ITS TiME FOR WAR! Truck against Vehicle, Machine against Equipment. DRIVER vs VEHICLE DRIVER! The Timeless Tug of War is a group favourite. and a favourite of mine! See as these vehicles contest versus each other and see who will certainly be the supreme Tug of War Champ! Abonati-va & "Ring the Bell" ► " […]

TTC 2018 – EPS. 3 “THE JUDGE” Greutate sanie / Tractor PULL | RC AVENTURI

This competitors remains in complete result now. Episod 3 is everything about the JUDGE! This impressive sled has actually pulled more RC trucks than any type of various other sled in background! For several years this beast hsa pulled time and time again. and today we even get to see a lot of exhibit draws! […]

TTC 2018 EPS 2 – SWAMP RUN – Scala 4×4 camion provocare | RC AVENTURI

#RUDEBOYZRC #TTC # 2018 Scents Like a Swamp! You Know WHY? Because its a FRiGGEN SWAMP! These 1/10th scale vehicles are being pushed to the limit in muskeg and bog land. Tested on precarious edges, and peat bogs that intend to suck them down permanentlythese drivers are matched against limited entrances, axle wall […]

TTC 2018 EPS. 1 – BRUTAL HiLL CLiMB – Scala 4×4 camion provocare | RC AVENTURI

Persoanele colecta de peste tot pentru a examina lor puternic 4×4 unelte împotriva unui deal brutal urca. Clasicul, as well as Annual #RudeBoyzRCClub "STTC" (Gama de top vehicul Challenge) este în cele din urmă AICI, și este ambalat încărcat cu Radio Control Leisure activitate de acțiune. Acesta este al 9-lea an de filmare #tinytrucks la locul de muncă – matched versus […]