Coming soon, we are joined by very special guest captain ray kelly and johnny drone flyer, johnny alfonso ray and johnny. How are you this evening? Im doing well doing very well really. Yeah awesome, yeah, beautiful beautiful beautiful day here, thank you for having me bill and its a pleasure to be on it because its a pleasure to meet you in person over at the south park. You know – and i got ta say this: okay as much fun as it is to fly drones, its even better shake getting to getting to getting to hub hub. You know, yeah shake hands with you guys and and talk and just you know, hey and hug. They had a lot of hugging going on. There was talking going on too absolutely yeah. I got to work on getting you a bill to join reviewers shirt there, johnny, okay, i got ta work on that, so ill that thats thats in my list. Okay, thats. Absolutely things thats in my list, but we got a good show tonight going to talk about a couple things and then, of course you know what the main topic is um, but i dont want to want to beat that to up to a pulp, so um marcus Tonight he, as many of you, know hes up in vancouver british columbia having something or other to do with his corvette, so um hes hes in hes in his heaven right now, yeah so im sure hes going to enjoy that ron today went to visit his dad.

His dads in his 90s, he lives in pennsylvania um, so he took the whole day and i said i said, enjoy your time with your dad so hes doing that so rons not going to join us tonight, but hey you know, were not skipping a beat. We got two of the best in here with with ray and johnny and were going to have a good time tonight. Okay, thats about ray, i saw uh ron, put up a picture yeah, he hes. He definitely. I know he. He goes every uh, so often visit that and thats thats good. You know great yeah, you know, and i tell you what, after after your go ahead, you you and your show were one of the first ones that i started watching when i, when i started getting into involved with drones, you and your nation – and you know i Learned so much listening to you and the tips and uh everything you talked about, i you know, and i really got ta say thank you because you, you were sort of a role model for me. Well, i pro you know, i cant tell you how much i appreciate that ray and johnny one of the first ones i started watching. I think i used to i looked forward to tuesday and uh i stumbled across. I guess it was xeno nation back then so yeah that was probably two of the nights that i watched for sure monday and tuesday.

Drones was kind of my thing. You know well, its you know in in it, so is johnny has done and done a great job of um cataloging. All these shows on the different nights, and that was that kudos to you johnny for doing that, because thats uh there you go pass it up on captain ray uh, ive said it many times, captain ray and matty. You know believe it or not. I would call them and and ray dont really need that list. He acts like he needs it, but he he knows every show, i would say ray whos on what night and what time and and mattys pretty damn good too so uh. They absolutely helped me put it together, but yeah and then yeah and nobodys name is bigger than nobodys it. All it is, is a guide and listen, it might be 50. More drone shows we dont know about. I dont think so, but you know its very popular and uh yeah its a fun little guide, its been a its been a valuable resource, and you know, and one of the things that i want to say about ray im going to toot his horn. Again, a little bit for him is, you know the meet up was beyond my wildest dreams. It was so wonderful, just you know, seeing everybody and and just and just being there it was just it felt good. I mean i had you know one of those one of those good feelings that you get you know after you know, either your team wins a game or you know: youve had a good day kind of thing, thats what it felt like going home after that.

Well, thats, what its all about is. You know its meeting, the other drone pilots and you know talking to them and not so much flying. I mean its great to fly too but and believe me. I had so much help, johnny helped me and maddie and brad and bill. You know it was a team reference all around, but but the most important thing is that people came yeah yall. You know they came and we had well over 100 people there this year. So, especially since then for coming bill and obviously and everybody so thank you all who yeah i got ta say bill. You know you missed last year, i know you were moving right at the time, but you know uh. Now that youve been, i know, i was very uh kind of iffy about going last year and of course now you know if you missed it, youd really be kind of uh. I wasnt eat off it yourself. Oh yeah, you know no its like when you when, when you get that, get that dessert that you cant do without you know and then youre missing it. You dont know what youre missing kind of thing and and thats what it is. You dont know what youre missing. So those of you who think you were on the fence this year about coming to it, do yourself a favor come down. You know it is just an absolutely wonderful time how many you got on there ray were up to 19.

Now you need a new legal pad there Laughter. This is awesome. This is just casey, said hes, definitely coming last night, so hes number 19.. Okay, but you know who you know, who else we need to get? We need to get lawn down here. Okay! Well, you know yeah, he was there for the first one yeah yeah last year, yeah yeah well yeah. I i was. I was hoping to meet him this year and im disappointed. I wasnt able to make it and hope he can make it next year because hes just hes hes another hes, a great source of of a lot of good information. He is um, you know hes longest picked on about being. You know like uh he he put. Mr abrasive, on his title there last night, but no he you know he knows a lot about cameras and and the drones and the apertures, and you know, hes definitely a resource for good information. He is you perfectly put johnny. It really was lets greet a few people here before we start diving into things um. Mr steven ewing is here. Thank you stephen, for showing up. As always, because we know it is an effort for you. Drone views, media dr ted, is in the house. Leonard oglesby is here: uh lets see who else uh drone shots, uh uh eric kimball, uh andrew fox, uh, drone shots fly zone, drone, hell, nine thousand uh uncle bills here fly guy, merrell, uh, michael wright, is here eric kimball uh art is here, welcome art, ridgeflower 32 and okay, i think we got.

