Uh ron and marcus have the evening off its holiday week, and i thought i would like to take a look at 2021 in terms of this. Was the year minidrone so were going to take a look at several of the mini drones. Now you know this is not an exhaustive list, but these were the ones that garnered the most attention during the year. So im further ado were going to jump into this here now. I also uh just a couple of items of housekeeping here um those of you that want mugs uh. They are enroute to you. They are drop shipped from the manufacturer, uh i got about, half of them ordered and the other half will get ordered. When i get paid this week, stickers will come separately. I will mail them in an envelope to you. I do have all this addressed and you know were going to get them addressed and and sent out in the mail, so be patient, but they will get out there shortly so and were going to start off with a live episode. Next week, uh for 2022. were going to were going to kick kick the season off and dont. Forget the name: change for the channel. Okay, its going to be bill. The rc reviewer, because were going to be including not only drones, were also going to be, including things like radio, controlled cars, trucks, boats and airplanes and pretty much anything else that falls under that category, so without further ado lets jump into it now, um.

The first thing that i wanted to look at was you know one of the things i can say the femi x8 mini came with a lot of potential all right. It really garnered a lot of attention early on that it we had a competitor to dji, okay um. You know i know for me. I was excited because i feel i had some success with the femi x8se 2020, even though you know my issues with you know. The communication issues and having it return home, i really didnt – have a lot of the issues that a lot of other people had with the fema x8 sc2020. So you know what well give it a shot here all right now, one of the things i have to say by the time i got mine, um issues became very prevalent and there was a whole range of issues uh regarding the fema xa, as you know, mini Um, you know marcus had five of them all right. I felt fortunate in that you know and lets just take a brief look im going to run my video for you of my first flight with the femi, x8 mini and well just take a look and kind of see how it goes here. So let me indulge you guys for a second here, so we can watch that see where i fly requires a lot of um, because i want to stay off of the road and and its in its heart, its its its, not easy, its, not its, not a Dji drone, it was not going where i wanted it to go, so i had a little bit of issue with that and it got to be a little on the frustrating side.

You can actually hear it flying overhead, where i was now you take a look. The color, and actually the horizon, appears pretty decent in here. It doesnt appear very off on this, which i would which i was really pleased with. Okay were going to try and return to home here, see how that works. You can tell this was still one. I had um yeah this. This was still yeah so far so good. This is the best purchase ive had last year. Okay got the ad coming in here. Well, you know one of the things that i wanted to say about this now, first of all, right now i want to let you guys know if youre interested in this, it is available right now, b, h at a low price of 2.99. So i i dont know how long this will last. I found this out here today. This was as of about 11 45 eastern time this morning. So if you guys are interested in it jump on it, because i dont think its going to last very long now i just wanted to let you know for me my big issue with it was the direction i was flying this in okay, i had to constantly Make adjustments to it when you know, with other drones, that you dont have to do that, namely like dji uh yeah? I had. I had to constantly make those adjustments with the fema x8 mini and it was you know, it was a battle and you know when i go up to fly drone.

I want to be able to record something or take some pictures without having a battle to fly. Exactly where i want it, i want to point it and stick in the direction and its. I want it to go in that direction, and you know i did try uh calibrating the the um. You know calibrating the controller and that really didnt didnt do what it should have done. Okay, just be honest with you guys, you know – and i think you know as far as this drone is concerned, our good friend brian singleton said it best um. You know if you want to get it, you have a 50 50 chance of getting a good drone and hes right. So if you want to have a 99 chance of getting a good drone, get a dji mini instead, all right and um brian. Thank you for that quote, and i hope you dont mind me sharing that, but its very true it is. It is very true, so you know beware i mean im not going to say not get the femi. X8 mini other people. Some people have been like me: theyve, been lucky to get a good one, um im thinking at this point in time they probably have a lot of the bugs worked out of it out of the the hardware issues that they came with it. So you may want to give it a shot, just be be forewarned that a lot of people had a lot of issues with this, and you know just you know, you know its its buyer.

