Ssin arey twenty20 edition we're gon na be going over all the basically the tricks that are out there from the simple ones. The most advanced ones, what we primarily do here on roto riot is fpv freestyle, where we are doing tricks, and this is a challenge that has been solved in other disciplines like skateboarding figure, skating BMX, you got a thing and it's moving through space and we have To just come up with names and there's, an infinite way to make it move through space, so there's always gon na, be some controversy right. Let'S get this out of the way these are our takes on it. If you know a trick by a different name, argue about in the comments cuz it's good for our engagement but or don't or is no so the first section of tricks will call these the basics, the roll and the barrel roll. You know I would call a roll where you just flip the quad along the roll axis and a barrel roll where you're using power i've actually spiral the helix right. Then the next would be a flip slash loop. Obicei, we do a power loop or loop is where we're going. Cum, like i say, behind an object below an object? We go back over top the object like this we're, de obicei, if we're doing a flip it's, either an open space or we're trying to do a flip between two gap: roll and pitch mm – Hmm.

So now the I don't think you really have that same thing. Right, where's pitch and roll with the yaw spin. If you spin fast, you just spin in place and keep going, and if you spend slow, it's called a turn, da, essentially that's how you can use all three axes: technically that's it. Those are the only three tricks in a sense. Everything else from then on is a combination of those or partial combination, so there's, a certain number that have become iconic that do have names and that's what we are going to go through the most common ones. I think that there are tricks that you can do like in open space right and tricks that require like an object to work off of right. You have to interact with the environment, start with tricks that you do in empty space. Bine, de exemplu, a Rubik's Cube, a Rubik's Cube is, I think most people would agree that it is a half flip forward and and a 360 roll and a half foot forward to come out. Some people would put those together in a different order, but basically it's that's, a ruby, it's, a half flip, a full roll and then a half flip, well that's backwards or forwards. I'D say another very famous combination trick the inverted y'all spin. I think this one's, a little more self explanatory you know what's interesting about this to meis that that is actually one of the hardest moves to master yeah Vic FPV is where the best is so good at it, but it's.

De fapt, a really simple move to describe just turn over and y'all spin and turn back over. I think that goes for a lot of the tricks that we're gon na be talking about later, because there's, a lot of style to it and there's difference. It sounds easy on paper, but the way you do it is actually very difficult. Sometimes one of the tricks that I love personally that we haven't talked about is the juicy flick know. What is a juicy play? Hardball well it's interesting, because I thought I knew what a juicy flick was, but then Willy did a tutorial about Justice League well we're deciding today when you are going forward and you from really aggressively flip upside down. You want to have some look back where the you're moving that way, and then you roll out of it. This is getting to the type of trick where it's it's now is getting into the nuance of the way that you're doing it. So you want to be very fast on the pitch axes. You know slower on the roll that's loose dirt and then kind of yard. The whole point of the trick is when you go and Verde you won't have enough items that you're still carrying forward in the direction of flight and then roll out where you're still but still coasting. So one of the moves you referenced is a stall and there's. Various ways you can do is stall, but what makes a stall is that you're gon na freeze the quad and let it dropI first saw Johnny F, be doing really well, is he'll, be under tree.

Can yeah yeah they'll go up kiss the tree canopy and then just alright well and it's so hard to control? It seems so simple, but it's so hard to kill your momentum perfectly and also about drifting backwards like this and I've also seen schizo. Do it where he'll go knife edge and drop perfectly down right, and I would call that a stall or knife edge stall right. This is one of my favorite moves because I, like any move where you end up going backwards. I call it like a throwback. I don't know if there's another name people have for it, but in my head that's what I call it you're flying forward, you pitch back, you throttle up and you get going backward. Then you kind of go. o, da, I love that trick and it's even more fun if there's like a tree, canopy, so you're looking up at the tree, canopy and then you're going out of it yeah. So for tricks where you are combining the different accesses together, I think that's. Those are kind of the most common ones as far as what can be done in the open air again boys, just don't really have a set name. Take it as a challenge. If you think that there's, a particular combination of moves, make it popular yeah and the name will stick in factually you've, been you've been trying to get something to stick that's, the van you roll. It is the day you're gon na.

