Okay, new year great year, coming up were gon na, were gon na have a better year than 2021 okay and were really looking forward to it, and you kind of kicked it off on the right foot and were gon na were gon na get to that here. In a little bit, so how was your? How were your holidays, marcus, uh, good good? I had a pretty good time. I mean it was kind of a mess with regard to uh. You know we had intended to go over to oregon and that didnt work out because of weather, and then i tried to to uh, send my wife flyer there and of course, with all the flight cancellations that flight got cancelled. So we got it re registered her and then that got uh messed up. They they flew her to seattle, and then they wanted a flyer back east to spokane and then to portland. Well, instead, my sister in law just drove up to seattle and picked her up. So anyway, that was more probably more information than you wanted, but yeah. No, i i hear you on stuff, like that i mean it was yeah yeah, ours was nice. Okay, because you know it ended up well what what we normally go out: theres a real nice restaurant on st pete beach, its very close to the beach where uh ron and i flew – and it has a revolving restaurant down there: okay, its open christmas day.

Of course valerie – and i decided a little too late to get reservations so that kind of didnt work out. So what we ended up doing was theres a chinese restaurant. We really like thats about three or four miles away, so we went there christmas day and just enjoyed a real nice relaxed meal, and then we just had a movie thon at home uh. You know christmas movie, thon, okay, that begs the question bill: was it like? In the movie a christmas story where they go and the the duck head is there when they go to the chinese restaurant? No we had now because we ordered we ordered chicken. So no no, no duck yeah. There was no chicken head either there was no chicken head either so yeah yeah and it was a good place and it was you know it was. It was pretty packed. I mean you know a lot of people. You know its kind of popular on on christmas day to do that. A lot of people go to movies on christmas day too. So right, but we didnt. We just went back home and we watched movies, and you know and like new years eve – and this is i im just going to rant on here for just another minute and then well get into stuff okay new years eve its like. Oh everybody go. What are you doing bill? What are you valerie doing? What are you doing, blah blah blah blah blah so well, you know what we went out.

We went to our chinese restaurant again. We went earlier in the afternoon brought home. We watched like three movies. We actually, i made it to 12 45 thats when the fireworks stopped valerie kind of fell asleep about 11, 30 or so, but its like everybody. Oh new years party and im, like you, know what, if i, if i, if im awake, past 11, 30 or or midnight its a miracle anymore, okay and all these people are going, you know all our neighbors. They had a big party at the end of our street and then up at the clubhouse. They had a party up there and i was like no. No, no, no, and it was like 65 bucks, a person up at the clubhouse. They were going to serve you and there was a cash bar with that. They were going to serve you complimentary desserts and evidently i dont know if they had a band play or what but 65 bucks a piece. Yeah and all you got was like a little bit of dessert huh dessert yeah. It was a cash bar and i was like no somebody made money on that deal. Yes were gon na pass on that anyway, anyway, ron may be joining us um. I did talk to him a little bit this afternoon. Uh he kind of wrenched his back. A little bit right, shoveling snow today, believe it or not. He said they got more snow today than they did in the last three years.

Combined its a mess. Have you seen the pictures he posted yeah? I saw those im like holy cow. He got i mean and thats unusual for for over there. Well, they have more snow than we have here in idaho, yeah wow. I mean thats, just thats, just absolutely amazing. I mean it really is so hopefully he might join us a little bit later here tonight, but i want to go with snow in tampa so far bill. No, actually, they did have snow flurries up in the panhandle and alabama had huntsville alabama had an inch of snow on the ground. So you know flurries in the panhandle thats kind of like alarm bells go off in the whole state of florida yeah. You know its kind of like look out kind of a thing, but no we had a lot of high wind and the temperature really dropped here. It went into the 40s last night its going back up into the 80s this week and i wont tell everybody that valerie and i on new years day, went into the pool and were swimming on new years day. I wont tell anybody that okay, you got ta, love that oh, my gosh and well. The heater was off in the pool, but the water was still okay uh once you once you got in, but the the previous week with christmas, and then when my kids came down, they had the heater on in the pool the water was like bath water.

It was so nice we just really enjoyed it. All right were going to jump into things here were going to talk about, drones were going to actually talk about drones tonight you know – and i know before we actually jump into things – lets greet some people matt bagwells. Here laurens here, stephen ewing is here art code drone solutions welcome, arnie maddie is here: charles hat maker is here, lets see. Jay bird is in the house. Drawing drone flyer uh g boy is in the house: welcome g boy uh, who else we got here. Quadcopters in tech, um lets see who else uh matt bagwell drone shots. Okay, i think we kind of covered everybody, its good to see steven ewing. I know he had sent me an email, um hes been busy but um its good to see you stephen and i want to let everybody know before we actually really truly jump into stuff uh. I mailed stickers this week to those of you and by the way, marcus you ron, uh matt uh johnny, all going to get stickers its coming to you in the mail, so um so be looking be on the lookout. For that this week i had to mail that out from the cops, so so thats fun. So anyway, first thing were going to take a look at here. Okay, this this unfortunately its over, but i still wanted to talk about this. This mavic air 2 has a had a huge discount today on amazon.