Beware kind of a thing so just want to. Let you guys know that now you know one of the other ones and another thing that that i want to finish up on with the fema x8 mini 2, and this is going to be here for a couple of these drones. They were rushed into production and, as gorilla man put, we werent the beta testers. We were the alpha testers and he was so right uh. They were anxious to get this out there to beat their competitors and they did feemi did get it out there to beat their competitors, but, conversely speaking because they rushed this out there, we had to end up being the and – and i agree with gorilla man. It was not beta testers, we were alpha testers. They were that you could tell that you know this was not tested, but by the time i got mine, a lot of things have been worked out with it, and i was pretty pleased with it except you know. The calibration of the of the controller so but thats where i stood on the fema x8 mini now this one hubsan xeno mini pro. Now we all remember the disaster, the literal disaster that hubsan came up with when they had their live stream debut now, the only good thing that we saw during that live stream review was you know it didnt have a long run time. Okay, um! You know they totally, i mean hubsan does not have the kind of public relations department.

That dji has lets. Lets just call it like. It is right um they were not used to doing this. You could tell it was obvious, it was. It was a disaster and then, when the battery ran out, nobody was really thinking about controlling the drone and, of course, the sensor lost uh. You know aware awareness of where it was and it went over the side. It kind of crashed a little bit and you kind of heard that and you know thats just not not good thats, just not not very good, you know and – and you probably know and one of the things that i will say is um. You know um lets lets talk about price before i talk about the next thing here. Okay, now, one of the things with um with this drone was the pricing on it. Okay and 459 dollars, currently its on its on its on our good friends from banggood hazard. For 459 thats a lot of money guys. That is a lot of money for this drone, and you know im gon na say this its not worth it all right, because let you know i will. I will also go back and say now. Also too, i want to show i want to show you something here. Okay, we covered this subject very well. You can take a look here now. The drone that that i would highly recommend versus the xenomini pro is a xenomini se.

All right – and you know i i did do a video on it and marcus has even stated. You know that that should have been the drone that hubsan came out with, and we all know that the price is considerably less on them on the hubsan xeno mini se. So, if youre looking at hubsan and want to want to get a a drone like that, i would highly recommend the hubsan xeno mini se versus the pro uh. The pro has just been plagued with issues uh, theyve, gotten them corrected and again its the same type of thing as with femi. Now you know femi had where you know you know theyre theyre trying to have it have us, be the beta alpha testers and its the same thing here as guerilla man said about the femi, you know we were the beta testers for um. You know for hubsan for the hobson xeno mini pro and you know thats just not. You know that doesnt cut it guys, you know and and a lot of people forked out theyre 459 for several months. You know and thats. Another thing really. You know youre kind of kick starting and providing funding for hobson to do this, and you shouldnt have to do that and – and i think you know if you want to pre order – a drone that 25 deposit on things like something like that, not not having to Pay for the whole thing in advance, so um, but you can see we covered the top covered this topic in depth.

There was absolutely you know we. You know we were very optimistic now. You know youll look at some of the titles. You know i did an event, recap you the xenomini pro, and it was as, as you are aware, it was a a disaster. Um go back and take a look at at that on hubsans uh youtube channel. It was, it was a unmitigated disaster and you know hubsan had a great idea here: okay um, you know with the obstacle avoidance under 250 grams um, but they were trying to do too much with this drone, okay uh and that when they got the mini se Out it worked and it worked well and one of the things that i think contributed to that was they did this wasnt loaded down with features? You know the other thing with the hubs and xenomini pro was you know they had that plastic guard on the bottom because it got hot down there, because again it was doing a lot of. There was a lot of processing that was being done on on in the drone and because of that it would overheat and it was very hot to the touch now. You know again, if youre looking at that now, i know marcus has also said you know hes gotten. You know as far as the camera quality is concerned, from the hubsan xeno mini se, its okay, all right um. I think he said his xeno2 had a better camera quality than the xeno uh mini se.

But if youre looking for a small drone, you know it would fit. But again you know were gon na were gon na talk about another drone coming up here, uh that really kind of fits that bill very well here now lets go ahead and now you know were going to go ahead and stop sharing here, all right, dji mini Se, this was a surprise because everybody had said that theyre not coming out with a mini se. The dji is not going to be doing that this year, uh and even dji came out with seven with it. Well, lo and behold guess what it came out on amazon. It came out on um. It was out on a on a number and its out on djis website, and i was very excited about this and you probably see and im gon na were gon na. Take a look at the first video i i did on this. You know one of the things that i was very excited about. With this drone was um, you know the price and – and i can say – and if you go back and watch my unboxing video, you know dji did not shortchange you. I mean this was packed like other dji drones um. You know you got everything you needed to here lets watch it lets watch a minute or two of this video all right lets, get it up here and see what we got. First of all, very stable, looking pretty good here, Music Music see we get here its nice because i found a shady spot.