Do you want to cover this? In the tricks there, Desigur, desigur, I want any cover in this section what's, the van you roll well, the van you roll is kind of one of those moves I like to do it through an object, but I think I also do it mostly in open space Of annual is essentially where you need to get the quad going with a lot of backwards, intimacy, sling, the quad, so it's going backwards like this, and then you do a roll and the goal of the roll is to try and do it as low to the Ground as possible, and by the time you exit that roll, you are just just like skimming the ground and you're still traveling backwards, and then you fly out of it in whatever way, shape or form. A lot of these tricks come down to the style that you do it, so anyone can argue that they can just turn a quad backwards and do a roll but it's about carrying moments and as you're flying the quad backwards and then doing the rolling and putting A little bit of like personal style and flavor on it's, going in the trick scenario, one is a trick. Ssin area going down, you still hate it guys. So this next section these are tricks where you really have to interact with the environment. I think this is the most fun part of fpv that's. What makes fpv so special it's like skateboarding you're, going to spots and trying to interact with different obstacles and one of the first things that you'll start doing is hitting gaps trying to fly through stuff.

Just fly through a gap in an object do that without an object and a lot of the tricks that we've we've mentioned it's fun, to try and do them through a gap. So as you do, as you go through the gap, you want to do a roll or you want to do a Rubik's Cube, but I'm really going for some gaps are gon na, be really narrow. Mhm, I mean finding different ways to go through the gaps. Cum ai spus, but a particular way that stands out is the knife edge gap, you're just knife edge stalling through a gap yeah the best ones, are the ones where the quad is. I mean it's, always cool, but the best ones are the ones where the quads would not fit unless universally turns really up to the degree of difficult yeah. This one important because I'm really proud of yeah. It was like just are so this next trick. It'S a power loop because to call it a power loop, they're gon na expect you to go under something loop around it and back under. I think one of the tricks that we haven't talked about is kind of a mixture of that yaw and roll axis is an orbit. An orbit is essentially where you have an object: let's, say: it's a tree or a pole and you're just orbiting flying around that object in 360 Grade. I think it's kind of a more simple maneuver. I think most pilots can pick this one up pretty quickly but it's, something that looks really cool if you're orbiting an object that is really cool.

The key is that you're facing into the object and holding the object and basically the same place on your screen. While you circle around it, I think one of the most famous people to do orbits has to be mr. steel. I mean we got to give credit to him. I mean in all of his videos he's just kind of the king of orbits he's, just orbiting around objects, he's really good at keeping his distance between the object, the same as he goes around and definitely made that trick. Iconic next trick split s. This is one of the most basic tricks and it's. Probably the first freestyle trick that a lot of pilots learn and split us can be done in open space, it's it's, a basic aerobatic maneuver for changing direction. Where, as you fly forward, you roll 180 and then you pitch back to come out going the opposite direction that you came in, but usually when freestyle pilots do a split s, they'll be going over an object like a tree. The best split s, în opinia mea, is where you turn upside down before you approach the object. You let your momentum carry you over it, while you're looking down at it, and then you come back around underneath it. The other direction you want to like really be kissing. The tree is a skid, so was the first person. I think many people saw to be doing like anti gravity. It was the title of video, he was just going over the trees and I mean I was the first time I ever saw a quad just like skimming the street.

So split us is what made me want to like come in yeah PB freestyle, I wasn't messing around with all sorts of RC stuff. I thought the fpv quads were fine, but I wasn't really hooked on them until I saw schizo doing that stuff. Oh that's! What I want that's awesome yeah now, the the other variant of the split s, which is again from aerobatic it's very popular, but we don't do it as much. Okay and freestyle is the Immelman and an Immelmann you're gon na climb and pitch back and then roll out right. My favorite way to do in Hemel mini when you've got multiple floors or something like yeah yeah sure no, no like to shoot out one so hard. chiar, if you could timer set, as you are about to power loop into the other window, that when you do the roll that's, my favorite way you if you've ever tried to do a power loop over a tree and half way and do it. You realize you haven't got it and you've got it all bailed out, you just you just so the Madi flip this is this is where things are starting to get differently pretty advanced. I remember I had fantasized about this trick and I just convinced myself, it could be done, it couldn't be done or something I mean I, how could it if, maybe what is it magical so Madi flip is where you would go over an object.

Hitch forward keep pitching forward, apply power and end up thrusting backwards under the object, it's. Essentially the antithesis of a power loop, yep it's called a Madi flip because it was first done by Madi Durant. Another trick that I think Maddie was Maddie was definitely the first guy I saw to it. It came from his ultra ultra high up tilt style is what he called a cyclone other people. I know I learned this trick and I called it a trippy spin. I just thought that was an appropriate name. I was just banging have long exams. I guess the trip has been yeah I've mentioned in my video that it was him that inspired I didn't know there was a name. Is the trippy Spence it's almost impossible? The first time you see it to understand what the quad is doing, it's a trick that I had to use the simulator just like what am I supposed to do with my thumb's here so we've kind of talked about all these tricks or anything. But let's talk more about ones, you need objects for dives. I want to talk about without an object to dive. I mean you could kind of dive from going up towards the ground. I guess, but the best way to do a dive is to like dive through something whether it's, like a gravity 8 or whether that's five storeys of concrete and Croatia, or do a dive or a little wall or something I mean, cred, that's a relatively easy In terms of what you're doing on the controls, but they can be really really difficult and challenging you think about it, just a nose down stole, but when your quads going straight down like this, your propeller is when you're at idle are still pulling you forward.