Okay, now were gon na go the article here on drone drone dj. Let me go ahead and pull that up. I thought i had that up. Uh go ahead and get that back here. All right, okay, actually its on nine to five toys, my bad on that, but lets go ahead and share the screen. Here i mean this was an absolutely totally insane deal that they had here at regular 799, its 550 okay, the offers expired, uh, oh wow, its done now, huh yeah its done amazons, currently offering the dji mavic air 2 for 549.99 ship, normally 7.99 youre. Looking at all time, low of 249 off 12 below our previous 700 refurbished, offering um thats just marcus, that was insane that that was absolutely insane im. Looking it up on amazon while were while were talking bill just to see well hear this, this link will take us right there, and here it is, and its its back to 799. yeah. They said they dont have they only have 18 left yeah well ill. Tell you if anybody was ever looking for a drone that is the steal of the year right there. That is a phenomenal piece of technology uh for 550 bucks, holy cow yeah. If anybody got that, please let us know in the chat or email me at build. A drone reviewer, let us know if you got this deal because it was its its pretty doggone, incredible marcus. I i you know i i if, if i was looking for a drone and i you know, i wouldnt hesitate twice.

I totally totally agree with you bill. I mean you know uh, no, it does not have a one inch sensor uh, but i cant remember how big the sensor is. I think its a half inch sensor on that drone, but it is phenomenal and it has all of the features all of those features that we dont have yet on the mavic 3 are on that air too master shots. All of that stuff, its all there yeah. You know that kind of a price like i said you know, if any of you were fortunate enough to go ahead and snag. This deal drop us a line. Let us know id be id love to find out. If somebody got was was an opportunist and got this, you know it pays to subscribe to that nine to five toys, so you know make sure you guys keep a look out there because a lot of times they will post things like this. So um, one of the other things that i wanted to jump into and this kind of surprised me was skydio2 – has a new drone, its the scotty, 02 plus, okay, plus everythings, plus now plus yeah. You know i dont you know its its like or or or uh max, its either plus or max, plus or max yeah yeah. So you know in this completely this kind of caught me by surprise, marcus. I wasnt really expecting this. What about you yeah? Well, i mean i just kind of ill be honest with you.

I thought it was either a new remote which i guess is kind of close, or it was just a software update, so thats kind of it was kind of a little bit of both. I guess yeah, and you know what it is, is and were going to go ahead and ill go ahead and and share this article here i came across this on drone dj today and the first thing you can see when you look at it are these two New antennas that stick up – and this is, i guess, the major new highlight there – it increases the range um and then it also has a keyframe option. Um uh. I wanted to see if that, thank you frame thing looks really cool to me. I cannot wait to turn try that out, and you know thats going to be available as a software update for my skydio2 so yeah that that would be great now. It increases the range to four miles and then the skydio2 plus beacon has an extended range of almost two miles. Okay, four miles with um with the drone and two miles with a beacon flight time improves evidently theres a new battery as well with a 20 percent increase its a new improved flight time of 27 minutes. Uh theyre the same design as the old ones and can be used with the old skydio2 drone um. And then, then, the keyframe option here, which looks really interesting and uh thatll, be great for you, marcus, being able to uh get that on on your on on your studio too.

Now the one thing i think that really kind of disappointed me was one of ones and then they have now also have skydio care, which sounds like a good option as well um and, of course, theres. A video by billy, our buddy billy and then um um dc rainmaker, put out a video as well um. They have three kits as a starter kit for 1099. theres, a sports kit for 15.49. There is a cinema kit for 1949 and then there is a pro kit for 2169 um, which really kind of includes the whole thing. But i think the thing that disappoints me, marcus and its right here in the middle of the screen, its the same controller that you guys had with the anafi, listen thats, not a bad controller uh. You know. I know it gets a lot of criticism. I dont think the controller itself is that bad, i i do wish that they had updated the controller as well as the receiver in the drone, and at least you know, change the technology in that controller uh. So yeah i mean you know that that thats probably an oversight, but if you watch billys video you could see he could get about twice. As far before he started. Losing uh fpv feed started getting a little a little modelly uh bottled on his screen. So its definitely an improvement theres no doubt about it now. Is it enough of an improvement that im gon na trade in my original skydio? No, because im gon na get most of it as it is.

