YouTube de aur 2020 (S3 E3) BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN: Mining Crew Hunt For Alberta Gold! | RC AVENTURI

You can see. I brought my friend with me, the shadow, because he's gon na be able to do some mining with me. At least he has arms, say hi shadow. There it is, I also have with me crazy Bob in the background, although he does not have any arms he does make for […]

YouTube de aur 2020 – KOBELCO ON RETAiNER, PREPPiNG the MINE-SiTE for GOLDS3 Ep. 2 | RC AVENTURI

Bob, if you're up for it hey how about this crazy Bob hey. What do you think yeah you like it? Maybe we should give you a trim. I know what's missing. I told you Bob. If you're gon na work here, you got ta get yourself a goddamn haircut, that's, looking much better, anybody […]