I want to share with you a little bit about this vehicle, the brand and who its for and then stay tuned till the end to see my experience driving it and my experience in off road rally mode Music. Rivian follows a very similar mission to tesla, which is to help transition the world towards sustainable energy rivians, putting a lot of weight into the concept of adventure. The idea that electric vehicles are great for the planet and mother nature so use them to enjoy mother nature and theyre building vehicles, to really empower you to adventure more and go off the beaten path. Now the rivian r1t has an epa estimate of 314 miles and it starts at about 67 500. It features quad motors a 0 60 time in three seconds. A towing capacity of up to 11 000 pounds a weighting depth of three feet. It has lte wi fi capability, bluetooth, wireless chargers, six usb outlets, four 120 volt outlets and amazon voice commands the truck comes equipped with a lot of tech. Hardware such as 11 cameras, 5 radars, 12, ultrasonic, sensors and a 360 degree field of vision. Now, as far as measurements, this truck is 217 inches long, which isnt quite as long as a ford, f, 150 super cab, but its longer than a ford, ranger, now rivian being a startup of course, had to rethink the standard truck. So i want to call out some really cool features that i found to be really different about this truck than any other truck that i have ever seen.

Lets start with the r1ts claim to fame a special compartment known as the gear tunnel, its a storage tunnel that runs through the width of the vehicle in between the rear seats and the bed. This tunnel has lights and two 120 volt outlets that make storing things. Like surfboards golf clubs and even people – yes, i could fit inside, but also the gear tunnel. Doors can actually support up to 250 pounds, so you can use it to sit on or stand on to load things onto the roof or in the bed or just climb into the bed very convenient. Not only that, but rivien has built accessories specifically made for this gear tunnel, while riding around my bag slid from one side of the tunnel to the other. Upon exiting the vehicle, i could not reach the bag from the same side. I put it in from, however, with this shuttle sled system. It easily enables you to be able to pull it out on this drawer. Not only does that make it super convenient for getting things out, but the possibilities are endless to how you could organize this. For your purposes, especially with built in power, i ideally a contractor could have all of their power tools ready to go on this pull out drawer and everything fully charged now. Rivian wants you to use the gear tunnel shuttle with their camp kitchen. Yes, they have a mobile bespoke kitchen, which includes a titanium 30 piece kitchen set from snow peak, two burner, induction cooktop and a removable sink an extended hose for the sink and for hosing.

Whatever else you want off now, while rivian doesnt tout the largest bed in a truck its measuring in at just over 54 inches, it is extremely versatile. Their truck bed has a built in air compressor. It also has a lock, cable and locking system to secure down your valuables, that, if its messed with it activates their camera system and then for double the security they offer a powered tenno cover that further helps protect your valuables. Now the bottom of the bed does contain a full size spare and when its removed, it can function as a cooler with a drain for essentially the best tailgating experience. Now the right side of the bed has two 120 volt outlets as well. The tailgate drops down to extend the bed from 54 inches to about 84 inches. There are plenty of cargo tie downs and they have a very functional cargo crossbar for purchase. That was very impressive to see just how easily it can be installed by just one person, not only that but their telescoping, so they can be used on the bed or on the roof of the r1t, and it allows it to be easily stored anywhere in the Truck now remember how i said that rivien is all about that adventure, lifestyle, hence the kitchen, well whats, a kitchen without somewhere to sleep. Rivien also has what i thought was really cool its a tent in partnership with yakima. It easily mounts to the top of the bed and is easy to fold and store.