If i really want that extra battery capacity, i can buy one of those batteries. Itll work with my drone, uh and but whats really cool, i think uh is skydio, is giving us all that firmware, update thatll, give us those keyframes and im really excited to try that out and see how that works. Uh. I i you know its a little different than normal waypoints. If i understand it correctly, you can actually kind of fly the mission and set your points, and then you know record it and then fly it again to get shots that might be kind of hard to get manually. So thats good, i mean thatll thatll be, and you know you make a good point and i was going to ask you the question you already answered it is you know you know, except for the extended range? Really you have you, you will have youll be able to get every benefit in the original scottie o2 right. You know, with with the exception of the range which you know and a lot of people. You know its its. You know its something that they might be interested in. You know if you were on the fence about getting a skydio2 um. You may want to look at scottyo2 plus, but you also may want to find out too. If there is the proverbial waiting list, um that theyre going to have a waiting list for this, so who knows um yeah, i know you can the original skadio.

You can just order one and buy it right now. So who knows bill im? I i dont. I cant answer that, but uh yeah it is on their website, so yeah its very interesting at the very least here um. The next thing that i really kind of wanted to talk about and um im going to go ahead were gon na the autel evo nano and the nano plus. Now i know marcus has his and and im so thankful to have marcus on tonight, because i watched his video and folks. You need to watch marcuss, video, okay, first and foremost, all right um. He braved the cold and the snow out there to get the video to us and he did a great job, but you know the first thing im going to say marcus is you know you know? One of the things i can say is lets say with about ill, say: 90 out of the box. You know charge it up firmware, updates all that it does what its supposed to do. You know it was so refreshing after having flown the little femi mini and the uh, the the of course all the hubsan drama that went on uh. This thing, just actually worked, you know was able to do all the calibrations, etc. It took off it just took off and hovered there like, it was hanging from a string. It was perfectly stable. The controls i was immediately at home on the controls that felt good was able to do uh.

You know some fairly precision work with it. Uh, the uh, i thought the the fpv feed was phenomenal, had absolutely no connection issues uh the only the only negative things that i can say is. I did see a little bit of shakiness very tiny little bit of jello in the middle of that video and i dont know if you could see it on your screen bill, but you you would never see it. I think if you were looking like on an ipad or something, but if youre on a big screen, particularly a 4k monitor, you look right in the center of that video, where im going over the school and youll see a little bit of shake right in the Center yeah, i see i had it and it was good because i originally i watched it on my on my samsung tablet and i didnt see it so. The next day i went over and sure enough. You know right when you said when you were going over to school. I could see it its. You got to look for it, but but its there and – and you know, and i think and and see this is one of the things i think unfortunately, youre conditioned to kind of expect this from me and from hubsan and all that you know um, but all In all, i mean im telling you marcus, you know out of the box and out of the gate with this okay, this is good news.

This is really good news now. One of the other things that i liked is the simplicity of the app too, because it looks very straightforward. You know bill. I had ive, never flown an autel drone before that was the first time id ever flown an autel drone. I i had never opened that app before that day. Uh and you know you saw i didnt stumble around too bad. I was able to find everything get all the adjustments. Do all the calibrations and get the drone in the air so yeah. I thought i thought it worked out: okay, uh! I i do want to say that you know our friend chad, b uh. He also did a couple of videos with that drone, and i noticed i looked really hard at his to see if i could see any jello at all, and i see none so im gon na attribute what i saw on my video to the fact that i Was flying it at very, nearly the very low range that of the specifications for that drone autel says you can fly it at 14 degrees at the low point, and it was 18 degrees that day. So we were right there at the low recommendation, recommended uh flight point for that drone. So uh you know you can imagine that those little silicone uh mounts could get a little stiff and you might get get a little bit of vibration through there. That could cause that so i cant wait till we get a little bit warmer weather and i can get it up in the air again and and and test that out.

You know from what i can see from the camera standpoint. I mean it lives up to its belly billing. It looked great to me, man, im telling you yeah. I mean there again thats, especially after looking at uh like some of the hubsan video and feed me, video and so forth. It just was so refreshing to see nice crisp, clear, video perfectly in focus, you know yeah, and you know you know thats one thing i was so pleased. You know i watched chads and then and then i really because i really wanted to watch yours because i you know i i know how you fly drones and i know i know you know what to look for in everything, and you know with your experience, both With hubsan and femi and the you know well just call them natural disasters um from them. You know and and then to come to this and its just like its a complete breath of fresh air. It really is yeah. You know im telling you so i believe uh that there is a market for a full featured sub 249 gram drone like this uh, particularly in canada and in europe uh, you know there. You could complain that its priced a little high and it probably is this – this whole uh uh theyre. They call it their premium bundle uh. It sells for 949. You know for a sub 249 gram drone. That sounds like a lot, but if you think about what youre getting features wise the sensor and so forth, uh you know – maybe not so much and if youre living in an area where that sub 2 49 is really important – hey yeah, yeah, now um.

