În cele din urmă, a 6s freestyle or racing toothpick 5 inch under 250 g from beta fpv we're, going to review this one today and i'm not going to go easy on it. We'Re going to fly it on 6s full throttle we're going to do some crazy freestyle with this quad. It does not have any type of gopro mount on the top, so this one's, you know purely for flying enjoyment or racing. You will absolutely win races. If you can learn how to fly this one on any small track, multi gp course or large track, because the punch out power to weight ratio on here is probably like 15 la 1, i don't even know if that's even a thing, but it is super super Juiced on 6s, but the great thing about this is that it has a decent tune on here. It is a super fast and nimble. It will flip and roll on a dime and stop and turn around and go the other way. It is a really fast quad. So i wouldn't say it's for the ultimate beginner it's, for somebody who's, probably intermediate to advanced. If you wanted to start out with this, it would be kind of a crazy way to learn because it does have a really nimble feeling on the sticks, astfel încât să fie gata pentru că. You'Ve. Never ever flown a quad like this before so even most of you guys that are flying five inch, you've never quite experienced something like this x95.

It is absolutely a whole different animal than your typical five inch, which is in the 400 gram weight range. This little guy on the bench on the scale by itself is around 143 grame, with a 6s 1050 i'm getting up to about 300 grame. But if you want to get this guy under 250 grame, with a 6s battery, i'll put some links down below. For you guys, those are the gmb 650 milliamp batteries, they'll get it under 250 grams for you, if that's, what you're looking for, but to get the maximum flight time i'm going to suggest around a 1050 battery and that's going to get you a really long flight Time with this power system on here, we have 35 amp esc's on here with a burst up to 40 Amperi, we have a 350 milliwatt vtx with 5.8 right hand, circular polarized antenna coming off the back, supported by the new version: 3 canopy around 35 degrees of Tilt on this camera and it's, a baby retail, so it's, really nice night vision, camera or daylight camera looks great, either way so on this dark cloudy days when winter starts to come into play, this camera is going to look great even on the overcast days. Also i've got my xm plus on here with the antennas coming out the very top, and i had to put a couple zip ties on this canopy because they seem to no matter how much i crank down these screws.

They seem to move a little bit on me, so one thing to consider with this style frame i'd almost rather have my antennas off the arms like a traditionally mounted with zip ties, but this will work for now and we also have a toothpick f4 flight controller. De asemenea, – and we have 1805 1550 kv motors that's rightdid you hear me right? 1550 kv ultra low kv for running 6s on this quad. So these little motors are super lightweight they're, only a few grams each and they have two bolt pattern on the very top. With these gem fan, 5125 five inch props they're, a really nice sleek and narrow design and fairly low pitch now. What'S interesting about these props is that, while they they are really light, they feel really aggressive, because just a little bit of throttle, this light weight to power ratio really makes this quad punch. So you have a lot of float with these props. If you want to try a prop that's going to be a little bit faster, even with a little bit of less kind of aggressive float, feel to it, you can try the two blade props and the number on these. These are hqs, and these came to me with my extraterrestrial from racerx, and these are t5 5×3, so they're a little more aggressive on the pitch, but again a little bit faster prop if that's, what you're looking for on a multi gp course, but either way you Go um.

These little quads are rippers. Now this one was a 4s quad. The extraterrestrial was 4s and just a little bit of frame difference here, you've got sort of crossbar in the front for kind of a frontal impact type of frame this one. It does not have, even though it has more rigid carbon fiber on here. We'Ve got this um. I believe it was called t 800 fibra de carbon. It doesn't seem to have a 45 degree pattern on here. So that's one thing to consider there that the pattern does not look to be 45 Grade. If i get that to come in focus for you guys there we go, you can see it's kind of straight across there. It does not look like it's 45 degree pattern. So one thing in this review, we're going to test out, is durability and see if this one can take a head on punch. So we'll put this out in the field now let's do a little bit flying with it. După aceea,, we'll come back in and i'll give you my final opinion on the x95. Here we go guys let's rip all right. My friends let's go ahead and get this flight test started. I knew kind of what to expect here with this quad, because i i've i'm, no stranger to sub 250 g ultralight five inch, quads i've had several of them now from different prototypes from around the world to diaton released one a while back, and you know a Couple of the companies have done these even a couple years ago: they're they're not totally new to fpv.

So if you're, just getting into sort of buying, quads ultra lights have been around for a while new experimentations with motors are happening right now with companies like beta fpv, bringing us out these new motors, and these are just a little lower kv and still very, very Strong on 6s, which is great so now we have that upper end of the throttle that i feel like we've, been looking for with an ultralight now, some of the first ones, the first generation ultra lights. I was flying even on 3s, a 3s 450 la 550 battery super mid range kv and now we're down to low kv and 6s, which really puts me in the sweet spot. So i feel like i have a lot to explore with this quad and i couldn't do it all in one review honestly guys, because i just feel like again it's like flying acro all over again it's, so nimble that i even found myself kind of like over. Compensating in certain times feel like i was over rotating and it's, really extremely fast when you get low to the ground, where you can really really see how fast this quad goes, the feel that i'm flying in right now is actually a really large field. So this is not really a small field type quad. You could still put it out on the jeep, but the multi gp course, but you wan na you want to be on the sticks and probably the intermediate intermediate to expert pilot, so that that's just one suggestion for the new guys.

