Are DJI Drones really the BEST drones? The DJI Story

On this video I discuss how DJI grew to become the highly effective drone firm they’re at this time and why they’ve little or no competitors. This might imply that innovation will decelerate and costs will go up. All data for this phase got here from enterprise information and varied statistical knowledge sources.

Canon 80D: HTTPS://
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Manfrotto: HTTPS://
Студия Софтбокс: HTTPS://

DJI Spark: HTTPS://

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DJI Phantom four Professional: HTTPS://

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  1. впечатляющий! Thanks for all that information. Very well presented! Monopolies are always inconvenient for the consumers, lets just hope it doesn't get to that.

  2. I've been to numerous drone factories, and I can say that DJI is about 2 times the price they should be. No matter how you cut it, shake it or spice it up, WAY OVER PRICED………….. СРОК

  3. DJI have a very strict pricing structure in Australia. The prices are set relatively higher than the US price. This can be hard to follow due to Aussie RRP including the GST (sales taxes) whereas the USA list prices are before taxes. The exchange rates are variable, but even so, the Aussie prices tend to be like AUD 170 for the Tello which would equal USD 124. The base US price is say USD 100 plus tax, say USD110. That still has the Australian price with more padding. This may be due to added consumer protection laws in Australia, plus higher handling costs. Но: we immediately feel ripped off when the Tello is advertised as less than $100 in the US and sells for $170 Вот. That is too high for a "toy". DJI have fixed the prices. There are no discounted prices from any Aussie retailer. Banggood sometimes have it listed for less. It is the fixed price policy that leaves DJI open to competition. I lived in the USA for over a decade and was always amazed at how brand snobbery would attract consumers to pay more. Например: "Acura" is a snob marketing name for the top range of Honda cars. In Australia (and most of the world), they are all Honda. DJI have adopted the snob brand name policy; a bit like Apple. Higher profit margins and higher retail prices. That I believe will become their failing if they ever drop behind in technology innovation per dollar sticker price. I'm keeping my eye on Hubsan small quads; while Banggood swamp the FPV racer micro market with Eachine.; niches that DJI have not threatened. BTY: I wrote a flight planner program in "Scratch" and sent it to Rhyze who tested in on a Tello for me to see if would be possible to use a Tello for internal building surveys. Rhyze impressed me with their customer support, even though I have not bought a Tello (too expensive if it's only a toy). Changes in the US to China Trade agreements and tariffs may bring US prices up to Australian levelsChristmas prices are anyone's guess this year.

  4. Good grief, how much technology do people need? People aren’t creative any more because everything is done for you by a gadget. It’s a “ look what I have” world

  5. DJI has manufactured good and innovative drones for the past one decade, but my experience flying Mavic Air drones proved unfavourable. My first MA was bought 2 месяцев назад, from an authorised reseller…После 3 days use, suddenly became uncontrollable, hit the wall, and fell from 2 meters height. The IMU, accelerators were dysfunctional and the drone was sent back to DJI China. Until now, it is still there. While waiting for the first MA to be repaired or replaced, I bought the second one….only to be with me for 2 дней. Without any accident, the drone became dysfunctional and displaying "ESC errors". I sent it back to the reseller, then I got refund.
    2 weeks ago I bought Parrot Anafi, steadily flying and capturing good photos and footages. Parrot Anafi has few good features and few weaknesses compared with Mavic Air, among othersParrot Anafi only compatible with micro SDHC cards, not the more advanced micro SDXC cards, the spare batteries are still not in the market. Really hope good competitions in civilian drone industry

  6. Captain Drown , Please say DJI Not DGI – Пожалуйста ! Say it correctly please! I love your videos but it dries me crazy when you say it incorrectly

  7. Please don’t say it like the other people do say DJI Not like the other bad people though. Be super correct and say it say for correctly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart because you are my hero

  8. DJI have a very strict pricing structure in Australia. The prices are set relatively higher than the US price. WHY THAT , and the big problem is the NOISE of the MOTORS . for me if the NOISE WOULD BE " NIL" IN THE DJI MAVIC 2 PRO & ZOOM THAT WOULD BE A GOOD DRONE and the price to drop . ( NOISE )

  9. Хорошо сказано! Конечно, there's nothing wrong with being a "toy operator," but there is a difference between that and a truly competent drone pilot. Летать безопасно!

  10. whats up guys its that 0.1 persent of the drone market

  11. Because of the very many negative reviews of the Spark on Amazon, where people relate the physical defects (not operator error) , and the non-response from DJI customer (dis)"service", I am very hesitant to plunk down $549.

    А также, there's only one DJI retailer in my state, and in their reviews there are many people using the word "ripoff", and saying that promises made by the outfit are not kept.

    I'd love to have a working Spark, but fear for the worse.

    Чем заняться?