I think we got everybody coming all the way from ireland, too, yeah really thats. Just you know these guys that make the effort to watch this show. You know it does not go unnoticed by us ill. Tell you that right now it really. It really really is pretty pretty doggone incredible, yeah thats, pretty awesome. The first things that i wanted to talk about tonight and you know, were going to get to the mini 3 here in just a little bit now. You know its one of these things for me. Um lets go ahead, im sorry, im im trying to fumble around here now federal government is expanding, who can track and zap suspect drones. Okay, and i thought this was interesting um. You know because everybodys all help on privacy and all that kind of stuff, and i wanted to go ahead and and cover this article here a little bit because i thought you know we need to take a look at this here. Um white house seeks to enlarge actors authorized to track and zap suspect drones. Uh binding administration has asked congress to dramatically expand the number of government and public agencies from federal to local that are legally permitted to identify, track and disable, potentially malicious drones flying in u.s airspaces uh domestic counter unmanned aircraft systems, national act plan uh the white house Released monday, the biden administration appeals to congress to renew existing legislation legalizing counter uav action by the departments of homeland security, justice, defense state, as well as cia and n uh and nasa in limited situations.

It also calls for new measures to be enacted allowing local officials to take defensive measures against drones. They fear are up to no good okay, um. You know im gon na kind of, let you guys read this article, but i think the one thing that kind of concerns me about this is okay, whos gon na say what a suspect drone is and what a suspect drone, isnt intent. Thats a big word. Yes! Well, that is a that is a big word here and you know no its because remote pilot was, i mean remote id was such a big hot topic. You know year and a half ago it was a big big topic that uh. You know the government has no right to know where we are and our location, but i really think its a good thing that the government can track sus suspected illegal drones. I really do i. I agree. I agree with you on that. I think and see if they use this in conjunction with remote id, which im sure they will. You know you know the bad actors are going to be taking care of the the ones who were who are doing things like you. Shouldnt do like flying over stadium with people in it, and you know flying over airports and causing interference with airplanes, and you know, or maybe flying over a military installation. You know those things get will get addressed and taken care of, and i think remote id is really kind of a key here.

Um. You know im just worried that some of these local municipalities, they seem a little eager. I know ill give you an example here, um over in orlando, in order to fly your drone, its impossible to fly a drone in the city of orlando florida. The reason is its not really impossible, but in order for you to fly, you need to buy a pass and it costs 20. Okay – and you know it really discourages people from flying in orlando, now theres a large part of the area, especially north of orlando, where disney is its a no fly zone, okay, uh – and that was established a long time ago. But you know its known, as you know, a not a drone friendly area over in orlando and you got to go to outlying parks in places to fly your drone there um – and you know these local municipalities seem to you know. Wan na can really, you know, dictate everything and control and control all the flow here. Im worried theyll get a little carried away. Well, i know i know they could but im not im, not really worried about it. I mean theyre theyre, not against all drones. Theyre. Just against the the reckless pilots, i would, i would say i like the categories like that: the reckless flyers, you know, i know theres certain municipalities, i know in california and theres some um well californias the ones im familiar with where you cannot take off or land Like on city owned property, but um, you know i dont like here in north palm beach, its a very drone friendly community.

Thank god. It really is and same with long island. Where i fly, when i go back to new york, im, not im not worried about it, im really not bill yeah. I i dont, you know for me. I dont have any issues around here. People seem you know over on the gulf coast here in tampa. You know it really has not really ever cropped up that it was has been a problem. Okay and you got to be smart, one of the other things is, and i think both johnny and ray youll agree with me. Is you got to be smart? Where you fly okay, um, you know, dont dont go near where theres a stadium, um dont, go near where theres theres a downtown area with activities going on. You know be smart about. Where about where you go and where you fly, and then you wont have instances like this, you know you know you mentioned about a stadium and – and i i wanted to fly the spring training stadium right here and i did, but i did it before spring training Started the the stadium was totally empty yeah. The only thing i do agree with you bill. You know theres a lot of i dont say so much around here, but i know even at orange beach, where we had a condo in alabama. They just they just having. No drones in orange beach, but it does state you can take off on your private property, which you can be a part ownership which means a condo.