So looking pretty good here above c800, 700 were gon na go ahead and turn it around. Lets. Take a look and see how controls work here just doing this slowly, okay, head back! This way here lets see again i am recording in 2.7, okay, here folks, okay, you can see here, you know it and – and i really i want to call your attention to a lot of things right away here. You know comparing this to like the theme um femi mini that i had um. You know the colors look really true on here. Uh, the controls on here were extremely responsive. I mean you know right out of the box and see thats the thing with dji drones. You know everybody says: im a dji fan boy, um, im a drone fan point okay and one of the things you know when you get a dji drone and ive had in one of my knocks was a lot of people said? Oh, you only fly dji drones. Well, ive ive flown a lot more than dji drones here and one things i can say about: dji drones, probably with maybe just a firmware update and besides charging your batteries, its ready to go out of the box. Not so with you know, the femis and the hubsans thats not been the case and thats not been the case for me with this too, but i want you know, you know some of the things i just wanted to see a little bit here on this, so You know kind of got a flavor for for this now you know i i did do a high altitude test and people were like, oh 400, feet its, not high altitude.

Well, you know what i follow. The faa rules here guys and you know 400 feet – is the limit so and you know the rules so um you know, but i did do a high altitude test with this and you know a lot of times and one of the things im going to say When you fly at high altitude, you got to be very, very aware of where youre at you know, if youre youre at one, probably between one or 200 feet – or maybe you know or maybe, 250 feet, you can still recognize landmarks when you get up to about 300 feet 400 feet: youre, not going to see your landmarks down there because youre, you know your gimbal is going to be pointed more upwards and downwards and a great way to solve that problem. Is you know your rule of thirds? You know have a third of your sky and then you know a third, the middle and the third, the bottom. You know and and adjust your your um gimbal angle. Accordingly, you know thats one way to do that, but you got to be aware of where youre flying, especially when you get up to a higher altitude, because you dont recognize landmarks. Unless you know youre youre completely, you know facing your gimbal down so yeah. I just wanted to kind of go over that there and then you know the the last one that were going to take a look at here is, and this is something you know we all know you know ill.

Tell you nana now, you know, everybodys, like oh youve, been ragging on a tail. Youve been ragging it on a tail. I want to bring a reminder to everybody. Okay, my first drone was an autel x star premium. All right. I love that drone thats. How i got hooked on drones, um autel makes great hardware uh. They took exceptional care of me and customer support with battery issues that i had with it um. You know my big thing with them at the time, and it probably still is a pain point for them has been their software and firmware updates um. They were very non existent for the x star premium and the last one that it had was a beta firmware. Update okay, so just want to kind of set things square with this guys here: okay, straight off the top okay, you know i love autel, all right ive been waiting for them. You know to make a drone like this, so i tell evo nano uh. You know and the nano plus i think these are very much of a drone that is going to give dji a great run for their money. However, with all that being said – and i want to – i want to share my screen here, because i think i think this is – i think this is important here – all right, um we had have gotten a number of dates from autel about the autel evo nano and Nano you know plus and a lot of people, pre ordered them from drone works and b h photo adorama, you name it and evidently i think they refunded money, and then they asked people to to you know again, i mean theres just been a lot go on.

Uh originally it was supposed to be available december. The first well thats come and gone now now im going to show you something from autels website, all right, um or facebook, page all right and yeah, and i want you to pay attention to the comment that i wrote here lets go ahead and share that. Okay, now the first batch of light and nano drones is finally here, look for them at retailers, including adorama, b, h, drone works and others. We promise these drones are worth the wait. Okay. Now i left a comment underneath here and i want you guys to see this comment. Okay, one of the things that they did not include here that they took out of their title. I put how long is just a few qc tests away from going out into the wild? They had that up there as a part of their quote. Okay up here. They had it after that sentence, but, as you can see right here, its been edited, they dont have that that quote in there – and you can tell you – know um yeah. Some people were, you know, are being being facetious down here, but uh its called marketing strategy. So you can stay in the hook, waiting for the orange carrot, uh, they havent used it very soon. Yet one year 18 months tops you know, theres theres, a lot of people out there that are very skeptical of autel and and ive said this before on the channel, and i want to say it again um here and lets go briefly.