You know. I did so i did some checking and you know the good folks at adorama and everywhere else. Its still, you know they still havent really received their stock. Yet um i talked to original dobo and he said drone works been has been, you know, uh. They should be getting theirs, it should he kind of thinks you know its going to be within the next week or so um so kind of stay tuned and hang tight guys, because i know i know chad. I know you and several others who got it already ordered it eons ago, and you know thats why you guys got yours first um and it probably came dhl right. Am i right uh? It did. Actually, it came dhl and – and you know, bill uh, their tracking. Just flew flew right through it was, i mean. I know you had issues with your last dhl package yeah. I had no problem with the nightmare yeah yeah, but i know what youre saying thats good. That is good to hear and one the next thing that in conjunction with this, which is really kind of surprising me um, you know i always take a stop by our good friend original adobo and watch some of his reviews, and i watched the one on the Evo light and ill tell you what to me marcus. This is a surprise, because i was expecting more of the same now ken. If, if you watch his video and if youve known him, everything like with the evo 2 and everything hes, not a big fan of the evo 2 6k, okay um, you know he is let it be known about that all right.

However, okay with it with the light, he was really he said. Of course, he vera was very careful to say this wasnt a review, okay, but he did come out and pretty much gave it a glowing thumbs up. I mean it was just. It was just phenomenal. His only criticism was the fact that you couldnt video in 10 bit color, but but other than that i mean, i think everything he said was good and its kind of interesting that the i would say its main competitor is the uh, the dji air 2s right Right but the the the air 2s has 10 bit the uh, the the evo or the the evo light guys. These are so hard to remember these names. Uh does not uh, however uh he, like you, said the the knight capabilities of that evo light uh. The way they uh well ill, let you talk about it the way that they they messed with the iso on there yeah it it automatically theres a setting when you it jumps the iso up to some gargantuan number and take a look at the result. I mean here – and this is downtown tampa here. Okay, of course, you know showing it. You know via live stream doesnt, do it justice and guys definitely check out kens video on this okay. I i im telling you if, if you were on the fence about getting getting an evo light or getting an ego or our nano, okay and – and i got to say this, okay with all due respect to the nano um, you know i i would probably get The evo light – and you know im it my my hand – is almost on the buy button for the evo light because of what? Because of kens review it was it was.

It was very, very good and, like i said, you know about the 10 bit color and again, you know for people who thats important to you know. You know that going in youre not going to get that here, but okay. Conversely, you know one of the things ken said he didnt have to mess with the settings. As far as color was concerned, um, you know, you know just stock out of the box, and here it is – and this is this marcus this. This is probably such incredibly good news for about the evo nano in the evo light, because that means autel is now really again: theyre back theyre back in the drivers, seat, theyre back theyre on the map and – and you know all of the the histrionics and everything That we all were throwing up in the air when, when the delays you know, delay after delay after delay, they announced it in september and we couldnt get it once you get the drone and you fly it all. Is forgiven right yeah? Oh yeah, its, like you know its its. You know all gone history yeah its just its just gone its just its just gone now, one of the other ones that i was really curious about, and it was – and it was great because it came up on my timeline. Of course, im subscribed to his channel captain jones, steve okay, he did a review on the phoeni x8 se 2012.

. Okay, now you know and ill tell you why. I love steve and i love his reviews and, of course, its unbelievably cold and snowy. He lives in ontario and, of course, this time of year and im sure lauren lauren knows about that and can vouch for that living out in calgary. You know its just not a pleasant time of year in a large part of the of canada, and we understand – and we understand that all right now you know one of the things that i wanted to do was, and this was funny okay, because im gon na Go ahead and share my screen here for this and again i i do encourage you uh to go ahead and watch steves video. But at this point i mean i love what he did, because if you watch the video – and you know, i dont want to show the video, because i didnt ask permission, but it was it had so many micro shakes to it. Steve was saying it looks like it was under water, okay, you know that was funny as heck. I got ta admit that was that was pretty funny. Oh, i was i was laughing. I was laughing my head off with that yeah uh, you know, but the bottom line on this was uh. You know he believes he has a. He had a defective drone and one of the things that he found was that there used to be four.

You know if you want to call it not velcro, but like foam for the mounts for the game, i can answer that for go ahead, marcus that was, that was actually a production update on the uh 2020 version, theres one less uh silicone mount in there. That was not a defect. That is the way that drone is built. They started that midway through the production run on the 2020 version bill: okay, yeah, okay, well, but he clearly theres a theres, a problem with his gimbal but fred at adk drones uh. I dont think his was quite as bad, but he definitely had jello in his 2022 as well, so yeah and you know, and that kind of remains to be seen now. One of the things i i wanted to do was just briefly go over. You know what that what the update is from. You know. Why is it because if you look at them side by side, okay, you know its like you, you cant tell the difference between the 2020 and the 2022.. I mean theres, really physically, you know the box. I mean show has shown the box is the same everything all right: okay, now heres heres, and he did list it here when resistance is increased to level eight, which is which is good. I mean thats a thats a fairly big deal max altitude increased to 800 meters. That doesnt really mean a whole lot to us. Communication chain protocol changed from 2.