But then you cant fly on a beach, well youre, taking off at the beach. So the wording is very uh. You know its kind of its yeah im, not its its kind of on a borderline but yeah. I i would have a problem because that you know a lot of municipalities may just post a sign, no drones. Well, that could be. That could become a problem. You know yeah stephen, has a good comment there too. If you, you know you youre not doing anything. You shouldnt have to worry about it. I agree 100 yeah, yeah yeah and stephens 100 right. So you know, you know, youd be smart and you know i got ta say 99 of us who fly. Drones are smart, okay, you know, we obey the rules. You know we do what were supposed to do, and you know its just that one percent thats the bad apple that you know, gets the headlines and makes trouble for the rest of us. I agree yeah and im glad you know and im real happy about remote id. You know at first i was on the fence about it, but now the more i think about it, the more i think its going to prevent a lot of these bad actors so bill. Where, where are we at with remote? I mean its supposed to be october november or we, i wonder, if were online on schedule yeah, i heard it. I heard october november johnny and i havent heard a lot since then me, neither yeah, you know and im kind of paying tabs on it.

You know and attention to it but uh. You know one of my resources that i would always go to you guys, probably remember brendan shulman who was with dji. You know, and i had him on the show a couple years ago. Great guy really really had a great great conversation, and it was wonderful because hes very much on top of these kinds of things you know hes now working for, i think its a robotics firm up in massachusetts, but hes still involved, and he still knows these things, But i would always watch his page and on twitter. You know to get updates about this because he would be the first one to comment or you know, post an opinion on something like this sure. But you know he hasnt now, since since he since hes had that new job but um you know im trying to keep tabs on that and well well, keep well keep an eye on that and see how that goes. Uh. You know – and i think – and this is just me talking before we get on to our next subject – i think the drones that we have now the ones that came like the mavic 3, for example – and i think the mini three i think theyre theyll, be you Know easily adaptable to have have the um remote id on, i dont think theres going to be. I think there i think theyre already, maybe pre built with it already, and it may be just software that needs to be activated well.

I have to say, i hope, its pretty easy to do because im, not tech savvy at all. Well, you know its a little firmware update and they can start driving through right. I really do, i hope its not and i dont think its going to be a complicated process. I think they want to try to make it as easy as possible and i think thats thats thats, probably where were going to end up going with that so well. They were talking about having to get a module right, correct, a module. They have talked about that, but you know there was also talk about it being built inside the drone as well too um. So you know who knows at this point. I cant, you know its just a guess right now. At this point so yeah j dub is, is i mean thats? One thing i think the most hes got a comment up uh. You know, i you know its a its okay. I have no problem with them. Knowing why im flying, but as far as knowing where the remote control is – and you know somebody coming up to you that that could be a problem – a potential problem, yeah yeah – and you know – and i got ta say this – you know one of the things that Ive done in you know most of the time valeries with me when i fly yeah, so you know im not by myself and i think thats important um.

You know – and i think you know its not always possible to do that, but i think its an important thing um to maybe have a buddy there with you or someone you know, while youre flying, i think thats the last. I heard, though i think they were just considering it, giving it to the faa and law enforcement. That was the last i sort of heard about okay thats, the general public yeah well, keep tabs on it and see, see whats going on here, um one of the one of the other things i want to talk about before we get to the mini 3 is Um now i did a it was real interesting. I did a video on parachute recovery systems for drones, probably about a couple of years ago, because it really fascinated me and looked at some of the various systems and everything and and you know, and in their cost and everything well. Theres arterion adds drone rescue system to its ecosystem. Apparently these are three three of their modules right here: uh its an autonomous parachute product, um operators, peace of mind, new partnership, emergency black box and data storage platforms, uh its black box and data storage capabilities. Meanwhile ensure operators both retain information captured prior to the failure of a drone flight and will have fullest insight into what caused it once the craft came down to relatively controlled descent, and then we have invested a lot of time and effort.

The adoption of drones is unstoppable and believe our system is a missing link for various safe commercial drone issues were excited to partner with our tyrion, to make our safety solution easily available to vehicles powered by okay um. You know one of the things that i i found when i was doing when i did my research on this, and this was a couple of years ago – is some of the systems seemed to work pretty well and really slowed the aircraft down, but on some of The heavier drones like a phantom uh, you know a lot of times it wasnt coming down. You know it its preventing you from a hard crash, okay, yeah and and maybe maybe a sighting. You know its coming down slower. You know yeah yeah. It prevents it from a hard crash right, but you know all in all. You know when a push comes to shove. You know this is one of these things that you know to me im like um. You know i i dont want you know, thats the reason i got drone insurance. You know yeah yeah. Well, i hope for something like this. I mean i dont know i dont know i dont know anybody who has one ive really never heard this. The first ive heard about it for a drone. I think its a youtube video on it, but ive never bill. Have you ever seen, one in action or in action? No, but i think billy um did a video on one of them yeah.

