În cele din urmă, a 6s freestyle or racing toothpick 5 inch under 250 g from beta fpv we're, going to review this one today and i'm not going to go easy on it. We'Re going to fly it on 6s full throttle we're going to do some crazy freestyle with this quad. It does not have any […]


This company has been making micro brushless since the very dawn of the micro brushless Kingdom on my channel, so guys these guys are not new to making sub 100 millimeter quad frames and vine and flies for you guys. So this is new. It is a new sort of injection molded type of frame. […]

BEST BEGINNER DRONE for $80!!! – Eachine UZ65 Brushless Drone – REVIZUIRE & BILETE

Here it is up to 100 milliwatt on the video transmitter. It is a 1s 300 milliamp little brushless whoop and it does have 0.802 motors on here 19000 Kv. It does have a pretty durable frame. I did hit some concrete with it and i don't have any broken struts in here, care este […]

Happymodel Mobula6 X2 GIVEAWAY!!! – ENTER TO WIN A FREE DRONE ?

Welcome back to my channel today, I'm excited because we're going to give away to mobile. Oh six is here from happy model. These were super popular on my channel's little 1s brushless woop that really rip. So if you want a chance to win either one of these, you have twice the chance coming […]

LIGHTEST 4K DRONE în lume? – Eachine Cinecan 4K drone – Revizuire & Zboruri

Cea mai ușoară dronă 4K? Drona Cinecaneachine poate profita 4k 30fps video, zbura treptat, or do wild freestyle methods. Rulează pe baterii 2S și 3S. This is likely to be the perfect flying Cinewhoop but with the perfect of each worlds. Purchase a Eachine Cinecan 4k Drone Banggood : Codul promoţional 7% Off : toyho […]

ALMOST TOO GOOD! – MOBULA 7 Versiune 2 – Revizuire, Zboruri, PIDuri, & Complete Setup

#happymodelmobula7 #mobula7v2 The Mobula 7 modelul 2 is right here with upgraded body and ESCs! Locations to Purchase the Mobula 7 Model 2 Primary Model (w/USB charger) : Customary Model (w/ 6 în 1 Încărcător ) : Eachine 1S 300mah Batteries : Eachine 6 în 1 Încărcător : Locations to purchase a Mobula7 HD : […]

NOW I AM HAPPY! – MOBULA7 HD – Honest Review, Zboruri, & Ghid de instalare

#mobula7hd #happymodel #cinemawhoop Locations to purchase a Mobula7 HD : ————————————————– Banggood : Banggood 10% Off coupon. Restrict 50. Code : 10M7 Expires 3/31 In Inventory on Amazon : Authentic Mobula7 on Amazon : Gearbest : Purchase a BETAFpv 85X right here : Hyperlink to Nick Burns CLI DUMP File : ▼- FI PRIETENUL MEU […]

DECI SLICK! – DTS GT200 Fpv cursa Quad – Honest Review, Zboruri, & Înființat

Tremendous slick DTS GT200 Fpv Race Quad Overview. Line of sight flight, fpv flights, Prezentare generală, and Betaflight setup. Purchase the DTS GT200 BNF Fpv Race Quad : $295 Gearbest : Banggood : ▼- FI PRIETENUL MEU: Assist me on Patreon GET Entered to WIN SWAG'FEST Giveaways! Hyperlink-ul chiar aici : ▼- CANAL DE TABERE TRÂNTOR DE MEMBRU […]

REGELE HUIDUIELILOR – BETAFPV 85X – Honest Review, Zboruri, & Betaflight instalare

King of Cine'Whoops. New Betafpv 85X sincere overview and flight assessments. Zboruri, baterie, and prop testing for the perfect video outcomes. Betaflight setup and suggestions after the overview. Betafpv 85X Web site : Hyperlinks to the perfect of 2019 drones under : #1——— Purchase a Happymodel MOBULA7 75mm Fpv Race Drone Purchase at Banggood : […]

MY Favorite FPV Accessory ???

Convertible FPV backpack / chair. In my view that is higher than the identify model $200 backpacks on the market. Plus it's a chair and $99. Excelent! Take a look at the $99 Chair-Pak under : Hyperlink-ul chiar aici : 10% Off Coupon Code : twansfpv10 ▼- FI PRIETENUL MEU: Help me on Patreon GET […]

DIY BEGINNER’S GUIDE to 3D Printed Drones

Newbie's video to 3d printing fpv race drones by Justin Davis of Drone Camps RC. The entire multi functional information with flying examples included. Really useful Printers and Hyperlinks beneath : Creality Ender three Printer $199 Gearbest : $199 Banggood : Creality CR-10 Printer $359 @ Gearbest : Creality CR10 S5 Giant 500x500x500 Printer Gearbest […]

INCEPATOR LA PRO – Diatone R239 R90 – Honest Review, Înființat, 3.5.5 PIDURI, & Zboruri

Tabere de trântor până la data pagina pentru Diatone R239 R90 cu noi Betaflight 3.5.5 Ton de PID. See the way it flies with the newest updated Betaflight on 3S. Excellent quad for newbies! Purchase the Diatone R239 R90 2" Quad $109 Banggood : Salvați 7% off use Coupon Code : toyho Gearbest : Make it […]