 is that something we should consider?

  12. How do I get still photos to color instead of the black and white they are producing,?

  13. Captain drone I have questions for u..

    You mentioned if the white is good then the rest of the colors are good. A lot of the times you don't have whites in the picture what do you do?

    Also when's a good time to use the exposure wheel on the top right-hand corner of the controller..

  14. Потрясающие. Just what I was looking for

  15. Hi thanks for your tutorial I confused by one thing people are saying that the shutter speed should be double the fps. this allows videos to flow more easier. I only saying this because i made a video the exposure was bright so i adjusted the shutter speed and the vidieo was a little jittery

  16. An excellent presentation Cap Drone, I found that I get excellent results working in Auto & then post editing which circumvents having to mess around with the settings. I am very impressed though with your manual results.

  17. At about the 2:13 mark you say "This is how you set the white balance." ОДНАКО, you don't tell us HOW you got to that section to set it.

  18. ОБНОВИТЬ. You DO say where to set the white balance. It just goes by SO fast.

  19. Excellent explanation!!
    Very simply presented for the beginners like me! Subscribed and look forward to seeing some more videos!

  20. Would it be fair to say that not really relevant if you take video with changing light (ie towards or away from the sun) since your settings are in manual? Auto will take into consideration all lighting changes.

  21. благодаря, best explanation, no bullsheet, my subscribe you have 🙂

  22. What causes annoying video Flickr when flying low and fast I don't to get it when I'm a flying high

  23. great instructions for me, one questions ,i want to learn about pictures from Mavic at nights starting using 1/5 exposure and ISO 1600 ,and i have to say 90 % времени ,picture are great ,по крайней мере для меня, i want your advice on this

  24. This is the best explanation thus far, благодаря!

  25. Thank you so much for your excellent concise clear explanation. I really appreciate the videos you produce.

  26. For someone totally new like me I found this very helpful 👍👍👍thank you

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