In fact, i recently within the past couple of months um, you know i get a lot of emails about products to test. A lot of them are drone related, but someone sent me um wanted to know if i was interested in testing testing a parachute system for the mavic 3 and im like okay. You know, and i said let me ask the the most obvious question: theres somebody elses mavic 3 yeah yeah, which matter of three am i going to test here. You know im not going to be the sacrificial lamb here to test your. You know. 200. Drone recovery system and yeah, you know because they put a video out and they started it, but they didnt show it deploying on a mavic, 3 and im like no, maybe because that they tested at first bill. You know yeah thats kind of funny, yeah yeah. I you know, i thought i found that to be kind of funny. I know i was testing it thats for sure yeah. I think they have a ways to go with this. I think you know theyve been doing. There was one company that made one for the inspire two that did a great job, but it was fifteen hundred dollars. Okay, um! You know it really slowed the inspire two down to where it landed without any damage at all, so yeah. Well, you know that could be a good thing, but then you know now you talk about remote id, then maybe they might want a parachute system and then you know itll be something else.

So man, you know pretty soon it it could be uh. It could be a whole hassle planet and you know if, where would fpv drones fit into that category and stuff yeah yeah? You know they wouldnt have time to deploy a parachute thats for sure it opens up a whole another can of worms here yeah with something like this, so you know thats kind of thats kind of where thats going, but you know i think its important to kind Of keep a broad knowledge of this kind of thing, because you know sooner or later a drone manufacturer is going to start, including the recovery system. On a drone, yeah, absolutely i mean yeah its its bound to come and youll see it like on the more expensive drones and then trickle their way on down down down to the other drones here which, which i i think is going to be coming. Well. You know were at that point in the program that you know its its the min its mini three time, and what were going to do is i want to go through a lot of the tweets from diels drone and jasper ellen, and then i want to go Through one of the articles from i think it was from drone dj and then were going to kind of try to get some perspective on this because ive gotten a lot of questions about. You know the release date and when the products going to ship and um, you know the specs and everything and pricing, and all that so im going to go im going to take this step by step here.

So i love the leaks. I love these leaks. You know that theyre really purposeful, leaks by dji. You know people excited about it very shortly about marketing. Yes right, you are 100 right and dji has gotten very smart with that, because you know what heres heres, how much this is costing them all right, its not costing them a dime and theyre. Getting all this publicity from this, which i think is fantastic. Okay, um! This is from deals. Drone 829 euros has been confirmed on two dealers site, okay. Now, of course, this is in another language, and i dont know what that language is but um you know, youre seeing and apparently i dont know if these are options down here or not. So now were going to move on next price right thats, you know not too expensive um. I also received news that the release date of the mini 3 pro has been changed to may 10th. It is unlikely. Dji will be delayed again so well, so we will see the teaser poster on may second or third, okay, thats just uh yeah, so the latest mini three pro render. I saw in a chinese article im sure all promotion picks will leak soon too. People can find this. The rest is just too close to ignore, and then we talked about joining his facebook group ive seen these different eu stories listening to many three pros configurations. This is why i had no doubt about them, but it appears the shops have learned how to hide their products.

Usually, when i tweet something like this, we will see a spec sheet soon, ciao and im going to bring this up here. Dji mini 3 pro fly more kit, djm mini 3 pro single unit, dji mini 3, pro uh with dji res rc, remote controller dji mini 3, pro um smart with the smart controller, and i dont know what the um difference is here with this. But we see some prices and i think you know. Of course, you know this is just a fly more kit and thats just for a single thats just for the drone itself – and this is with the the remote controller and um im, not quite sure what this one would be on the end down there so yeah. I dont know many, it meant i dont know what that one would be. I couldnt understand, and we talked a little bit about drone nation last night at that. I think it was 6.99 if you had to control it from the mini 2, and you know thats really, probably not a bad price at 700. If you have the control already, because if you dont, you may want to, you, know, buy the one with the controller and i guess thats with one battery, so so theyre gon na, let you actually buy just the drone. Is that what youre saying yeah yeah? Oh yeah yeah, absolutely yeah theyll. Let you buy a drone without a controller right which i think is a smart move, because you know if you had the mini.

If you have the air 2s, the mini 2 uh, you got the same controller in the air 2s. So the air 2s and the air too, so you got the same controller like you got the same controller three times so yeah ive never charged have any of you tried to swap yours out. I have not yeah its going to be real interesting to see how that works, but i think its also its also a smart move with dji, because i think that means what were going to see here and were going to go over this article here. In a second, i think what that means here is youll see a dji rc remote controller, whatever theyre going to call this a la carte meaning just by itself, so you can buy that and add that to the drone. If you want um, you know, and maybe instead of getting a fly more kit, you get a couple of batteries instead and then buy your own case thats the controller with the display, which is, i guess, its, not a true a smart controller, but it does have A display, you know right right right, exactly okay, this article on um drone xl, the launch date of the mini three pro is rumored to be delayed until later in may and then um. The release date is may 10th jasper ellen says its unclear why it would have been delayed. One possible reason. The drone maker wants to make sure the drone is completely finished, with all features, operational and ready to apply.