This wouldn't really be a good. First quad, maybe something like your your second or third quad after you've learned how to master acro mode, Um, it's, extremely extremely precise, on the sticks and, like i mentioned before, the center of gravity on this squat is just spot on outer weight ratios through the roof. But i feel like again i'm flying a smaller quad, because when i let off the sticks, it really does float a lot, but man you can really get in there and rip close to the ground. So i think somebody that have real good gait experience could really be impressive in a race and win some multi gp races. But i love how it will stop on the dime. You can get going full throttle and just whip the all around and stop and go the other direction. It'S really really cool now back out into some big field. Flying and this quad will cover a lot of space really fast and you can do loops and loops and loops and loops and keep doing loops, because this quad just it's so precise in the loops as well and again, i find myself experimenting and playing around with Camera angles with this quad, which is really fun because it's always fun to feel like you can kind of come up with new stuff with certain quads. It has that sort of experimental feel to this quad there's that yaw snap really tight, y'all snap never lost a beat, and i didn't get the flight controller to freak out a single time.

It never sort of washed out on me or gave me any kind of vibes or anything and i've already beat these props up quite a bit so it's good to see these props are taking a little bit of beating, but the tune is still holding up, which Is really good news for you guys, so the flight controller feels solid on here. The toothpick f4 seems to be doing its job on 6s that's, pretty impressive from beta fpv, so i'm happy with this quad. I think there's a lot of room to grow with this quad and it's a pretty decent price, but let's go back to the bench now and let's talk about the squat a little closer up and we'll get some final details and some thoughts and feelings on the X95, here we go guys let's. Do it all right guys welcome back from the flight test. Now some real talk about the x95. I was kind of blown away when this quad came in and it was already built. I didn't have to build this up or set it up or do anything to it. All i had to do was bind up my xm plus receiver that's on here and go out and fly now the toothpick f4. Pentru mine, it's it's, holding its own on 6s, which is pretty awesome. I feel like it's, responsive, it's snappy. It is way quicker than any other 5 inch quads out there, probably on the planet, guys are going to be winning races with this one.

We talked about the twig xl on the channel a couple months ago. I believe it was a review that's a little three inch ripper from beta fpv and racerx, and we do have some guys in the multi gp leagues down in southern california, who are winning races against five 5 inch with that twig xl. So i believe that this one could be up on par with that and be super quick on the course because it just it has the ultimate response and it's almost like you're, going to have to learn how to fly acro again, if you're doing racing with this Quad now, even with freestyle as well, i found myself kind of like over rotating, sometimes in some of my flips, and rolls because just a little bit of movement on the stick. Really i mean this thing has a very small axis of tilt and the cg on this quad is dead center, and so it does really nice precise rolls and you're going to have to get used to that. It feels completely different than something like the gep rc mark iv or mark iii quads. Even the nasgo 5 flies like kind of like a hog compared to the x knight. So i think, if you're wanting something that has ultimate precision and control that high throttle, this quad is is doing stuff that that no other quad out there is doing right now, and i think that the components they chose to put on here the motors themselves, the 1805S are some of my favorites, the original extraterrestrial quad that i had from racerx here.

Those are the 1505 3600 kvs, and these were the 4s motors and beta fpv is just stepping up the game here with 6s and 1805, 1550 kvs and i'm a success guy. So i love 6s flying and most of the time these companies will contact me and say hey, which one do you want? The 4s version of the 6s and i'm like send me the 6s. I want full power and the nice thing about 6s is: it gives you a little longer flight time, so it will carry something a little larger than a 1050. Dar sincer, if you're just cruising around flying, i don't suggest much bigger than something like a 1300 6s it's just going to be a little bit of overkill and it's going to start to feel heavy for the guys who are flying freestyle. My recommended battery is probably going to be the 650 from gmb gives you that ultimate lightweight power to weight ratio that this quad is made for so that's the one i'm going to recommend for that longer flight time i'd say max would be like something like. Poate 10 50. i'll try to put some links down below for some 1050 baterii, but i think that the vtx also performed pretty well 350. Milliwatt is actually smoking out there in the field and on the holidays. I could probably crank it down to 200 and be totally safe with this setup, but the antenna performed good. It is pretty durable.

It did pop out of this little clamp that it's in back here. One time i mean it was floating a little bit, so just be careful about that with yours. It could probably really use a zip tie over top of this. So this part right here put a zip tie around that. So yours, doesn't, pop off, cum ar fi a mea, did just one tip for you guys and as far as durability goes it held up in my test. I did lose one screw out of the bottom right here, so you want to double check all of the screws on this quad make sure that your metal to metal connections, especially on the bottom of the frame, these four bolts on the bottom that are holding the Arms on make sure double sure that you have blue, lacăt, tight on all those connections there and even the ones that are going into the bottom of your motors, because you could possibly lose a few of these. So not the uh. The prop screws you don't have to put any loctite on those, but two bolts on top same m2 pattern bolts, four on the bottom as well, and what surprised me is that there is no 45 degree angle on the carbon frame. So i think we've got a few things that could still be improved here on the x95 but uh. You know that's just me being super critical everything else about the quad checked out with me, for the exception of the antennas, maybe put those on the side like traditional, just bring those out the bottom and get rid of these, because if you don't zip tie these Down to these will kind of fall into the props, so you don't want to cut up your receiver antenna here.

You will definitely chew those up on 6s now performance wise. We get two thumbs up on performance wise for this quad um and i think the price is pretty decent, so you're getting something that's kind of fairly advanced for the price, around 2' dollars with an xm plus receiver. I believe it was 229 plug and play so you can get it without a receiver and it does support multiple types of receivers. All the way up to crossfire spectrum, futaba fly sky, all those radios are covered. So any way you want to go, you can rip with this quad and it is definitely a two thumbs up quad on the channel two thumbs up for betta fpv for their first 6s toothpick under 250 grams quad. It is super fast nimble and a real winner. If you decide to do freestyle or racing with this squad, it's absolutely awesome so check it out in the link down below guys, thanks again for subscribing to my channel, and i will bring you more on the bench reviews and out in the field as well. We'Ll do some more flying coming up.