4 uh gigahertz for 10 kilometer range increase, latency reduced to 130 um ms ability to fly in rain and snow, which is nice, um, 79 degree field of view on camera wider than before camera aperture, now f, 1.6 for night shooting, which Is good iso now, 100 to 6 400 for night shooting and cmos sensor increased to 1 uh slash 2.0. Okay. Now it is listed out on banggood, and currently it is a good price. It is at 449 and theyre saying in stock ships in 24 hours, and it says to florida if i were to order it today, itd be here anywhere from the 15th to the 20th of the month, so thats pretty reasonable in terms of shipping and the price. The price looks good too listen, uh, you, you had one bill uh, you had the 2020 version. I believe and ive got both the 2018 and the 2020 version of this drone uh and listen. I always enjoyed flying both of them uh. I was never ever happy with the camera on the 2020 version. In fact, i, like the 2018 version, a little bit better uh. Now the big improvement on the 2022 version is the camera, so in 2022, did they get it right. If you got one with a good gimbal that camera looks pretty good thats a pretty good buy right there, but the problem with this whole thing is its kind of a crap shoot. Are you going to get a good one, or are you going to get a bad one if its a good one, its a good buy if you got a bad one, its its just, like captain drone said he goes.

You probably heard that part where he says you know i i email him their support and they wanted me to send him a video and he go and he said heres your video heres, the video. Well, you know he hit the nail on the head. You know when he said you know, and and and you know you know im preaching to the choir here – you know you and you and your uh exploits with a femi, x8 mini all right and and now for me. I ended up i lucked out because i thought i probably had one of the good ones all right, because i didnt have the problems you had um it pretty much out of the box did what it was supposed to do. Um. You know you know, and – and i was fairly pleased with it – okay did i get you know was i i was not impressed enough with the video quality, however, to kind of keep the drone, because i wanted something that had a little bit of a better video Quality – and you know i would say this: okay and marcus is right. Youre kind of taking a crap shoot with this, but you know if it has that kind. You know if youre gon na get that the camera on it and steve kind of did it when he tested it, and i encourage you guys to watch his video because what he did was um.

He did a side by side comparison. He held both drones up and you know he was walking around with both drones and you know and kind of compare them side by side, and you can definitely tell the difference in the camera quality in the video um. You know he was out. Obviously he was out kind of having to hold on to the gimbal. He literally had to hold yeah i was i was just that was just marcus. I was just cracking up watching him holding on to the gimbal like that, but but seriously you know comparing the video from the 2022, the 2020. It looked pretty doggone worlds of difference. I was impressed, so you know what i you know, what, if youre willing to take a crap shoot, i would say, go ahead and do it you know, and at the very least you know, teeny support, and i will say this about phoeni out of all the Support and contacting them, okay, they actually have responded to me every single time, ive inquired with them. You know, of course you know. I actually had my original fema x8 sc2020. I had it replaced because i was having an issue with the um. You know the with the signal, interference and ended up like i didnt make you send them a video bill. No, they didnt. Actually, okay, i sent them. I sent them a log, they wanted a log, so i sent them a log and you know they determined.

After looking at the log um, you know to pack the other one up, send it back and they were actually fairly fast. I got a new one within 10 days, which really that kind of impressed me is how fast they were. So you know, i say for me: ive actually had good experience with feemi customer service, so um i would say, go ahead and take the crab sheet. I mean its only 449 dollars. I mean thats a pretty dug on good price for that drone and with the capabilities of that camera. Now one of the things i do want to let everybody know its, not 4k. 60. It only goes does 4k 30., but okay. Be that as it may, this isnt a drone for perf. I mean professionals are not. You know if youre, a professional youre not going to be using this drone okay, but if you want to get some good good, solid video um from what ive seen so far, this would be a drone. I would recommend so yeah hey. I just heard from uh ross langdon. He just messaged me on facebook and he was saying that he feels like that. Uh 10 bit color is going to come with a firmware update on the the autel light on the light. Okay, thats real good thanks ross. For that information, thats awesome because thatll make i mean that comes with that. That makes that a complete package, marcus and um.