Dji wants to prevent another mavic 3 debacle. Flagship drone is shipped to customers without many promised features. Stills ongoing selling issues six months later, okay and then um already, possibly more likely gj could be faced with cover 19 related shipping and supply issues as a virus. Recently flared up in china – and i want to talk about this for a second here um, you know a lot of people dont know theyre. They are super stringent over in china, with their lockdowns. I mean i was. I was seeing some some things about that on the news i mean uh, you know to their their people are basically locked in their places, theyre theyre not going out and theyre. They have a zero tolerance policy. So i think that a lot of things have slowed down in china to a crawl um. But, as i said before, were going to talk about the shipping of this. I dont. I think the product is already here um, but were going to were going to talk about that here in a minute were going to go to this article here, mini 3 pros appear on the website of a dutch retailer specializing in rc, including most important specifications. The mini 3 will have a 1 over 1 1.3 inch. Cmos sensor with support for hdr video recordings were possible in 4k, 60 frames per second um photos can be taken in 48 megapixel raw apas 4.0 ensures safe flight operations.

I want to stop right. There guys 4k 60 frames per second on a mini drone, its going to be an amazing camera. Theres, no doubt about it. I mean it used to be as far as in djis consumer lineup. You had to get a phantom 4 pro to get that and were talking about a mini now and were talking yeah exactly. You know how far this technology has evolved, its come down to get down to the mini, and i think thats incredible. It really is. You know, because you know phantom 4 is a pretty its trust me. It was one of my favorite drones. Ever i really love my phantom 4 pro v 2.0, but you know size and thats thats. The name of the game. Okay and were were were going to a whole new platform, and you know – and i want to talk about something here in a minute now – um filming in 4k, 60 frames per second 48 megapixel raw photos, um obstacle, detection flight modes, flight time, um active track 4.0 Spotlight 2.0 point of interest: 3.0: its going to have a pass 4.0 um. You know, and then – and i know you guys talked a little bit about this last night. You know – and this is something that has really piqued my interest in this drone – a battery that goes for 47 minutes, okay, thats a long bill. I was just sitting here. Thinking about that.

Are we really now are we? Are we getting what we wish for because youre like me, man, 47 minutes in the air, would be like? Oh my god, im ready to come down. You better have a big sd card in your drone. I got to tell you that yeah somebody said it last night: youd have to change the sd card uh before the battery runs out. You know yeah yeah thats, you know and its a good its a good problem, but but you realistically i mean you think about it and lets say for for arguments, sake, youre, probably gon na get more, like maybe 35 to maybe 40 minutes. Okay, you know you know the weather and wind and all that kind of kind of good stuff. But even that i mean you know: ive gotten almost ive gotten almost a half hour uh on on my mavic 3. Okay, not quite about 25 minutes, okay, which i think is incredible. All right and ive never had the occasion to need to film something for more than 20 minutes. Okay, but i think you know this 47. It really intrigues me – and i think, thats great, especially if youre on a shoot and – and i think, theyre kind of theyre kind of making a statement with this theyre saying this just isnt for hobbyists, okay, you know you could be a professional and get this drone And you know 4k 60 frames per second be able to shoot some great scenery.

You know and have that that run time up there to get some great shots, youll see a lot of professionals starting to use it. They will be no doubt about it. I i agree, and i think one of the other things that we see here – okay, you know obstacle: detection, apas, 4.0 um, you know active track. Um, you know these are this? Was software again? You know there was a point in time. You know it wasnt. On the lower class drones, it was only on the phantom series. Okay and now you know you know what youre getting on this mini. Three is is just awesome. I mean its just its just incredible. I im just im just really tickled about this drone yeah. I would agree man just just the flight time and the characteristics of what the camera is going to be. I know lon talked about you know. I had the autel nano and, of course, the low light capability of that drone is a little bit different, but this drone here will definitely be uh, a great drone to having your backpack and the smaller you know and what we always uh lose track of in The united states, its not a big deal for us, but other parts of the world, its definitely a big big deal under the 250., so you know were very small uh. You know sales uh in in the united states as far as the whole dji its concerned, but you know theyll do absolutely itll be the drone to get.

