, pretty excited about this. I have the original one, its nice, because its simple its super compact, but with the 2 we have two transmitters, so i could be wearing a microphone and then Dylan could be wearing a microphone even though hes all the way over there. We could have a conversation and have both our audios very clear right now. Dylan sounds terrible, say something something and stuff yeah awful right. We dont like terrible audio, so lets see what we have here. So this must be the receiver, so this will be on the camera and these must be the transmitters, so ill. Take one and Dylan will take the other, so these are gon na help, protect us against the wind and were just gon na kind of push this on snaps in right there, and oh, these actually lock on the previous one. If you yank down a little bit itll pop off so nice touch, we also have a TRS cable to plug the receiver into the camera and three USB C cables. So im gon na go ahead hook. These up. We are now set up on the a7S and also listening to the audio from this transmitter. How are we sounding, and i also love how low profile this looks on the camera opposed to this thing, which is massive its almost as big as the camera, and it always draws so much attention so having something small like this up top for audio thats cool When i first got this, i thought this was going to be just like the original Rode Wireless Gos, but with two transmitters, which is cool right thats, a nice upgrade turns out theres a ton under the hood here now.

Theres one feature in particular that i love about. I mean game. Changingly, awesome, cant live without it, theres also one problem in here. That makes me not really fully trust it in every single type of shoot and situation, so well go over all that, but first lets take these bad boys out on a little field. Trip., Oh right, at the receivers over here. All right lets go so were all charged up and we also have the Rode lav, which is sold separately, so we have two of them. Also, these are awesome. Its Rycoate under covers, and basically theyre these little stickies that you attach so that you can wear underneath your shirt perfect for when youre under cover and about to enter one of the most high security places on planet earth, the aquarium all right. So how does it sound with our top secret microphones, its like you, have these glasses this here i kind of look like an assassin. You know like im, sneaking in here. I got this mic kind of hidden. You know yeah sure im just here to read about bird rehabilitation, its obviously why i came here – yes, yes, Dylans gon na do a little voice over for some of these fish im so busy today. I dont have time to deal with all these people standing by. Do you not understand the office that i need to go to the meetings that we got ta have between kibbles and bits? I dont have time for this.

Whoa whoa theres children here theyre kind of like the puppies of the sea, huh hes like what is this hair? I think the coolest part about vlogging with a wireless microphone. Is you have a lot more freedom on where you place the camera to get good audio? Typically, to get good audio, i have to be within three to five feet of the camera so being able to just plant the microphone somewhere and just step all the way away from the camera to get that big grand wide shot, thats really cool. Oh, my gosh Kari look at look at what carrie has done to this doesnt that look better, but the feature i consider to be game changing is not only is this sending the audio signal over to the receiver, so the camera can record it, but theres also A audio track being recorded internally, which can be used as a backup or if this is the only thing you have, you can set it up to record when you turn it on now, the more i use this microphone, the more i love the fact that it Records audio internally as well as transmitting, because now, if there was somebody behind the camera, they could be monitoring my audio. So if theres any issues with like clothing noise or anything like that, theyll be able to. Let me know right away and also you dont have to sync the audio if its recorded straight into the camera, but at the same time, the more distance you have between the camera and the microphone.

The more running could run into static if theres too much interference in the air. Although the Go 2 has been pretty solid of a connection, but you never know someone monitoring the audio if youre, depending on from a lav, but right now, im not too worried about it, because i know if i walk away too far from the camera and lose Connection or if theyre static, i can always go ahead and use the backup audio from the internal microphone and the other reason thats really useful is because sometimes i dont want to have to set up a receiver on a camera. Maybe im trying to get audio for a drone or anything like that. I can go ahead and turn this on. Have this record internal and then sync it afterwards? Now we already talked about how this locks on, which is a big plus, because the past one it would just fall off randomly all the time. So this is much more usable and its actually really surprisingly good at canceling out wind noise. I wanted to see if i could go a little bit faster with it, so ive tested it on a motorcycle and heres. How that sounds all right. Can we hear anything were going about 32 miles per hour? Id be pretty impressed. If you can im going to angle it towards the wind and then now towards me, were dropped down to about 23 miles per hour now here let me get the accelerator.

So here we are a little motorcycle vlog here hows. It sound now the biggest issue that i have with these microphones and the only thing that really keeps it from being the best microphones in my opinion, is that its not good at handling loud noises, probably like a loud talk with a microphone really close like this, Is probably clipping it so sorry if it sounds terrible now, heres the thing, even if i lower the levels out of the camera or adjust the output out of the receiver or just download the file straight off of this, it does the same thing all right, so Were gon na do a quick test with these three microphones to see how loud of a noise they can handle. So microphone number one is the built in microphone and it does have this mode activated which pads it a bit to help reduce it from clipping number. Two is also a transmitter, but this time hooked up to the Rode lav and next to it in the same position is the same. Rode lav mic, but this time hooked up to the Tascam. Dr 10L. All right, Dylan talk like youre, a bingo announcer at a senior home. Okay, we got red five red five here red five. Do i see a red five? Actually, this is roulette. I just realized, but yeah anyway, red five, and then you got a black 22 okay. We got red five red five here red five.

