Let me know what we’re doing today, but um we’re gon na do some fun stuff. I found some experiments online and we might do some more snowmobiling because we got some more snow. Last night we got about five inches, so yeah make sure to like and subscribe and try to post notifications. You guys get all my recent videos and yeah let’s get into the video okay guys. So first, i think that i’m gon na do my experiment and what i’m gon na try to make is elephant, toothpaste and i’ve never done it before so i don’t know how it’s going to go, but we’re going to try it so um we’ll see where it Goes so yeah, oh my dog lucy here rosie can you say: hi hi guys make sure to like and subscribe. You heard her guys make sure to like and subscribe hey guys. So here we make our toothpaste. We got dandruff soap, hygiene peroxide and we got some yeast so first i only know what to do so. We’Re gon na throw in some dish, soap uh. I think that’ll be good a little bit in there um now, we’re gon na add some yeast. I don’t know how much to add in there um, maybe that’ll be good. So now we got the yeast and the dish soap in there. So now, i’m gon na pour hydrogen peroxide in there and we’re gon na see what happens. Hydrogen peroxide and put away from the counter so it if it just happens, este, definitely rising guys i’m gon na add some more hydrogen peroxide i’m gon na try to add some more dish.

Soap, peroxide definitely rising up a little bit guys i’m going to try to add a little bit more yeast see if something happens, we’ll use hydrogen peroxide, definitely rising over guys make it. I was not resting over, but it’s definitely rising up. You can see on the slide there. It used to be all the down there and now it’s rolls all the way up to there, so it dries very slowly, but not as good as expecting it to be here’s. My dish, soap and peroxide it’s so close to the top guys, well guys it’s going as long as going over so grab my case overflows and bring it to the sink hydrogen peroxide it’s. Definitely a little warm like. I said it was on some videos so watching youtube videos on it. It’S overflowing now, as you guys can see it’s kind of overflowed a little bit. I think that’s good i’m gon na go rinse it out. Bine, guys that’s the experiment, and it was okay. I mean it: didn’t rise how i thought it was gon na rise, but it was all right. It kind of overflowed a little bit but didn’t go on the counter, because i’d run to this thing, because i didn’t want it to go into the counter in case it um something happened to it, but yeah it was okay and it was fun but yeah. So now i think i’m gon na go to snowmobile and bring you guys along.

So let’s go! Do that Music, deci Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, deci Muzica, deci Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, Muzica, hey guys! We just get done snowmobiling and now has only kind of fun to plan. Um – and i got this new drone for my birthdayum very nice, trântor, DJI, Mavic, mini 2, Sunt., pretty sure, este, cold and so yeah um we’re going to go fly around and i do a little bit of a review on it right here, um and yeah. So let’s go. Do that all right guys so right here we have the dji mavic mini 2 and we have the controller and the nice thing about this: the controller and zone it has i’m saying 2.0 10 kilometer range limit, so that gives you capability to go wherever 4k camera At 30 frames per second, i use 2.7 k um at 60 frames a second and that’s nice um. The controller has a really nice grip right here. You have your dial to put the gimbal down and up, and you have your um picture or record and then switch um from video to camera and right here, it’s a function, button, a custom button and what it does is. So when you’re in your settings, you have an option to customize this button and if you press it, they can go to your map or, if you double press it, it can do something else right here. You can take your sticks off and take them off, and then you can throw them down there.

I already have an extra set down there and they screw on and the antenna is actually right here when you pull this out and i have an adapter to fit. My ipad on there so that works nice and then you have your butter here for cinematic, normal and sport mode, and you have your return to home and pause button and power on button and now for the drone. It folds up like this here’s the size of my hand compared to it it’s, very small, and then it folds out just like this and it’s a very small drone. It handles very well in the wind and has very good pictures, it’s your sd card slot and you have your micro, sd and then open this up and you have your battery compartment. Let’S get it out. You know you have your bed right here. 31 minute de zbor timp, which that is very impressive for this little drone. It is very quiet, um right here, your power button, and then you have vents and you actually, instead of like the mini one it these vents right here then do anything. These ones actually work and they go to the motor to cool it down so yeah that’s about it on this drum and now let’s go fly out. Take you guys with me so yeah, Muzica, aplauze, Muzica, Bine, hope you guys like that little drone, montage and um. This will be the end of the video, so yeah make sure to like and subscribe and turn on post notifications.

So you guys get all my recent videos and remember i’ll, be posting a lot so make sure you definitely try my post notifications and yeah.