I can tell you that its a good point johnny. It really is, you know, and i dont worry about it so much here. Obviously in europe over there warren has talked about you know um, you know especially up in canada. You know theres different classes of licenses up there and um. You know with this kind of a drone. You know you dont this kind of skirts, a lot of that and same over and over over in europe and other countries as well too, and i think thats, why. You know one of the things that i really like in what im seeing from looking at a lot of the pictures and taking a good long look at it. I think one of the things that really hasnt been talked about is how aerodynamic this is going to be, and i think how it was built to be able to withstand wind, okay, because everybody thinks a 250 or sub gram. Drone, oh its going to get pushed around like crazy. You know look out its not going to do. No, i think they have done their homework with this. I think its going to withstand win extremely well. I think a lot of people are going to be surprised at how well this drone flies yeah. The angle of flight is definitely going to be uh. You know like the nano we were talking about last night. It flies flat so and thats. What makes it really slow? I think, but but you know the mini 2: the mini 2 gets up and uh goes pretty damn good.

So if the mini, the 3 is like that uh it would even be fast and long was thinking. You know, i think itd be somewhere between 35 and 40 miles an hour. Well, you know they had flown my original mini. You know and – and i know youre talking about the the mini three here, but the original mini was so light. The wind affected that drone and it was though the wind warning – would go on so much a lot yeah. It did, and i hope, with this drone and youre, probably right bill, it wont i dont think it will ray and i think – and i agree with my many two – you know it would be like id get up there and be like oops wind warning. You know, and you know theres sometimes you can ignore them and other times you really cant, okay, um and you got to pay attention. You got to be real careful with that. You know because the next thing you know you know youre following a claim with state farmer youre contacting dji care refresh, because you know your your drone went in the water or crashed and is not recoverable, and you know youre youre really out of luck at that Point in time, whats, the wind level does that. Did i see that anywhere has have we not no, that and thats a good point level? Five again, like i wouldnt i mean i would think, but its just funny that you havent seen i havent seen it im.

Not saying its not out there im sure it is, but uh yeah. I havent really seen anything on that and i think one of the other things that i wanted to mention tonight was – and i know you guys talked a little bit about it last night. Is you know conspicuously, you know this hasnt hit the fcc database yet right, and you know that you know a lot of people are worried about it and heres. What i say about this: okay, the spark when it was released. It didnt hit the fcc database until the actual release date. Yeah thats perfectly fine, you know its just. You know they already have their approval from the fcc. Okay, thats a done deal. You know thats not a problem, but a lot of people are all helped up about it and everything. One of the things that i wanted to talk about with both of you, okay, you know weve seen all the pro weve kind of seen and got a good idea what the pricing and the structure is going to be, and everything regarding that um. You know, i see a lot of people who are, i dont know if i want to use the word complaining, but you know upset about the pricing and upset because you know its its a higher price and everything, and you know a couple of things i want To say, and then i want to hear your guyss thoughts first thing is and ive always said this is, you know, theres a lot that goes into these drones, okay, with research and development.

Okay, it doesnt just you know these drones, just dont happen by accident and you can see the mini. Three is a totally radical new design, completely different from the mini too. I mean they did this from from from from the ground up all right. You know you get a lot of value for your dollar with dji drones, okay and realize something too. Okay. When you look at the specs of this drone, okay, this really is geared toward im gon na call it upper level hobbyists, okay, um, you know ones like us who are you know knowledgeable in and want to get some great. You know video or pictures and on a great platform, okay, this isnt, the kind of drone that i think a 20 year old or a 25 year old, is gon na go out and buy okay, thats gon na youre gon na the mini two is going to Be around for a while and thats going to be the kind of drone for them, but for this mini 3, i think its youre, looking at at people whove been around drones for a while people who know what theyre doing with them and and and really get The most out of them – and i want to hear your guyss thoughts on this yeah. No, i agree bill the only thing yeah, you know price wise. You know i bought the nano and it was. It was 900 bucks and i will say this, you know i know a lot of people wigged out, but you know for what it does in a in a way its flying.

I know you know marcus, they had a you know problem over in florida, but which and hes still working on that. I hope they, you know ill, tell them something about that, but you know i dont think uh. You know, phones up computers up foods up. Everything is up so yeah i dont think were gon na get, i say, uh uh. You know we want all these features and were gon na have to pay for it. You got ta step up to the plate and uh. You know even a bigger battery that that battery, i think, will put that drone over 250. The battery thatll get you to 47 minutes. So you know theyre gon na give you some options, but they all give you an option to buy a drone without a controller which will save you. I dont know what a controller is: 100 bucks, probably 119, but uh. You know we want. You know were kind of getting what we wish for you know, besides apple, if you think about it, you know, if you look at other prices of computer parts, you know they have. One of apple has kind of held their price because theyre so big and manufacture a lot of their own parts, but uh, you know dji, i just dont think were to see you know if you want to buy a 299 drone, yeah youre going to be going To get the se yeah yeah, you know so yeah.