Do i see a red five? Actually, this is real led. I just realized, but yeah anyway, red five, and then you got a black 22 okay. We got red five red five here red five. Do i see a red five? Actually, this is real lead. I just realized, but yeah anyway, red five, and then you got a black 22.. Now one of the senior ladies is getting out of line and throwing that pudding again. Okay, no more throwing pudding! You got that right now were going to bed right now: okay, no more throwing pudding! You got that right now were going to bed right now: okay, no more throwing pudding! You got that right now were going to bed right now. Now you go into the snack room and realize somebody has taken a bite out of your bologna sandwich. You did not just take a bite out of that. I will get you. You did not just take a bite out of that I will get. You did not just take a bite out of that. I will get you. I think you lost your voice, dude a little bit yeah. You know. I got that raspy smokers voice now just been smoking, a pack of cigarettes, dude you committed to it yeah. You know. I work out here in the docks. Okay, so to nobodys surprise turns out when Dylan loses his temper, he blows out all the microphones in the room, along with my eardrums and windows, but i think its safe to say this.

Internal microphone was the easiest microphone to clip, and this is definitely something i have noticed in case youre not familiar with clipping its basically, when your audio gets so loud that it gets slammed against the ceiling. And if you dont have something like a limiter or something to help protect it its just gon na jam in there, and it gives you this really really harsh sound. Just like no more throwing pudding, you got that right now now my is youre. Definitely less likely to clip once you plug in an external lavalier like this, and even when it does clip it doesnt sound as harsh but heres how it sounds. No more throwing pudding. You got that right now. You probably heard a little bit of harshness there, but its not as violently harsh as the internal mic, but my favorite i think hands down is the Tascam no more throwing pudding. You got that right now. I have a lot of trust in that thing and unless you have Dylan shouting into it, it really doesnt click now about 52 miles per hour. And how does it sound now about 52 miles per hour, and how does it sound now about 52 miles per hour and how does it sound, Alright, going 60 woo hoo, Alright, going 60 woo hoo, Alright, going 60 woo hoo man its loud like you know, imagine Just sticking your head out the window on a freeway and its pretty loud man, its loud like you know, imagine sticking your head out the window on a freeway man, its pretty loud and its loud.

Like you know, imagine just sticking your head out the window on a freeway and its pretty loud yeah. In order to download the audio off of the internal memory, we have to download this app from Rodes website its free. Do i need to put in my email. Oh, come on dont act like im the first person to ever. Do that all right downloading the first couple times i tried this. I was having all kinds of issues because i was stuck on this screen. When i looked it up, a ton of other people have been having the same issues, but for me at least, if i use the USB C cable that came with the Rode mics, it seems to hook up every time. So i think it might be a little bit specific about what cables being used so now were in. This is our most recent recording here, so we can go ahead play through it lets go ahead and export it. We can go between MP3 or wave theres. Also a 32 bit option in here, which i got really excited about thinking. I might be able to get a little bit more reach in terms of you know audio clipping, but for me at least it didnt make a difference. So i just exported everything out of 24 bit just go ahead and hit export Dylan youre, usually the one downloading the audio, so youre gon na be getting very familiar with this process.

The thing that i think youre gon na get pissed off about is that you cant batch export. If you record a whole bunch of audio clips, you have to go through individually and we got one clip down. So now you have to go to the next one hit export, do the same thing. Is there any advantage in not being able to export them all at once? Is there no? There should be a feature that should just be in here. They should just be like select yeah. These eight clips export on them all and just be less of a headache, its just tedious to do every single one, especially if you have like 35 clips of audio kind of want to just do it all at once. But this is something that they can update in the software, so hopefully we see that now, while were hooked up to Rode Central, i might as well show you a few more things. Let me go into the settings and this is where you adjust. If its going to record internally now right now, i have it on always record so as soon as you turn this thing on, it starts recording all the way up until you turn it off, even if its not connected to a transmitter or anything like as soon As that light turns on its recording everything and in this mode it records uncompressed. Now you can see the internal memory is full right now and just to show you ill go ahead and clear it out, but you actually dont have to because basically, if the memory in here gets full itll just go into a cycle mode where itll go ahead And keep recording but delete the oldest audio, and it just goes in a cycle like that.