I do want to go out and take a look and you can see on adorama its still considered a pre order. Okay um, you know they dont have them in yet all right. So i just want to want to clear this up, but one of the things that i wanted i wanted to go over here was you know in this and, like i said guys, you know this is a drone. I want autel to succeed. I want them to do well all right now. Remember up until this point – and i said this on a previous episode with ron and marcus on it. Artel had one drone out at a time. Okay, no oh youll say the evo2 had multiple iterations. It was the same. The only thing that was different between the different models of the evo2 was the camera all right. That was the only thing that was different. The the body of the drone, the inner workings of the drone, the motors battery. Everything was the same guys. Okay, so really in essence, its easy to manufacture something like that all right and it was the same for you know they only had an evil one. There was no different flavors of that, and you know you know, but theyre coming out now, with a evolite and an evo nano theyre coming out with more than one model, plus theyre still making the evo too. As far as i know now we talked about this and – and i want to want to kind of kind of level, set some things straight here.

You know a lot of people are saying, you know, supply chain issues, all that kind of stuff. No, i dont think its a supply chain issue, because dji had no problem getting their mavic 3 in the stores and available when it was released all right. This is not a supply issue guys. This is a manufacturing issue from the standpoint you know its difficult for them to manufacture three different drones: okay, theres, an evo evo2, evo, light and evo nano alright, and those are three different drones right and they dont have the production capabilities of a dji theyre. Just not they theyre theyre, just not there remember the last time there was an in person ces for them to get a booth there. They got money at the last minute from mainland china to be able to get their booth here now. This is not a knock on them guys. I want to be really clear about this. You know, because i know i see in the comments you just do nothing but best shouldnt tell no. I want ontel to succeed because when autel succeeds, that means better drones. For us all the way around better dji drones, better hubs and drones, hopefully better better feeny drones. Hopefully you know better drones, all the way around its important guys that they succeed, and i want them to. I want them to succeed. Very much. Will i be getting one of these probably im going to play it like ron is going to play it.

I want to see some good reviews on it now there are some reviews that have come out already, all right now. You know there and finally, some english speaking reviews have come out on it already. You know, but these are early on im gon na wait, im gon na kind of pull back and wait and see because you know theres kind of a feeding frenzy. As far as ordering is concerned, i also think its a little on the high side. As far as pricing is concerned. Um you can see the um, the evo nano standard. Uh was 649. all right thats. I think thats a little pricey um. You know, i think something like like both of these drones. I think the evo standard should have been 5.99 and i think the um evo, plus, probably should have been like, maybe 699 or 749, something like that something along along those lines, uh for the equipment that it has on it. But again you know, lets wait and see you know. Hopefully you know ill tell you like. I said i want ontail to succeed. I want them to get this drone out there. I wanted to get in the hands of some great people to review. You know. I definitely you know. One review im looking forward to seeing is when original adobo gets gets a chance to to do it because hes not going to pull any punches all right um, i know marcus has one on order.

Ill look forward to his review and then thats how im going to be basing on my purchasing decision its going to be on whether or not you know how these guys look at. Look at that look at look at look at the drone um. You know the video from it the capabilities, how you know the the the new app how all that integrates how all of it works. You know thats thats to be decided, thats kind of kind of stay tuned, so um. You know. I wanted to kind of focus that, on you know 2021, because you know we really it wasnt the year we expected drone wise. I think we expected some more when we didnt get them um hold on to your hats for 2022, because uh, you know we talked a little bit last week. You know, inspire 3 is probably going to be coming and uh. Our good friend said be prepared for a huge sticker shock and again thats, not thats a hundred percent commercial guys thats, not if youre a hobbyist and can afford it um. You know. Maybe you should be funding build. A drone reviewer in his equipment needs. Okay, im. Just just teasing here, but seriously its that thats thats strictly a professional commercial type type drone uh with the inspire three, the mini three is going to be coming. You know of that. I have absolutely no doubt and one of the things i can tell you these mini drones that are coming out now.