If you want something good its true, though you know and again you know, im im, not a big fan of spending, a lot of money on like a starter, drone type of thing, you know, get your feet wet with a less expensive drone and uh. I i like the idea that dji is going to separate it. You could just buy the drone. You know thats thats, a good thing um, but somebody was just getting into the hobby. This is not a drone for them. Right, like, like you just said, johnny mini sc, is a good starter drone. You know and uh im gon na wait and see im not gon na rush right out and buy it thats for sure, because you know i got the air 2. I got the air 2s and of course i got the mini, the the mavic 3 and i love those drones and theyre, not really big drones. I mean you talk a mini versus a mavic. I carry my mavic and my backpack now, and it goes with me on most days its in my car right, so yeah i mean its. Basically, i think what its going to do is is taking the place of the air too. There 2 will not no longer be so youll settle in with the se, the mini 2, the mini 3, the air 2s and then the mavic 3. You know and thats kind of going to be your your lineup anywhere from uh what 299 to 200 bucks.

You know, i think i actually reduced the uh air 3 and mavic 3 to uh about 150 bucks. Recently yeah yeah they just they didnt, know kind of weird and kind of quick that they did that. But hey you know that im sure they got a reason for it. You know you know. Um akarasho asked a real good question. Does the mini three squash of future air? Three, i would say yes um, i dont think youre gon na see, i think youre youre. Looking the air 2s is going to be the last iteration of the air that you see and thats unfortunate, because i i think you guys you guys, will agree thats an incredible drone. Okay, the air 2s. It does. It does almost everything that the mavic 3 does. Um in a smaller package, easier to transport, just a real joy to fly that drone its really a lot of fun and itll, be itll last two or three more years easily. Well, even even longer than that yeah and i see uh drone guys saying that johnny, the se is discontinued, which probably it is, i guess so itll be the mini two, the mini three, the drone guy is saying unless hes discontinued, yeah, thats, interesting, yeah and thats. He was a combination of kind of the mini one and the mini two. I guess it was the mini two motors. You know with the cam. You know. I know one thing i like that: the name of that channel the drone guy Laughter.

Well, you know, you know in one thing and we kind of touched on this a little bit, but i think being able to you know buy if you want to buy the drone by itself um. If you want to buy it, and you know get that remote controller, you can do that. If you want to buy the fly more kit separately, you can do that um. You know this kind of started when the mavic 2 came out, because what they did was you know the mavic 2 pro and the mavic 2 zoom and the fly mark kit was in a separate box, which i thought was absolutely fantastic because we saw it when We were in brooklyn, and i said you know what this makes a whole lot of sense. Instead of just having this massive box with everything in it, you know sell that separately and thats what they did and then you know one of the things that i have noticed. That dji does, though, which they kind of early on you know. If you want a lot of these options, all right, i think what dji does is, for example, with the fly more kits, these extra bat you wont be able to buy extra batteries, for example, or extra props right away, because what happens is they save those for The fly markets, all right – and you know maybe a month or so down the road before you can buy those, because ive tried doing that before yeah you came out, they were, they were selling batteries on ebay for, like you know, like 50 bucks more because people Had bought the fly more than if you ordered just the one battery, you couldnt get an extra battery for a longer yeah yeah, you couldnt and, and you know, and that was a you know, and then i learned you know after doing that, one of the times That, i think, i think was when i bought the air too um.

You know air 2 s. No! When the when i, when i had the air 2 i was trying to you know i just bought the the the drone by itself. I was going to buy another battery and a couple other things, these accessories werent available for at least another 30 or 45 days, and its really, you know its frustrating until i figured out exactly what was going on that that they were saved for the fly more Kits and thats, why thats? Why thats why it was like that, so i mean, but you know i think they theyve done. It is the way to go, though, when youre going to buy a drone. The fly really is right, because you know you really, you know and again talking about getting value for the dollar kind of a thing. I think it really kind of. Does that? Okay, you really get a lot of bang for your buck when you get the fly more kit, although i know a lot of people – and i know myself included those cases that come with a fly, more kit yeah, you know theyre, maybe good for a day trip. Okay, theyre not good to travel with okay, theyre, like if youre going out to the beach or wherever or park, and going to shoot those cases are fine. But for you know, if you travel or doing anything, you know you need to get a real case yeah. I got about 10 of them under here.

I only use a hard case as me, but you know yeah im the same way. Im the same one john ill tell look same thing, you know the bag. Dogtail came in, you know you just cant uh. I dont know its just to me: i got a mini. I got the mini right here sitting in a case you know that came with it. You know so yeah you know and for me well, you know for from at home. You know my controllers already set up with my with my mav mount and its good to go. I mean all i need to do is pop the battery in the drone uh pop my phone in the in the cradle and hook it up and its good to go. You know i have it already set up, so i dont you know its like when i travel its in the case, but thats the way that i kind of do it like that. Yeah stephen, you want to make it a good point about batteries. They all kind of getting uh a little picky on on shipping batteries. Lately you know it seems like yeah, and you know – and i think part of this too and a lot of people dont realize this and thats a good point. Stephen thank you for bringing that up. Is you know, theres chips inside the batteries too, because these batteries are smart batteries. Okay, um, you know, and – and i think you know we kind of touched on a little bit about you – know um, with whats, going on with apple and and the supply and demand thing.

