Thank all of them for making. So many awesome opportunities happen and we'd also like to thank all of you guys for making rotary possible this channel couldn't exist without all of you guys supporting us by watching the channel eyes shopping in our store for all the drone parts that you need. Deci, thank you for making rotor Ryan a thing. We love getting to do this and we can't wait for everything that the next year has in store. On that note, we thought that the best way to end this year is with a community spotlight episode, which we haven't done in a long time where we find awesome, fpv clips and share them with you guys, because there's so much amazing FPV content out there and We want to share the love, so let's get right into it. Our first category is sick tricks and rips. So these are some videos that feature either one really awesome trick or a couple of cool tricks. This is window washer fpv and we featured this pilot on community spotlight before. In fact he used to go by a different pilot handle. He was doing a lot of this. What I like to call building dancing, usually buildings with a lot of glass windows. Deci, one time when we featured him, I said ah man he should change his name to window washer FPV and he actually did he's like what washington windows all the time yeah. He called. Oh sure this is window.

Washer yeah that's a good pilot man and he's still killing it with this same building, dancing style. I love seeing how he can take a pretty simple obstacle: it's just a wall and make a lot of different moves out of that one element. De asemenea, at the time of recording this video, he has 1.99, the husband subscribers he's so close to two so make sure to check his channel out and help him get over. Că 2000 subscriber mark a link to his channel and all pilus channels featured in this community. Spotlight will, Desigur, desigur, be in the description here. We got Chris wind, acest video, I love because it has a really polished. Look in that he's got just the perfect amount of motion blur he's got a nice color grade on it. He'S got a really cool song. He'S chosen, but it's actually just a like a one, take raw line and it's a really exciting line the whole time he's getting a lot of good flow in he's, exploring a really expansive area and it's just it's. Just a good captivating watch polish packageand I really like thisis a sick, rib Cola FPV. I really like his Walt rides. I I'm not exactly sure how he's doing such long rides on the wall. I almost think he must be using a really high up tilt, oh and that chef died was sick. This is just such a cool, abandoned building location, I believe in Quebec, yes to bando and come back and he's tearing it up so inside he's.

Getting that tight proximity stuff and when he's outside he's getting that really high speed wall ride action that I just love so much last video in this category is by basic flies check out this Mady flip in this banda. That was so cool in the description. He explains that he was really proud of this of this run, but that his GoPro was broken and his SD card was corrupted. So all he was left with was the DVR, and I wanted to include this because that happens every one and it's so frustrating when your best run doesn't get recorded on the high def camera, but I'm glad that he shared it anyway, because he is tearing it Up so just keep ripping this one up, what a cool spot I want to fly this one out. Our next category is firsts. These are videos that I wanted to recognize, where someone's doing something for the first time, they're sharing their growth and evolution in this sport and that's awesome, Mal's n. Our hope I said that right now is on our fpv by the way, numai 11 scribers, this guy's very new he's, so new that this is the first video he's ever posted and also this is his first time diving, a building and he's doing a great job. Another reason that I really wanted the spotlight this is that he's doing building dives the right way. This is at a remote location, there's. Clar, no one below him.

All risk has been mitigated so I'm really happy to see a new pilot pushing themselves, but still being very responsible with it. You can push the limits and do epic stuff, while still being responsible and mitigating risk. So I also love this raw part of the experience when it lands, and you see him like, like we've, all felt that when we're pushing the limits, so thanks mal Zen art for sharing that experience in such an honest way and doing it in your first ever Youtube video that's awesome Eduardo Zayn only 48 subscribers in this video he's sharing his first ever Maddy flip, which is one of my favorite tricks. The Maddy flip is a pretty advanced trick. It'S, like a reverse power loop. You go over something and then push back through it and to take it to the next level, he's doing it at a pretty crazy spot. He calls it a rusty, bando, so really exciting, to see someone pushing themselves at an epic location and for a first Maddy, flip dude. That was good job, and this last one for first, is a little bit different of a first. This is Ryan Tim's. Primul, ever TV gig, so Ryan is getting to use his FPV skills to film for a TV show, Cred că., called Caesars recruit takes place in Asia, and this is like a reel of the b roll that he captured for the TV show it's mixed with dialogue From the showand although I don't know anything about the show, I don't think it plays in America but it's getting to do a lot of car chasing and fly in cities and it's really awesome to see FPV being used in more mainstream media and that a Pilot in our community, who does racing and does freestyle, is getting to do that so great job Ryan, on your first TV gig, and I hope you get a lot more gigs in the future wan na pause for a quick second, because this video is brought to You by quad box, so one of the pilots that we're featuring in this community spotlight we're gon na, send you a quad box.