Now the other option is to switch from always to backup on this mode. It only starts recording when it detects the receiver being turned on and it stops recording if it turns off and when youre in backup mode. You actually do have the option to go into a compressed mode which will record 43 hours of audio instead of the seven, and, of course you could just turn it off entirely now. For me, i like to just have it on always on, because sometimes i like using this thing as an independent recorder and not even bother with the receiver so ill, just turn it on record a quick clip, real, quick and then turn it off also check this Thing out so i attach the transmitter onto here like that and then put this cover on and then all of a sudden im like a reporter or the weatherman, welcome to nine oclock news but thats one of the things i really like about this is how versatile It is, i can use it as a lavalier. I can use it as a handheld. I could use it with this camera. I could use it with a phone, an action, camera or even a drum, and speaking of drones, check out this thing. This is the Skydio. Its the drone thats supposed to fly itself and were gon na start testing this. So if you have any questions about this, let us know doesnt even come with a controller.

But overall i am super impressed with the Rode Wireless Go 2 theres a ton of features that they list out on their website. So if you end up getting it definitely recommend going through that page and learning all the different settings and features, for example, by default. Each microphone comes in on different channels, so, if you have a stereo signal, left would be one mic right would be the other, which is great, because in post you can separate them and only use the audio tracks you need. You also have the option to merge. The two channels, if youre doing like a live, broadcast or youre only using one microphone and you could even have one be a safety channel, so one audio track is louder than the other and Rode if you ever make a version 3. I would like to make a few requests. I would love a locking connection right there, like the Tascam does, because i am always concerned that in my pocket im moving around it might become a little bit disconnected and all of a sudden. I just have audio of this in my pocket rustling around. It does also get a little bit old charging each one of these individually with three different cables, but i was looking into this one case that charges them as you store them. So that is something that i may try in the future, but with those minor complaints aside, i am a huge huge fan of the Wireless Go 2 much more of a fan of these than i was with the original Wireless Gos.

These are just so much more capable much more flexible, so really good job, and i did have to buy this myself. They didnt send this to me this isnt sponsored or anything like that. I do still plan on keeping that Tascam with me, especially if we go to a loud event or environment, but remember that the Tascam is only an internal recorder, so you cant monitor it wirelessly. So that makes it less useful in some ways, and i did also get the Zoom version of it, which also isnt wireless, but it does record 32 bit float, which is really cool, but i hate the design of it. Theres, a big old switch up front to turn the whole device on and off, and when i first saw that i was like oh man, i hope i never accidentally turn it off and then it happened to me while i was using it on a DJI FPV Qa video and that just kind of sucks having to worry about if the device accidentally got turned off. So this would be my favorite little wireless self recorder. Then the second place would go to the Tascam third place to the Zoom, even though the Zoom has 32 bit float, which is pretty awesome. Alright, so lets go ahead and wrap this up. You guys asked some questions about these microphones in the last video. So lets see what youre wondering Bortalazzo says: what kind of batteries those mics use? They are internal batteries, so, unfortunately, if they die, then you cant just swap out the batteries real quick.

You have to actually charge them up, so that is one downside, but the battery life is pretty good and i tested the battery life because i figured okay if its going to be recording consistently internally. Is that going to drain the battery life? So one thing i realize is: if you have it, turned on and its recording internally but its not connected to the receiver. Then it actually lasted almost 10 hours for me, so thats really cool and if the receiver is also turned on, i think it uses more battery because its constantly working to send the audio to the receiver. So, in that case, with the backup recording turned on, i was getting under seven hours, so its a pretty decent battery life im a very passionate user of those microphones. They are really really something, and i just like to see your take on them. I love them. Im going to be keeping these in my camera bag pretty much at all times now, Captain Jack says im looking into Rode 2 wireless mics for use in weddings. I, like the compact size, which i think my clients would also enjoy, especially the bride. I also like that i wouldnt need a backup recorder, just in case i get static in the wireless signal and i plan on at least the officiant being miced up with a recorder. I think these are going to be killer for weddings because at weddings, theres. So much going on, so you really want tools that are going to be very simple, and these are as simple as they get and lets say you have the officiant miced up and they do their thing.

But afterwards you want to take this off and just throw them on guests. You can go ahead, unplug the lavalier and just hook them on thats, something i was doing at the aquarium because Dylan and i were miced up, but i wanted to get a few audio bites from Kari. So i went ahead and plugged this through this on her bag and was able to capture audio and switch it back and forth between different people very fast. The only things i can see going wrong is if the wedding is an all day thing, you want to make sure that youre plugging these in between brakes and also when everybody gets drunk and the DJs blasting the music. You may run into issues with clipping with all the loud sounds going on. Donald says those Wireless Gos sound a lot better with the lavalier go mic. Yeah id agree with that thats. What youre listening to right now is the transmitter hooked up to the Rode. Go lav: where did you find Dylan? Is there a Dylan store? I could use my own Dylan for narrating my life. I dont know they closed the last Dylan store. I saw down, it might be kind of hard, but maybe if you look on Ebay or something someone has a good price check that out all right Dylan, i need a close for this video. Can you do something cool this just in its actually a great day outside? I know what else is great.

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