LDARC Tiny 6X SeriesEASIEST Ready to Fly FPV Racer – Revizuire, LOS, and Flight Test

Do it with a tiny 6 X model there's a new series of these tiny 6, 7 şi 8. That came out, and I have the 6 version here so it's around 60 millimeters, and it has a 1s battery on here very simple, to charge these up and get these going. The nicest thing […]

EMAX TINYHAWK RTFWATCH BEFORE YOU BUY – Honest Review, Zboruri, Pro-uri & Contra

BEST Fpv drone for rookies? – Trustworthy evaluate and comparability to the BNF mannequin. Trustworthy feedback on the brand new transmitter and bundle. Discover out what's best for you earlier than you spend the money. Purchase the EMAX Tinyhawk RTF beneath : Emax Web site, Use Coupon Code : UQN6LCEEMQMY Hyperlink right here : Banggood […]

Mobula7 Killer? – Tiny GT7 2S WhoopMOST DURABLE WHOOP – Honest Review

The Tiny GT7 is the toughest 2S whoop in the hobby right now. Hard tested in a playground. Honest review and flight tests. See how it compares to the Mobula7Buy the LDARC Tiny GT7 Link here : Codul promoţional : IBXPXH192H Buy the LDARC Tiny GT8 Link here : Codul promoţional : IBXPXH192H Buy […]

Happymodel Mobula7 – 1 STAR sau 5 STAR? – HONEST REVIEW

Does the Mobula7 live up to the hype? See the honest truth about the Mobula7. Complete review with bench overview and flights. Finish up with a sober star rating of this popular quad. Buy the Mobula7 below Limited $79 price at Gearbest : Codul promoţional : IBXPXH192H Buy the Mobula7 from Banggood here : Recomandat […]

Eachine US65 VS QX65 – PERIAT SAU FĂRĂ PERII? – Ce este mai bine?

US65 VS QX65. Brushled or Brushless indoors? Care este mai bună? What to start with as a beginner and why. See examples of both quads. Honest review by Drone Camps RC. Buy the Eachine QX65 with Frsky Rx Link here : Buy the Eachine QX65 with DSMX Rx Link here : Buy the Eachine QX65 with […]