You don't know what quad box is it's a monthly subscription box. Every month you get a box of fpv goodies, a cool t, shirt, a tool, a drone part lots of fun stuff. The December quad box actually featured a full set of these new 6s version of the blaster motor, so that was a pretty cool box and I think January's gon na be pretty good too. So one of the pilots that we are featuring here is going to receive January's quad box on us all right, let's get to the next category, which is always a favorite location, location location. So these are not just cool locations that someone's getting to fly it, but it's that person making the most of that location and doing something really great with it. So first up we got Florian l'p really getting to fly a French castle and what's extra cool is that there are like race gates, set up so it's. This fun mix of drone racing elements and historic architecture, beautiful landscapes, he's, exploring the whole area and flooring is just a great pilot. So love this video this moment where he gets to fly with the birds that just that's awesome, oh and then he's like going between the features of the rooftop there's a lot of good moments in this video Patrick's FPV. So this is really unique. Patrick'S has posted a lot of videos where he is flying from this large. I believe that he works on this barge and gets to fly from the boat, pretty often it's, just a really unique experience that he's sharing with us, because he's just out at sea there's.

Nothing to be seen on the horizon for miles the aesthetic of this video is just really unique in that, like the horizon, almost disappeared, you can't see where the sea ends and the sky begins, but you see the texture of the water, and you see this giant Boat almost just floating in this endless space, and then you also get to see a little bit of Patrick's and selfie orbits himself standing on one of the boats balconies. You should check out his channel there's, actually another one of these boat videos where he encounters some dolphins and that's really cool. I ended up showing this one because I think just to put the fog and the way the horizon disappears. It it's the prettiest one that I saw Patrick's. I would actually love to see a vlog from you about your experience working on a ship and getting to fly from the ship it's something you're into doing be pretty cool to see that our last up in the locations category we've got D wreck fpb. I love Derek. He has been involved with rotor right in various ways for a long time now he is an awesome dude and in this video he sets out with, as she says, one single goal to inverted orbit or, as I like, to call a trippy spin around a waterfall. What that's that's a really really aspirational challenge, and this is just such a gorgeous waterfall, you can see on both sides of the waterfall it's gon na be wide open, but then yeah there's, a cliff behind one side, so you're gon na have to hold your orbit Very close to the stream of water, he kind of shows the whole process and you can kind of get a sense for how he's freaking out and you see the bailouts and you can relate and then finally, on third try and nails it and it's.

So sick, it's so sick. That is something I would love to get to do someday great job Derek our next category is young rippers. So these are young fpv, Piloţi, the future pro fpv racers and freestylers, and it's just really cool to see such young people getting into fpv because it is, it is a complicated hobby and sport to be able to build and tune and pilot. These things takes a lot of skill that too fpv is only nine years old and a lot of his videos are more focused on racing. So if you visit his channel again link in the description to all the channels were featuring, you can see a lot of him practicing racing and you can keep up with the improvement, but in this video he's doing a little more freestyle. So you know that's the one that we had to feature here, because we love freestyle, so yeah he's just got a really solid foundation for flying at such a young age and that's so exciting to seeand I really hope that he sticks with it and continues To develop his skills because he could grow up and be a really really good pilot. Gunwoo fpv is only 15 years old and he's only been flying for one year and look at some of the crazy stuff. This dude does this die? Oh, my gosh that's, so crazy. This young dude is going to really cool spot and tearing it up this I'm so jealous of the spot.