A lot of this is because of the chips and a lot of these chips are made over in china, and you know, for example, you know when i bought my new car last year. I had to wait a while and its because of the chips. Thats just kind of the way it was with this right now so um, you know thats. Where things are, i mean i mean pure and simple its just so exciting, though, when a new drone is coming out. You know all the hype about it. You just get so excited and you know youre wondering how its going to be and when its going to be released – and you know how much its going to be its just a lot of excitement. You know and im looking forward to this mini 3 pro its going to be good right and its going to be good in a lot of circles and im, anxious im, anxious to see how it does in the weather, because you know living in florida. You know you know, we we get the weather changes, wait, wait ten minutes and its gon na change to something else. You know, um, you know, and the wind is wind can be pretty good when youre on the coast either coast in florida. The wind wind will kick up, so you got to be prepared for that kind of stuff and and im real anxious to see how this drone is going to do in the wind im real excited about that.

You know bill im so so disappointed. I slept in today and it was a beautiful sunrise. No wind. I should have got up and went and filmed now and flew, but i didnt well yeah. You know and thats one thing that i notice here is when the sun comes up. You know the more. The sun comes up. You know that wind really picks up you know and and when the sun sets you know, ive noticed like at sunset its like almost calm, theres theres. No, you know theres no kind of problems with that, so uh somebodys in my front legs and i the front legs yes, but it lands. On a battery, i mean, as far as landing on a battery doesnt it bill. It looks like yeah theres kind of like these protruding. I dont want to call them legs but ill call them. You know for lack of a better term. You probably call them lakes but theyre real short little plastic pieces on the bottom of the drone right yeah. I saw that uh, so you know i dont. I dont know about that, so um, so so bill and johnny. Are you guys going to get the mini three when it comes out? Absolutely yes, yeah im, not im, not gon na im, not gon na beat around the bush and say: maybe you know yeah, yes, im getting it yeah and you know, and rays right theres a lot of excitement when when a drone gets released with good cause – and You know part of this is the community builds up, builds up.

The excitement, which is good and dji, absolutely loves it, because it gives them an absolute, a ton of publicity and the other thing that theyve gotten really smart is that they do these releases online. That theyre, not you know they dont, hold an event anymore, because those events cost them a lot of money. I mean they were great, they were first class, but it cost them a lot of money yeah. I will say, though, people in the chat, if you, if youre thinking about getting a mini 2, you know – and i i mean dont wait. The mini 2 is a great drone. You know its the price points. A lot will be a lot better and you know you will you will love the mini too, so you know dont be afraid to to get them any too. Just to say: hey, im, gon na wait and you know, spend four or five more hundred on many. Three i dont, i dont say that you would need it, but the mini two fly is really really good and ray brought up the point about the yeah, the mini, the mini is very light and it did have you know wind problems or wind warnings, and you Even get them on a very seldom. Do you get them on a mini too, but but a mini 2 is a great drone for the value right now and its been reduced a little bit to it with the platform.

So you can pick up a great drone for what 499. I think it is. Maybe yeah yeah yeah. Well, you know the air 2s has been. You know, theyve been discounting that as well too. So um. You know its its a good time right now, because theres a lot of excitement. People are interested in it and you know, and – and i got to go back to this – and i heard we first heard this by our good friend original dobo, and you know he was the first one ive heard to say you know, fly the drone that you Already have yeah enjoy it, you know, and you know, marcus kind of closes each week, thats what he says and wrong too enjoy what you have enjoy. What you have right now, you know, yeah were excited, were anticipating this drone coming out, but you know enjoy what you have take some great video with it um. You know theres a lot of exploring to do with these drones. I mean you know the skys. The limit, literally with these yeah yeah, i agree and look marcus brought his uh mini se to the uh spin up. Man look and he was having just as much fun as we were. We were flying. I mean we had the yeah, so i mean you know you can have fun flying. You know its the fun of flying and getting out there and hey. You know you were leaving some stress a little bit, yeah, no matter how bad your day was get out.

There and fly foot, even if you put it up for 10 15 minutes man, the whole day seems better. You know it. Does. It really does well guys thats about it for tonight, um, you guys have any closing thoughts. Just for me its its just. You know. I love, i love the meetups, you know and im looking forward to uh, whether its one person or two persons, you know or the big meetup. You know the south florida drone meetup. You know we have it scheduled already its april 1st 2023. You know try to stop making plans now to come. You know, and i guarantee its going to be a good time. Um the venue was unbelievable and i think you both will agree with me on that. Oh yeah beach, causeway park was phenomenal.