JXD 518 Beginners GPS HD Camera FPV Quadcopter Flight Test Review

This drone’s GPS system vastly eases flying and reduces likelihood of loss. Additionally contains 720p HD and FPV. Makes use of 5G (802.11ac) WiFi. Confirm your telephone/pill is


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  1. how can i activate the function headless mode ???

  2. I get 7 la 9 minute flight times with mine; I betchya that if you put the flight battery through half a dozen or more complete charge/discharge cycles, you'll see your flight times increase quite significantly. 🙂

    I got a flight time of 5:55 on my maiden.

  3. We have a problem with flying the drone. We did everything according to the instructions, but when you press the "start" button nothing happens, the motor does not spin and the drone does not fly, Maybe you know what is the problem?

  4. Advise on jxd 528 vs jxd 518 for a first drone plz?

  5. Salut baieti, i have a problem with my jxd 518. I can't see the wifi network of the drone on my phone. i have a huawei p10 (it's support the 802.11ac protocol) so i dont know what can be the problemanyone else with a similar problem?

  6. What phone do you have? that works with fpv a cell phone that works with that FPV

  7. what size are the motors of this drone? 8520?

  8. Are you using an android? Which model and in which country? In Portugal I can only connect with an iphone, no android sees the wifi network of the drone

  9. minunat. I like your video. It makes me want to buy one jxd 518. Thanks for the video it really informatif

  10. This drone camera 0.3 sau 0.2???

  11. salut, i don't see drone's wifi, Can you help me? How Can i connect my smartphone?

  12. good dronecan hi make facebook live stream ? 🙂 thanks

  13. these two parallel lines on the ground look like a train track 😀and do you have problems with "meters"?… being from the one country which doesnt care about the metric system XD

  14. the only reason that return to home was slow was because the drone was facing backwards. try it when the drone is facing forwards

  15. What is the range of the drone?

  16. what is the range of the wifi

  17. I was hopping to buy this quad but i have few doubts, hope you reply. What do you think about video quality? Is it any good for YouTube? And how often do i have to replace the motor?

  18. More jello than the 502 series, but seems to fly much nicer.

  19. Can we add WiFi extender to increase WiFi range?

  20. Another awesome review quadcopter 101 ! I think it's amazing that manufactures are releasing GPS quads in the sub $200 gamă, it will make it a lot easier for a newcomer to R.C. Now if they would make cameras that don't have that horrible "fish eye" effect..

  21. i hope more cheap rc plane with gps not just quadcopter

  22. great drone. So you connect the phone into the transmitter?

  23. Arms, motoare, gears etc. and battery are 502

  24. Can you change any parameters like Rth speed ?

  25. What about smartphones using 802.11 A,b,g,n 5g wifi. Will that work?

  26. This drone's GPS system greatly eases flying and reduces chance of loss. Also includes 720p HD and FPV. Uses 5G (802.11ac) WiFi for long range FPV. Verify your phone/tablet is 802.11ac WiFi capable before purchasing! Use coupon Sale12 to get $14 off here https://goo.gl/2jhfUA and find the QuadPort landing pad here http://amzn.to/2i96Wua

  27. HEY,,,that landing pad boreing, stretch one of your shirts over it,,,,,

  28. I'm waiting for one of these companies to make a small affordable folding quad with gps and fpv, they make cheap folding quads with no GPS and cheap GPS quads that don't fold up, just combine the two and make a low cost folding pocketable gps, fpv drone and it will sell like crazy

  29. Pretty much a Hubsan H502Ebut seems to have more quirks than the H502E. Even with the $14 pe cupon, you can now buy the H502E for less, and since there are readily available parts for the H502E, that would seem to be a safer choice at this point. I think they're going to have to fix a few bugs and reduce the price to be able to compete with the H502E. Vă mulțumim pentru revizuire.

  30. seen a few reviews on this one, seems to have a thumbs up if you got the right the right phone. 👍

  31. Please review a Quadcopter with adjustable gopro or a Quadcopter which capture from external action camera.. Please review and reply

  32. I think the place is to much sunny.. You can capture more great quality videos on medium sunny ☀ daysPlease let me know can it capture in 4k?🙄 🤔

  33. Been meaning to ask for months and keep forgetting. What is the dual curb like concrete around the field for??

  34. Looks like a decent little quad but the extremely short flight time kills it.

    Dance the Skies

  35. Would this be good to use your WiFi repeater on?

  36. I actually been seeing this drone for a minute and its a very good drone..
    I just bought a promark off my buddy thing is awsome check it outgps looks like dji even has almost same battery

  37. the flight time hmmmm but too bad video kind of ok but can bee better good flyer for a toy

  38. I reviewed this one a week or so ago.. It's good but no H502E killer which is it's closest competitor, also I found a draw back of the wifi app is that it's only 5g compatible so I couldn't use it on my particular phone. Camera is nicer than the H502E though. Good review Q101

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