  12. thats all good, but what would you recommend for a newbie with a $2k budget wanting it for RVing to get aerial footage of surrounding landscapes. Needs to be tough I'm thinking for those unexpected drops..thx

  13. So DJI is kind of the Amazon of consumer goods. So big and so strong, no one can compete against it. I like competition. It keeps our prices low.

  14. DJI’s double edged sword is the NFZs. They are (outside of an airport) to extreme and over the top. I am going to hack mine while still obeying FAA rules and wait for a competitor.

  15. this will be a first I'm adding my comment before watching the video. DJI sucks simply put. Their products are 700% завышенным ценам! Their customer service nonexistent. Servicing their products terrible. The company saw their customers is nothing more than sheep and they stuck the vacuum in your pocket and took your cash. Typical greed on a huge scale. Their products are typical anybody can build them today. In the early days they were the pioneers and their products were garbage they went through the development trying to figure out everything and finally got them working. so in the early days well they were milking the money out of us we were also guinea pigs with their experimental products. They wanted money fast and they got it. If you think even a phantom was worth $800 or more you're kidding yourself. these machines should cost nowhere more than 400 for top-of-the-line. Their profits are too much markup just way too much. What can you do the right? Hope for the competition which is also coming in at the high price market because of the bar that DJI sets. What a rip off

  16. I'm awaiting delivery of my first drone (I'm 75), the SJRC Z5 5G, which you reviewed with some praise. The weakest part of this quad is its camera which, though it shoots 1080P, has only a remote up and down gimbal and produces video more like monitor quality than HD. I might represent a niche in the "fly for fun" drone market. Many of the reviews I have watched focused on the "toy" aspect of inexpensive drones or, on the other end, the quality and rigidness of the video you get with high end quads. Understandable. But at this point I don't expect high end video, I'm after a good flyer I can learn on and fly just for fun and see what the birds see. I hope SJRC sells a ton of these drones and provides a little competition for DJI, even though its in a niche they'll probably not go after … хорошо, they do sell the Tello.

  17. Hassleblad was nasa camera of choice to go to moon. But being we never went to moon, maybe DJI can take the camera there!

  18. DJI is just forcing the other companies to keep their prices low and offer the features DJI offers. If those companies refuse to do that or cant' figure out how, they won't last.

  19. Oh no they have a better productlets sue them.
    Looks like every big company is making lawsuits against competitors, when they realise, they are a little bit better. ;D

  20. Very informative video-thank you for making it. the only thing is that you kept oscillating back and forth from saying DGI to saying DJI. Everytime I hear DGI it seems to make me cringe a little bit.

  21. No I can never get smooth footage on mine colour flickers 🤦‍♂️

  22. Love this video!!! Очень информативный.

  23. Oh come on, what DJI does is what all big companies do! Has nothing to do with where a company is based in.

  24. I will be posting my DJI Mavic 2 Zoom weight lift test video here very soon. Subscribe to my channel to know when I post it and I will assure you that the video is worth your time. Please check it out and give me your feedback in the comments!

  25. a dragon will fly from east and it will occupie.. the worldacordind to bible…. its becomeing mac i phone will survive

  26. I agree with the Mavic air. But I still love my dji drones but I’m not just strictly a dji flyer. I also fly hubsan and 3dr and all types of drones. But that being said there is a higher standard when it comes to dji.

  27. And I will say the key to beating the dji prices is to either wait until they come out with something newer so that they drop the price OR if you know your way around a drone buy them second hand and I will say dji is great with their replacement parts so if i go buy a Mavic pro on letgo for 500$ or cheaper bc some one broke an arm or something on it you save a ton of money bc I will say dji drones are very reliable weather you buy them used or new. I fix broken drones for people all the time, most of the time for free which is going to change and some of them get really banged up but when fixed they are like new

  28. Good informative video as I'm new in the drone world and started with… хорошо, with building one and then got a SkyViper for Christmas from my wife.. I'm not really willing to spend 1000 quid and over on a toy like this and I'd be keeping an eye on the Open source community as they need cash too and projects like MultiWii and Ardupilot are really innovative. I'm not really willing to spend nearly or over half of my monthly income on a flying toy, regardless how technologically advanced it is.

  29. I'm just getting into drones but appreciate your insight. Хорошая информация.

  30. I am also a drone & tech enthusiast but i suppose dji drones are really way too overpriced although i appreciate their contribution in revolutionary drone technology.

  31. Go pro karma killed themselves really. I bought the karma and it was horrible. Never knew what it would do. My first DJI drone was just worlds better in dependability. I trust my mavic 2 zoom fully. It makes for a great flying experience when I trust my drone. But I agree. There must be companies out there that can step up and make a drone as rock solid dependable as occusync signal etc. Here’s to hoping for more drone companies to step up and create competition. We all win!!

  32. Привет капитан Дрон, У меня есть вопрос, today april 12 ,2019 it's good to buy a s
    Dgi sparks

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