I think the price is about 1100 on the evo light. If im not mistaken, yeah id have to go on the website. I havent paid a lot of attention to that. One bill id have to go. Look. I think it was about 1100 1200 somewhere in that kind of kind of ballpark around there but um. You know that. Would you know that comes with that thats going to make that you know thats really going to kind of like turn some heads with that one, so um and again you know i invite you to watch original adobos video on the evo light, and i also invite You to watch um, captain jones video on the femi x8 sc, 2022 hes, actually, probably the first one, i think in north america that has gotten one and reviewed one, because everything had it. First, 80k drones: oh 80k, okay, okay, good, good, good. Im! Glad glad you mentioned, i didnt even see his okay steves come popping up in in my line im like oh, i need to watch this. This is going to be good and it was and steve always steve, also said in his video and this kind of blows me away marcus. He reviews a hundred drones a year. I can relate that just kind of blew me away 100 drones a year. I was like that sounds like a lot. Yeah yeah i mean wow, i mean you know, and some of the you know is our good friend brian singleton.

Probably you know some of them are trash can worthy. Probably you know well trust me. Ive got a few of them next to me over here, yeah yeah, those – i you know if i think about it bill, i probably do 25 or 30 a year ill bet youre, probably wrong, yeah youre, probably right. I got a couple of them coming. You know. I got a couple holy stones coming and im just well get them and well review them and yeah, and you know one of the things that people dont. Well, i i say that as a general broad statement, but one of the things you may not realize is that uh you get one of these drones and its even harder on some of the lower priced drones because they all operate differently. And so you really have to educate yourself on how to fly the drone before you ever make the review, and then you know you do the review and especially those lower price drones. Inevitably, theres problems, theres problems and you have to work through them to get the thing in the air to get the camera to work, etc, etc. So, those those drone reviews and and like i said, the one, those little bargain drones its harder to do. A review of than like a mavic or an autel, you know where they actually work, yeah, because you know with those – and i know exactly what youre saying you know its its a crap shoot.

You know once you put it together, is the battery going to charge up and the battery charges up is the remote working and if the remote, because i had a real nice drone and i had to end up – i just i just did the brian singleton thing And i deep sixed it because you know i could not get that thing to link up it would not. I mean the controller lights would come on, the lights would come on on the drone they wouldnt it would not sink. I followed all the directions. I looked everywhere, i even went out to quadcopter 101 and he had it and um. You know, i think i emailed him and – and he said, did you do xyz? I said yep he says well hes just and i just i said im done because i emailed who sent it to me. I never got a response back and i said fine im im done, you know and unfortunately its like that, with a lot of those drones. I mean thats, just you know thats. You have to take the good with the bad, and you know its its a love for doing this. It really is and ill tell you what you know: people like marcus people like steve. They have a gift to be able to do this and you know, and to do it well enough. You know time in and time out, you know to not get too discouraged, because you know you, you know what youre expecting.

Okay, theres, no really youre not going to be surprised. You know what im saying marcus yep yeah, absolutely you know yeah i mean you know. Just just trying to do the calibrations on some of those drones can just be such a challenge in there theyre all a little different, so yeah, oh yeah, you know what i wanted to kind of you know. Well, you know this is a segway to the last part of the show is what drones are coming in 2022 and you know being. This is the first episode of 2022. I thought this would be a good time to kind of talk about this. Now you know the first thing im going to say: is this all right? You know one of the things that i think everybodys expecting is the mini three okay and it it oh yeah itll get here. I can guarantee you that all right and you know and ill tell you what and i go back to i go back to marcus. I also goes back to chad cause. I watched chads video too, on the nano plus and you know its refreshing – to see people be able to get a drone up in the air, and you know what youre not having those core problems of stability, and you know the gimbals all wonky and everything. You know being able to get it up in the air and get it to go and get it to go well um, so you know its kind of refreshing and its also good.

I think for dji, because you know competition is really good, marcus and its. So good to see autel having some success with this. This is really very encouraging to me right yeah. Well, let me tell you so uh. Let me let me pull this guy out of the bag here for a second uh and by the way uh pretty good. I like their, i like their little kit here, its pretty good and its got. This strap that kind of uh well hold it up here, so you can see it that kind of holds the drawing. Oh, okay, but uh get it out of here bill. Do you think for one minute that dji is sitting on their hands right now and gon na? Let autel grab all the glory with all these sensors and all the capabilities of this drone? They are not no there. Let me tell you where that mavic 3 is going to shine, you know, will it have any more features than this one? Who knows, but what it will have? I guarantee you ill bet. Itll be a couple hundred dollars cheaper ill bet, you youre, probably right, uh and – and i think thats, where you know and see. This is the thing because you know uh uh economies of scale, and you also look at marketing and research and development and everything and dji being such a large company, its easier for them to get to the point to mass produce something like a mini 3 than It is for autel to do that.

