Hi i'm paul from dronegate.com and in this video we're, taking a look at all the rumored specs photos and so on. Regarding the new dji fpv drone everything in great detail, the leak happened on twitter by osita lv, which is someone who has leaked a lot of dj drones in the past. His sorts of unofficial dji jones liquor. If you are to ask me he's, also an official dj pilot, so it makes sense i'm going to quickly cover the basics of fpv. So everybody is on the same level now and then go into great detail about the dji fpv drone itself and what changes it brings to the market. Fpv stands for first person view and is basically a very powerful brushless drone that can be operated by using goggles or an fpv monitor. You can also mount a gopro or camera on it and you can get some really stunning cinematic footage like nothing. You can do with any dji mavic for sure now. Why would dji make an fpv rule? Dji has been in the fpv market for a while now, with the release of their fpv goggles and digital camera system. They have revolutionized the fpv world with a stunning digital image quality and no lag having already dipped their toes into the multi million dollar hobby. They got the experience and funds to make a perfect fpv drone and enable less tech. Savvy people to get in the hobby, size and weight is a very important factor for drones in general and especially for fpv rooms.

But this time the drone looks quite bulky. Cu toate acestea, keep in mind that it also replaces the standard gopro you see on typical drones, along with the battery and such more on that later, in the first picture, we can see the joints box even alongside the dji fpv goggles, which is really amazing, because we can Now actually calculate the size of the drone, as we have a point of reference, we know that the goggles are 195 de 155 millimeters in front. If we enter all this data in a size, calculator tool, we can see some approximations in regards to what the actual drone size might be. As a heads up, i got the idea to actually 3d print the entire drone and make them all myself to see what it might look like in real life. So make sure you subscribe. If you want to see that video soon as we can see in this image, the drone is about 288 meters wide and about 220 in length. It has a slightly protruding nose with the camera cover right. There it's about 73 millimeters thick in the middle and 353 millimeters from motor to motor diagonally i'm, counting the edges for that in the second photo we can see it from a front perspective. We know the motor size from previously being about 36 millimeters wide. If we had to compare the rest of the drone to this motor size, we get the following a size of about 150 millimeters tall in the front part of the body around 173 millimeters from the bottom to the top of the drone.

Apropo, i will have all this data, and even new specs and images that will leak after this video is released in an article down in the description so check it out and bookmark it to be in touch with the subject and know when it gets Released you will also have access to all the photos there. If you want to see them or download them. We cannotice that in the first picture it has a partially transparent canopy, probably to have a better look at the inside of the drone. It could also just be the part that you can easily remove for inside access. In case anything happens. If we look closer, we can see a circular object in the middle at first. I thought that could be a cooler of some sort and it could be. Cu toate acestea, i'm thinking it's a high probability for it to be a gps module, which is something you really don't see on fpv drones, but could be super useful for implementing a return to home technology on the new dji fv drone. This could be a game changing, as it would mean way less situations where you lose signal and the drone with it. It could hover in place or return to home or something you can also notice the front gimbal cover for what has to be a moving camera. An interesting feature that i cannotice is the shape of the canopy behind the motors having a tier shape, probably made so for better aerodynamic flight i'm, really expecting dji to surprise us with some insane battery life here.

Considering most fpv, drones can fly for about 5 minute. In the second picture, we can see the drone in close up stickers on it, probably for testing. We can also see four led strips alongside the arms, as well as four leds in the back of the arms themselves, and the motor is being slightly tilted backwards, probably for a more efficient drag when it comes to the drone flying forward at high speeds. The third picture is where the things are going even stronger, it's, a picture of the outside of the box, this meaning the goggles. What looks like the new fpv controller and the drone from a front perspective, you're welcomed by a bit of a shocking image, as you wouldn't expect an fpv racing drone to be so bulky, but consider that the gm might have made this drone for cinematic fpv. Not for freestyle fpv, the main camera looks like it's on some sort of a gimbal. It could be a two axis one, but it certainly looks like it's fixed in spot by lateral part, which could be a model for turning it up or down depending on where you want to look. It could also be a just a servo which still means it's. Quite revolutionary in the hobby so tilting the camera, while in the air already brings a lot to the table. What would the resolution be and how good of a camera is? This let's see what this drone is actually trying to replace on the market, currently having a setup with an expensive gopro on top which delivers stunning fpv cinematics, like no other drone ever could this means i wouldn't expect from dji to have anything else, but a super Stable camera in front that also doubles as an fpv camera, but how is the stabilization going to be handled most probably through electronic image? Stabilization combined? Maybe with a physical optical image.