Deci, if you're going through a really tight object, that for a long distance, the quads gon na start doing this, you have to end up rolling it yeah to keep it inside. You often see that's what's doing a dive that's. What I'm? I did you know to do Godiva that's. What I did do my Croatian that's one of the most fun things you can dive gaps are the most fun there's. Another booth that's like a dive like a building dive, which is the backwards wall ride or the let's start, with the forwards. We'Re all right wall ride again you're playing with the wall, but rather than diving down it. You want to want to ride. It was like it's written that's, a I love. This trick is very, very skateboarding yeah, something I got a halfpipe right shoe right and then you could do the reverse wall ride. We got to show the famous see half Johnny FPV wall riding clip. There have been many reverse wall rides, but none like so most amazing is the one that Johnny did run along that glass building. It was so beautiful, just rocketed, right off report that was in 2018, which isn't two years ago now, at the time for like the quads and stuff that were falling that's a really hard trick to do so backwards dive. I just think we got ta hand this. One to cricket so a lot of the tricks that we've been talking about, you could do backwards and it essentially doubles the doubles.

The list, but do you notice we're, not mentioning all of these, because there are only certain ones, cred, have really become yeah, really like notable backwards, dive backwards, dive Hill line up the gap and he'll come and he'll shoot down through it and he's got that Down to an art to three gaps: Oh hold it going down a wall of keppo. This is another one where when he first did it, I was like that's luck and then he just kept doing it. I was like oh that's skill, în regulă. So the final category that we're gon na go into here is contact where you're intentionally contacting the object, mm hmm and the bonk is the one that many of us have done by accident. My favorite form of the bonk to do on purpose is where you're underneath the roof and you cowardly up and you go Boop yeah with your as if you kind of landed the only box, our cool ceiling bunks are, can you can almost and usually get away With saying that, it was on purpose right wall bunks when you're starting to learn the wall ride you monks, a cool way to do wall bunks or like when you go a little more at it intentionally bounce off. It maybe turn that to a flip, long flip out of it. I also want to point out if you're trying to learn power loops under a ceiling and you're worried about having too much power and crashing if you've noticed, that's happening pitch back and turn it into a bomb yeah, because your quad will break.

If you go like this, but if you go like this it's, probably not gon na break long can actually save your butt grinds and slides that's your risk investor. Ah I love these little skids. You don't need these little skids, but these little skids that I like to put under my motors no slide really well. You want to come in with momentum, so she land on the ground and slide your quad what's. Really fun is if you can find like an arrow like a ledge and maybe slide down it. That'S right really start to feel like oh yeah, i'ma, skateboard, I'm sliding down all right slide, your phone. You can throw in a yaw spin if you don't, disarm, while you're sliding and like throw any off speed in or flip out, that's a fun trick, and then we want to get really crazy. You can you can grind quads, you don't see it a lot. I thought that this would become more popular and I think one of the more it hasn't is just because it's so hard and depending on your frame, it can be even harder. So I mean, like my friend, has this standoff up front that's pretty nice for setting on a rail right, so I mean it's. Really the idea of grinding your quad like a skateboard, is super cool. You don't see it a lot, though yeah. I think one of the final tricksI think we say this best for lastis perching.

Now it sounds really simple. You'Re just don't want to landing on something by perching is like what we described landing on something really hard. Deci, de exemplu, the top of a light pole done this a few times where I go up and you're trying to land on this tiny little object without you know, you're falling off and just timing it just I that is one of those fun things that's. How something you do is like a challenge: it's a really fancy landing and, on that note, take the instruction it landing. Is the one trick that fpv pilots can't do. Thank you guys so much for watching this. We hope you've enjoyed it. I really liked watching all those clips and thinking about just all these tricks that have come up over time. If you think there are any tricks that we left out or got them wrong, or if you can think of a great example of a trick that you like? nu, nu, you should have done this one, throw in the comments. You know we read them all and we'd love to yeah. This is certainly not all inclusive because, as we said, there's an infinite number of ways that you can combine all the different movements that are capable with these awesome machines. But I think these are the most common, the most iconic though you're like oh, so you did pretty good yeah. I know what, if we didn't mention something go out and make that a famous trick gun and make it so high that we can't miss it in the next edition of fpv trick sorry, this has been the 2020 volume.