Okay and autel has to spend more money. Hence because of that, you know youre going to have an increased price for your drone yeah uh. You know i was impressed with uh the interview with maxwell lee that was on uh thursday night live uh the hes uh im. Not i cant remember what his title is at autel hes, the owners son. So i know his title is way up there, but but he was very well spoken and one of the things that he said that i thought was really interesting about autel was that theyre, an engineering company first and the engineers work on products like this and its? Not the sales and marketing guys telling the engineers what to make its the engineers making the product, and then they tell the sales and marketing guys. This is what you have to sell, thats a good point. That really is because you know when you depending you know what, when you have, that driving thats kind of like the opposite of a lot of companies and – and i think its good for autel because of the size of their company and they they need that they Need they need a real good, clear focus and i think theyve had that, and you know – and i hope they get – are able to get this product out and mass quantities to people, because its going to really just benefit everybody but bill. You just said a mouthful right there, because if they have problems getting them delivered to folks, thatll just kill them.

I mean you know it wont. It wont help so lets lets hope, and you know weve weve all said it from time to time. Competition is good. We love our dji products, but we also want autel to be successful because uh theyre theyre pushing pushing dji to do better so yeah, oh yeah and and, like you said franklin, frank, wang and company at dji are not resting on their laurels. They probably have a prototype of the mini three ready to go um. You know and are probably doing some trial testing within the company itself prototype hell. I bet you that uh, the the uh the manufacturing is already going full steam. They probably have probably right warehouse. Half full of them right now bill, probably right, you know, and you know the wonderful thing like you said you know about this, you know when it comes out, it will be less and i think thats thats a key. I think thats important and thats going to attract a lot of people. I dont know i dont foresee the feature set on this, because you know its really hard. You have one huge constraint: there is 249 grams okay, so you got to pack a lot of punch in that small box. All right – and you know, theyre always able to do more and to do better each year because of the chips and and semiconductors and everything, and you know and rick smith you know talked about it.

You know, you know one things that he talked about. A lot was the batteries in how you know you have to deal with that that certain you can only do so much in that, given space with the technology thats available, well, thats, gotten better as well too. So you know i dont know if its gon na, i can say this, i ill say this and ill be fairly safe. It will be equal to the nano plus or maybe have one or two additional features, and i think where the focus is marcus and i think its easier for them is that these features are going to be software driven. So it doesnt add any weight to the aircraft, but the capabilities will already be there in the aircraft to to enable that, and there will be some things that probably autel doesnt have so kind of stay tuned on that one yeah – and i think you know i Remember a while back, they said, dji is engineering and building their own batteries now, so you, what you could see is improved battery life. One of the things that maxwell lee said about this drone in particular, is he said you know by the time. You know because people always ask about battery life, and – and he goes – you know it – to get a powerful enough processor in here to run all this stuff. He says its going to use a certain amount of juice and so theres.

There was a limit to how much flight time they could build into the drone thats something that dji, because they build their own batteries, could probably maybe improve on. I want to touch on steven ewing had a question there about the build quality. So i want to answer that it its uh. This is probably every bit as good of build quality as a dji drone, if not better its very, very solid. I agree i i agree. I agree 100 and you know one of the other things that i kind of want to bring this up, because you know i i know lauren kind of kind of like hemped and hot. When i was was talking about this, but you know, i think, were going to be seeing this this year marcus and let me put it to you this way. Okay, i think for what you can, what youre going to have to pay for an inspire 3. I think you could probably go to an automobile dealership and buy a car okay, because i think its getting into that kind of a range um. You could probably buy about 30 of these or something i dont know. Oh yeah, because you know i you know – and i was – and this is just off the top of my head im, seeing like the base unit without camera or any any bells and whistles is probably going to run at least 10 grand and by the time you Add cameras and batteries and case and all that stuff youre gon na, be over twenty thousand dollars easy on that drone.

Okay right, you know so, but you know thats gon na thats gon na come this year and then people. You know theres gon na be an incredible sticker shock with that. But you know what i say with incredible sticker shock. That means theres incredible features: okay and and its you know it was one of the things with the mavic 3 people were really balking about the price and everything and im saying look guys. You know with that incredible price comes some incredible features, right, yeah and and of course, ron always says: hey, listen! Everything is going up in price too. So, really, you know remember we had sticker shock on the mavic 3. Recently uh. I think a little bit of no doubt sticker shock on a drone like this, so uh yeah, i mean its just kind of its kind of a fact of life right now, yeah its you know, and you know weve all you know were all aware of supply Chain and things that are going on with that, and were all aware too, that you know these chips and these semi conductor chips. You know, you know, were driving a large part, for example the automobiles um you know, and then we got to see. Unfortunately, what went on with um and ive been im? I actually, i follow im on a facebook page or a facebook group, a corvette group and was following what happened to the plant down there after the tornado hit it and how they had to marcus.

