So a big thank you to everyone now let’s get to the video so now let’s open the package. What is this, as you can? Stop me on amazon click that okay, aplauze, Bine, so guys this package also contains unnecessary stuff. So you know that run so guys. This is the main box right here so before i tear it apart and throw it away, let’s check it out got a fully sealed pack and luckily no tampering has been done with it. So at the front it has a very, Foarte, very cool photo of the gopro hero 9 and at the top of it it’s written hero 9 black and there it it has a authenticity seal and on the right, it’s written hyper, Buna 3.0. And if you move to the left, there are some of the features of the gopro hero 9, which we usually don’t read so i’ll also not read that and if you move to the back, we have the warranty card and some kind of gopro endorsement at its Back and if we move to the right side now there are the things which are included in this pack and at the bottom is some of the information about the thing so nothing much to talk about let’s, open it. So let’s open these, so the gopro hero 9 comes in its own, foarte cool, all black carrying case, so at the top it has the gopro branding. So it is a very good thing which gopro has included.

În cele din urmă, so now let’s unzip it and open it up. So as soon as you open it, you can see the gopro hero9. It looks very awesome, so let’s keep that aside for now. Moving in you have the gopro battery, and then you have a type c cable for charging your gopro, and then you have the famous gopro 3m sticky mount and at last the holder which goes above the mount and the screwer to attach the coat. Other thing comes with a recyclable solder, așa că acum, if you move to the pocket above, you have some documentation here, so this is again a endorsement, but this is especially for gopro itself. I mean next uh. This is a quick start guide again and it’s have a lot of questions no Music, and then you have the gopro stickers, which i’m going to keep so that’s, pretty much it of the box. Let’S talk about gopro now so before we talk about the gopro, we need to remove the seals so let’s do it. First seal is gone now to the second scene. The satisfaction points for the gopro hero: 9, 10 din 10, so guys let’s talk tech. So the main hype about the gopro hero 9 was that it is offering a dual screen system. So there is a small preview screen at the front and the usual big touchscreen at the back. So for those of you wondering this is not a touchscreen. This is only a screen for the preview of what you are filming, so this is a very good feature, especially for august, because you can see what you’re filming.

So this is very helpful. Instead of getting that flip up screen mod gopro offersand the other thing was that uh, it features 5k video recording up to the frame rate of 30 fps, but i don’t think that 5k is 30 fps right now is a useful thing to have 4k 60 Fps recording on the gopro hero 8 is more than enough for any any normal person for filming and doing all the regular stuff you do with your gopro, deci nu e. Nothing really much left to talk about it in for indoor use, so let’s go outside and put it to the real test. One feature that i really like that gopro has started. Implementing, in its cameras, are these: these are the flip up brackets for the mount and the holders, so you don’t need to attach that case on it to get this, and these are foldable.