You know the lets say you know: hubsan gets their act together, uh and that you know and get some more firmware updates, and you know some of these drones are okay. All right! Wait! Till dji comes out with a mini three all right its going to have its going to exceed what these other ones are going to do. So we got a lot to look forward to in 2022 plus you know, ive just tipped the iceberg with the mavic 3 and testing it um. I got a video coming up on um. I did some low light flying around sunset. Uh took some pictures, took some video gon na get a video out on that shortly. Got lots more to test on that im im itching to get hyper lapse, tested on that, because absolutely love that on the on the mavic mavic 2 pro and the mavic 3 im going to get that out there and get that done as well, because its one Of my favorite features, i absolutely love it so stay tuned for that and stay tuned for you know, i think one of the things you know we kind of talked about it last week, but i kind of wanted to kind of wanted to spend a couple of Minutes here before we wrap things up, and i know this is going to be a shorter show than usual, but i wanted to do a pre recorded show here and just you know, just you know: go over the mini drones all right, but one of the things You know why were changing the name of the channel and and everything all right, um, you know, radio.

You know you look at some other channels out there. Okay um, you know, i know kelly shorts has done radio control, cars and other things. Um. Captain drone steve hes done everything: radio control, cars, boats, hes even done a plane. I just saw a review. He did on a plane, um, you know, and there are quite a few others out there that do the same thing and one of the reasons um that i want to. I want to go ahead and do that too. Is theres theres. What i call the between time, all right and i dont – want to have to manufacture a video per se um, you know i i dont want to have to you know have to come up with something just to get a video out there. This way you know when, because i have a chevy impala low rider were going to be taking a look at. I have a ford f, 450. Yes ready to control truck, i bought a trailer and im going to be hauling. The chevy impala lowrider in the trailer weve got all those to look forward to so stick around for that thats going to be a lot of fun and that chevy impala low rider okay um its yeah, its its one of the best radio control cars. Ive ever seen and youre going to be amazed at what it can do all right – and this is you know this – is one of the things i was interested in as a kid.

You know today, theyre so much better, theyre theyre well built. You know the ones that i got, you know theyre not like tycho, okay, two or three times, and it would bust and youd be done with it all right not like that at all these things, work, theyre, durable, theyre, long, lasting theyre, gon na be a lot Of fun so im looking forward to having a lot of fun with that and, of course, flying too im gon na be putting some planes up there and i also bought a. Let me show you guys this get it out here. Real quick run cam, okay, and this is going to shoot in 4k um. I think you guys know how this works um. You know i can attach some velcro on this. I can put it on the cars on the planes, and also boats are coming up too um theres several um world war ii. Ships that im interested in that are have currently been on back order, and i have access to large bodies of water. Also, a pool so were gon na have some fun with that, and and also youre gon na get some nice views with this camera in here, especially with, and i want to show you this as well too um find a guy who built 3d printed. These mounts for the run, cam take a look at this okay and this will fit inside the cockpit of some of those planes, so were going to have a lot of fun with that and the name change is going to happen pretty much right around the first Of the year uh so be looking forward to that, but know that primarily you know were going to handle you know number one is always going to be drones on this channel, all right: the rc cars rc planes, boats, okay, theyre, going to be part of the Channel but theyre secondary to drones.

Okay, if theres a lot of drone news that comes out or you know, new features come on a mavic, 3 or new drone comes out that im going to get thats going to take precedence. So i want to let you guys know that as well. Also, i want to thank all of those who entered a chance to win a mug and stickers um. You know ill be announcing winners, probably probably the first, the first broadcast of 2022, but i want to thank everybody there and almost – and i i would say everybody that entered at least got a sticker and several of you who got some mugs as well too. I sent them out to you, so i hope you enjoy them, and these are all building rc reviewers now, im also going to be having t, shirts and so im wearing my old style polo shirt. I have a new style polo shirt with a new logo on it um. You know these will be available and im gon na gon na put it out there and im gon na get some pricing on it. See. What i do is i drop ship them from the manufacturer to you um. That way, you know with the mugs ive done that and i think thats worked pretty well um with the shirts and t shirts. I may order them and then send them out to you guys, um i and if theres an interest, please let me know um the email address is not going to change.

You know um im still kind of toying around with that for right now, because a lot of people have my email address to build a drone. Reviewer gmail.com and i kind of think were – were going to stick with that. I may add buildingrc reviewer at gmail.com, but everything is still going to be under build a drone reviewer. As far as gmail and google is concerned, um, you know im only changing the name of the channel, its not going to be the email address, isnt going to change so because i want to. I really dont want to confuse people with this. With this change. You know because if they still want to reach me, itll always will always be able to reach me, build joint review or gmail.com, so thats it for this week um this is shorter broadcast than normal. I understand that, but i wanted to you know, still kind of in vacation mode, even though im working this week im still kind of in vacation mode, but i want to thank you all for tuning in tonight.