Where is that I think it's Korea yeah? I want to go to Korea just to tear up this building. This is so cool and then he could dive into the look at that. The whole thing you can dive inside the whole building that's, so epic, dude it's, so epic stick with it gun woo. The last young Ripper that we're featuring is bubby FPV, we've featured him before, and the first time he ever made a vlog and when I'm really excited to see is he's kept up with the vlogging and man. The improvement is so impressive, he's. So much more comfortable. Talking to the camera, and in this video that we are featuring, he is actually taking on doing a trick. Tutorial and I've always said that doing trick. Tutorials provides a great format for doing a video. It pushes you as the video creator to actually have to convey specific information and explain something and fully do it in a creative way, and the viewer actually gets the benefit of getting to learn something and improve their own skills as a result of watching your videos. So I'm, just so pleased to see that bubby has not only stuck with pushing himself as an fpv pilot, but also as a video maker and is doing tutorials stuff now, and he explains it pretty well. He'S got the stick overlay, so you can see what he's doing and he's doing the trick which, apropo, this is a tough trick.

That mentions only 14 de ani, awesome stuff Bobby. Please keep making videos like this. Our final category for this community spotlight is such cinema, even though, here at rota right, we mostly do freestyle. We love this cinematic aspect of fpv drones because it's just such a unique camera platform, so let's take a look at what some of these pilots are doing. Primul, up we've got that flying Ryan in a video titled fpv plus tennis equals amazingness, and this is kind of like a 1 takes in a web video. And what I like is that he starts with the establishment showing like a Country Club golf course situation and then comes into the tennis court and then starts going back and forth with the players mixing in slow mo and sound effects and it's just a unique video. I don't think I've seen a cinema tennis video before I will say that the whole time watching this video I kept hoping that the tennis ball would end up hitting the drone. You could have made that hat man. I would have taken it to the next level, but this is a really cool video. This video is by East speedy. This guy is so talented. We featured him before I've met him several times, he's a really great guy too, and this video is just it's like a super edit. What looks like an awesome vacation in Colombia, he's getting to chase waves and surfers on waves and fly through cliff valleys and chase people jumping off those cliffs in the waters? Just a really great high energy, bun, vibes, video and it just makes you want to beat it.

I like, I want to go to Columbia and cliff jump that looks so fun. De asemenea, I like how he's mixing in like handheld shots, and you can't always tell immediately if it's the handheld shot or a drone shot so it's, not just about the drone flying he's, just making good video clips this next video by mr. G seeks is another exploration Of an awesome place, this is a tour of Cora Kola island in Croatia and it's, just so creative what he does throughout the whole video. He starts with this top down shot that like cuts to the what looks like a jump down and he's using transitions and zooms in like really creative way and, Desigur, desigur, mixing in FPV flying. And I just love like the fast pace and the cool transitions and the beautiful scenery island exploration in 60 secunde, it's really cool, but this is just like a really jam, packed 60. Al doilea, video kind of feel, as the viewer like you're thrown into this right from the start, with that drop down and you're, just rushing through the island, seeing all the scenery and then you're out of it 60 seconds in the last video for this category. And for this community spotlight is by the one and only fin key, we featured this guy so many times he is so awesome and what's really cool about this. Video is he's showing behind the scenes of his life as a professional, FPV.

Drone pilot coolest part of this video is because he shows you the behind the scenes of this choreographed flight in a martial arts facility and it's so cool, to see the different perspectives of this video because, in the end result people are appearing out of nowhere. He times the camera and the people coming in and out of scenes so that people are just seemingly appearing and disappearing. But then, when you watch what's actually going on and how well timed it is, and people are playing to the angle and doing things like getting the drone to land on the head of one of the fighters and how someone snuck up from behind grabbed it and Held it on his head for that perspective, this shows so many creative uses of the Sinhala flying. Îmi place acest. Oh, Doamne. It is just so cool to see how well thought out this is. This is taking Cinna what flying to the next level, so that is going to do it for this episode of community spotlight. I really hope that you guys check out all of the pilots and video makers that we featured here links in the description to everyone. They'Re all super talented and some of them have very little subscribers. They deserve your attention. We'Re gon na pick out one of these pilots and give them a quad box, I'm gon na go ahead and pick basic flies. I just thought that was a really cool and OH run love the freestyle love the variety of tricks, and I know I showed his clip that was just DVR cuz, the the crashed GoPro but check out his channel, because he's got a lot of other great edits That are in full HD, he's, super talented, so basic flies.

Hope you enjoy your quad box happy new years, everybody I'm so excited for what 2020 holds. We really appreciate your support all this year and look forward to everything that we're gon na do together in the coming year, I'm LeDrewand this has been community spotlightApplause Music. Apropo. Every time we make one of these episodes, someone comments on the earPod.