They want to be present in this video because this is their toys were gon na. Do unboxing of that toys its a drone. It is a toy we got from costco the brand and description ill put everything in below under this video in description, so you can check it out what is included and its uh only 50 dollars at costco right now. It might be available online im, Не уверен, but ill do unboxing on the box. It says uh open from this bottom, так болен, just open up, okay and well check it out and try to go and see if its actually fly and if it can record the video uh. It has high definition so from another side of the box. Uh you can get this charging. I think charging cable with a phone adapter holding and batteries propellers instruction manual, Хорошо, so its kind of tricky, but we dont need this box same okay, Херес, your drone. Так, хорошо да, my daughter, said you need to open here. I guess they know better than me now how to unbox the toys actually tighten up on this side. So you need to unscrew the three screws over here: yeah wow, Хорошо, so my thumb shows there is a camera of course, because it comes with camera and its foldable. So you can fold it, so it can be foldable and it will be very small actually, что приятно. Хорошо, like this very small, okay hold it dont, break it and okay.

The battery is over here for the drone itself, so you have to charge the battery of course. Before flying. It comes with a phone adapter im, not sure if my phone will fit. Hopefully it will okay, так болен. Try to install the battery in a remote control. It comes with a screwdriver fuel screw driver, so you and it also come with the battery aaa batteries. Four batteries included, so you would just need to unscrew this screw. Okay and theres a two cup compartment for the battery on each side. Хорошо, you just install one over here and one over here battery make sure its installed correctly. Just put it back, push it press it, and now you can close it. You do the same thing on this side, so its exactly the same. Хорошо, its all set the battery comes like this for the drone itself, so you you would have to charge it you just plug in this uh cable on the side of the battery in order to charge it, and then you can attach to your computer or if You have a block from your phone anyway, you can just plug it in and charge the battery, and you insert the battery over here like this okay and to remove it. You just press over here and it will be removed, uh its a pretty small nice drone. Almost like uh the other brand, but this one is for kids its pretty light and im, not sure how long it will lie fly, but it does have camera and looks like its moving up and down.

You can move um, it does have some lights on the some legs over here. Let me open and show you ill show you the full size of this drone. Хорошо, so once its open its pretty big like this, it looks cool for the kids toy for 50 долларов. I think its a good deal and now lets see how it flies and if the camera works, so you have to turn on at the same time hold it for a few seconds. Now you have blinking lights. That mean its on. You put it on the ground and you press this one up and down once its sold. It means its ready to fly. You press this button to start okay and thats, how its dry Music! When you press, when you press the same button, it will just oh go down, so i installed the app already. It might be very hard to see here. I cannot put my phone in the holder because too big with this protection, so ill just use ill hold the phone to to record it. Okay and then ill press uh to record it, and it start to record it. Then i will press to fly and it will start to fly and honestly i didnt chase the battery. Что ж, so the flight was short and, как вы можете видеть, the quality of the video was not as good because it wasnt in charge, and it keeps uh freeze up on me.

So i think after i charge it, it should be much better and my son loves this drone and how it flies, but this drone design for 14 и вверх 8 лет. So i have to be in control and help my son to manage this drone. How to fly to explain to him, but i think its uh. He is still too young for the drone, but if somebody over 14 или даже 10 years old probably can fly, this drone pretty well as its a lot of fun and it will take some time to learn. But once you learn about how to fly, how to navigate it, its fly about 15 в 20 minutes and i think its a great uh purchase for the 50 долларов. You learn how to fly the drone and if you cannot afford good one, this one is good to start for the kids. Спасибо за просмотр.