This quad is crazy. This is a micro brushless running 6s on board and success. Rated motors from HG LRC it's, the hdl c parrot 132 super beasty, Greu, one hundred and thirty, two millimeter wheelbase with a 16 de 16 controler de zbor, mount 2.5 millimeter unibody on the bottom, and we have a pretty […]

FREESTYLE FPV TRAINERSkystars Piper 105mm Toothpick – REVIEW FULL & BILETE ?

This is a xm version. They have made some changing with extra bracing in the frame, so it's gon na make it fly even better. If you decide to get it, so mine is the original prototype, as you see here with no bracing, it also has a TPU mount on here that they have […]

I LOVE IT! – Happymodel Larva-X HD – REVIZUIRE & BILETE

Azi, we're gon na review the larva xhd let's open it up and check it out. It has the cat X baby turtle on board getting 1080p at 60 cadre pe secundă, which is pretty sweet. 2. 3 s battery tons of extras in the box. You get some extra 3 inch props in here […]