I almost wanted to cry them having to destroy all those corvettes. Let me tell you oh yeah i was i was in tears too ill. Tell you whos really in tears. Bill is the guys whose names were on those corvettes and they were 113 or so people. Oh, my god, i feel like yeah, like you know, oh my gosh, that thats just absolutely crazy. You know one of the other things that i wanted to talk about as well. Tonight you know to kind of maybe kind of like wrap things up. Here is for me and weve kind of touched on this before, and i think this is kind of you know. Remember all the you know the kickstarter programs and um. You know how a lot of products got started on kickstarter programs and you know they became successful and people ended up. You know, you know its really. You know crowdsourcing youre funding, you know youre paying for something and youre not getting it kind of a thing. Yet you know – and i encountered this um for one of my theres – a radio control plane that um motion rc is coming out with, but its not available until march. They announced it probably like about three weeks ago and its its six hundred dollars, but in order you know in order to get the plane in order to get first in line, you got ta pay for it now kind of thing. I, like whoa, you know, and here we go again.

You know and its just like were kind of conditioned to this um. You know not with dji. Obviously they dont do things like that and a mo more or less you know i ill say ill. Tell you not 100, but you know places like you know: hubsan and femi. You know um, you kind of see that a lot with them yeah and i think its a purposeful thing bill yeah. I i do yeah you know and and and i think you know there was some discussion about – oh well, you know we could not pre order, and you know you know kind of teach them a lesson kind of a thing. Well, you know thats nice, but you know what lets say you get a hundred people and you know, and all hundred people say were not gon na go ahead and do that. Well, you end up getting five. Rogue people are gon na, say you know what screw it im just going to go ahead and order it. You know right, so you wont have 100 solidarity with something like that. Thats not going to happen right right, yeah, no question uh yeah! I i mean i dont know how to answer that when bill, exactly because you know you get excited about a drone and and and you want to get it as soon as you can so thats, why you pre order uh, but but i im totally on board With what youre saying its it certainly isnt right, you know, because you know i i know you and i know me and i know ron and everybody.

You know all right. You know you know that green stuff doesnt grow on trees. Okay, we weve earned that money and you know and id like to think were wise when we spend that money. But you know you know how you know: how long have we have we had money out there, you know and ill just you know just basic economics. You know, you know, you know there still are believe it or not. There still are some banks that were i mean its minuscule amount, but you can still get some interest on in a savings account kind of a thing you know, so you know uh. You know im just like uh. This is just one of those things thats just you know its its so hard to do, but then again its so easy at the same time, because you know ive done it before youve done it before rons done it before. Well, continue to do it, but its just like you know you think about whats behind all of this and how you know the hubsans and the femis get their drones out. A large part is due to us. I mean you know. We help them out a great deal with things like that um, you know, theres, really theres, no theres, no answer to that im. Just kind of like bringing this topic up kind of a thing you know i just i just dont, i just dont – have any answers for something like that marcus.

I really dont yeah yeah, you know so um. You know i dont see anything, and this is the only other things i wanted to talk about in 2022. You know, i really dont see anything else on the horizon um. You know especially like from dji, because you know theyve really cumber covered the gambit on on gimbals um. You know that that new camera system that they came out with um, you know they may do something agriculturally with drones, or you know professional drones, something along those lines, but i dont see anything in the consumer space other than a mini three for them this year. Yeah theres rumors of a pocket three uh, so i dont you know i dont know where that fits in your workflow bill, but thats, probably not something im terribly interested in yeah drone wise. You know theres some talk of a mini fpv drone. Maybe who knows? I dont know yeah yeah. You know that that could be coming because you know that has actually caught on and you know and im going to say this. You know djis, you know fpv drone um. You know its kind of a a mixed bag of of reviews. Um, you know its kind of like you, either hate it you or you love it kind of a thing. You know i havent even taken it out of the box, yet really yeah im gon na, though the weathers been so bad. I cant wait to fly it.

Yeah thatll be that that will be fun. That will be a good experience. You know um, you know in the the one thing i have to say about that is you know its a. It looks great its a great looking drone and i think it what its supposed to do it does it well, but you know those drones have a tendency. I mean and its just inherent to that kind of flying to crash a lot, and you know its it doesnt it just to me it doesnt look really crash worthy. You know what im saying marcus yeah, listen heres. The thing is, i dont think they just they designed it for guys that kind of want to get that speed and feeling of flight of an fpv drone. But i dont think its made for doing kind of those uh acrobatics that you see with a lot of the the uh i was going to say home built, but thats, not even fair, because a lot theyre engineered you do have to assemble yourself. I guess would be a better right to say that uh and – and you know those guys build those so that they can take a beating. You know carbon fiber frames and stuff and of course, theyre ready to repair ill. Never do that bill thats, not what im interested in uh and i dont think you are either.