Stabilization like we see in some high end dslr cameras. There was actually a pattern filled by dgi somewhere in brazil. I think that i have mentioned in my mavic 3 article on the sitedronesgator.com, and those could have just as well been for this drone, so it won't have a 3 axis stabilized gimbal, because that would turn it into another mavic. Just simply wouldn't be able to capture that plane like racing feeling now, with the camera recording 4k i'm, expecting the camera to record in 4k 60 fps, because this drone just wouldn't make sense if the camera wouldn't be on par or even better than any gopro out There, this is what osita lv is also sharing on his twitter, saying it's, a 4k 60p camera what's more interesting about this drone is that it looks like it has two obstacle avoidance sensors in front, which makes it really unique once again in the world of fpv Rooms, it could be used for obstacle avoidance, but it's really hard to do that at high speeds, mainly because you need a very fast processor to calculate all the data and then give commands to the drone. But it could be that it works as a way to stop the drone in case. Any obstacle is in front of it and they might work only at a certain speed, knowing the gi. They probably also have a bottom facing sensors for a smoother landing, as this is another way, dji will probably revolutionize the fpv drone world yet again having an fpv drone that can land smoothly without any crashes and, most importantly by itself, the new controller looks a lot Like an xbox controller or something similar to the beta fpv light 2 one and has an expandable antenna at the top on the inside of the arms, you can see two empty spaces in the shape of the sticks, made, Desigur, desigur, to hold the sticks for easiest Transport, something dj was doing for a few years now, i'm, expecting some switches or buttons at the top of the controller too.

In terms of batteries, we don't have any actual links or information, so far, i'm, certainly not expecting from dji to match what's currently on the market, but rather how to do all the competition. We do have something that occita lv said on this tweet in terms of specs is that the drone will work with a 6s battery, which is one of the strongest currently on the market. I'M, expecting dji could make a 4s version that might last longer but fly a bit smoother just for cinematic effect, i'm. Expecting this drone to fly anywhere between 10 şi 20 minute, depending on how fast you fly, but i do see dji making an fpv drone that can fly close to 20 minutes and that is way above the current fpv standards of about 6 minutes or so and By the way, leave a comment down below and tell me what you think about this new drone: do you love it or do you think it might just be too expensive? As you can see on the main box, it says dji fv combo, so what we're? Looking at is the alternative of the fly more combo that's, what we've been used to so far from dji you're, getting the fpv goggles, the new controller and the drone itself most certainly some other accessories like batteries and such the moment this drone is released. I will leave down in the description links to it also links to its accessories to see what you can buy for it.

The normal package could contain either the drone by itself with the controller being sold separately, but i kind of doubt that since i don't expect it working with any other transmitters like standard fpv ones, you know using a tyranis or this fr sky one. I have right here so the standard package would be the drone by itself with the transmitter and probably just one battery. This would be perfect for people who already have the fpv goggles from previously. This drone is mainly for people who wanted to get into fpv flying, but weren't too keen on the complexity of the current fpv hopping, although some, like it it's perfect for cinematographers, who wanted to take some special shots and who were bored of the stable gps, steady Shots of the mavics and wanting more thrill. That would be me and the next video is going to cover all the ways in which this new dj fever drone is going to revolutionize completely the fpv hobby, oh and i'm, also going to try to design and 3d print a copy of this drone. Since we already have photos and some dimensions for it, that is definitely going to be an interesting video, so you shouldn't miss it. It is also going to take a lot of work as for the release date, i know it might sound impossible for it to be released in 2020, as the new dji mini 2 was released not long ago, but don't be so sure we got so many leaked Photos now for a few months, i think we might actually get this drone not only this year, but in a week or two.

There has also been confirmation that dji is actually sending some products to the manufacturers to test out if, by the time, you're watching this video. I have also made other videos like the one where i print the drone right here or the one where i cover all the ways it will revolutionize the fpv hobby right here. Then you can click on them. I highly suggest you do that.