Now i found it to be super roomy and airy, and it has a two and a half inch thick wall to wall foam. Mattress, the more and more i saw the truck the more i started to get excited at how fun and practical this vehicle could be to just take off the grid like any electric vehicle. The lack of an engine allows room for more storage and boy. Does rivien love utilizing every nook and cranny, starting with the frunk, which is large enough for a 10 160 pound guy dont. Ask me how i know i may have experimented and the frunk is also powered its a powered lift which can be triggered from the key fob, an app or a button hidden in the front. The doors have a similar tesla model s self, presenting handles and upon entering, you are greeted with what i felt was a very attention to detail: beautiful interior from the wood on the dash to the dual screens: theres, a hidden bluetooth, speaker, theres, ventilated seats, theres, a Panoramic roof usb c ports behind the headrests, the stitching, the wireless charging, the etched rivian brand. In the wood i mean it was all just beautiful attentions to detail. On top of all that, youll find a screen in the rear seat that allows for climate control, its actually supports quad climate control and a pass through from the rear seats into the gear tunnel. Did i also mention that the rear windows roll down all the way, of course remember how rivien loves storage? Well, it continues to the inside theres storage, in the doors behind the seats in the center console theres a floor compartment between the driver and the passenger, but theres also storage, underneath the rear seats.

If you lift up the rear seats, there is storage in there as well, along with a meridian subwoofer for the sound system and, while were on this topic of storage, you remember the gear tunnel, doors, yeah, well, theres, storage in them as well and as an icing On the cake, you will find a flashlight in the drivers side door for those adventures when youre out in the wilderness. Now beauty is in the eye of the beholder and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i really like the traditional truck style mixed with some very rivien cues like the headlights and the cross led light across the front. I was gushing at the overall look and beauty of this truck with the attention to detail like their logo. The compass which can be found in so many places or even the pill shape that they use everywhere from the lights down to it being embossed on the truck bed. These small attentions to detail are typically found in high end brands. Now before i continue gushing about the look and design and attention to detail, this is a truck. I know that this is going to be a fun truck to have, but in the end it is a vehicle and it has to get you from point. A to point b, and so that brings us to the test drive now the course that we went on is mainly off roading and it ended with a 0 60 launch so lets dive into my experience, driving the rivian r1t and then im going to recline this Seat back a little bit, so you just got buttons right here on the side all right and were in off road mode.

Okay, steering wheel feels good. Okay, all right were good to go and at the end of this fence, line on the right were gon na turn around onto the ground, and then, when we get to that part, where were gon na go down, the steep part were just gon na make sure That we watch where we put our tires, but everything else is just follow the rods look at that its so like its so soft thats. What i was saying, oh look at the little like the little things coming up: the bushes Laughter, okay, i have never off roaded in my life by the way. So this is this is really fun. This is like a good teaser to off roading. Now going off road in the r1t is a whole lot of fun. You can hear it in my voice. One thing that was really cool was the ability to use the camera in the front of the vehicle to see on the screen, especially when you go over ledges. However, i was a little disappointed by the resolution on the screen. It didnt even seem to be 720p. It seemed almost like a 480p resolution, and it just it didnt do the site justice, especially as you came up on a hill, and you were overlooking its just kind of nice. If that was hd now, maybe that might be able to be improved on a software update, but as of right now, i definitely wanted to see that to be more high definition tires, so that it really helps to like place the tires exactly on him as im.

Turning the tire you can see it moving, so you know exactly. We did like crazy off roading in breckenridge in colorado yeah. This was the handiest part of the whole thing. Oh, my god, so you see that that rut there you see how theres a bump on the left stay inside of that bump on the left is all okay. Yep perfect! Oh, my god like this comes in super handy because i cant even see in front, but i can see here at least like its not a cliff. Oh, my god were gon na go right. Were gon na, go right and go around this. You got olympic very nice good job, youre, doing good yeah. Oh, this is slick. You did okay and then just nice and slow were gon na. Go right through that goalie just follow the rest. Are we gon na get our after wow? I mean no. Its true were gon na come back around, so were going through this little yep dip in here nice and slow, because that thatll test the ground clearance a little bit very good crazy. Oh, it looks like your hood is gon na like get smashed, but it wow it handled it like a champ jesus and it really like. I think i went off roading one time in like high school and uh. I mean well from what i remember in that is. It was just like it was very rocky, and this just feels i dont know how you make off roading feel smooth, but this is definitely that yeah.

This is like luxury off roading, exactly okay, so we were on off road mode and then the off road mode does like. How is that different like if i were to do that in all purpose mode? How would that be different, um in off road mode? The the gas pedal gets a bit more sensitive, so you get a lot more travel to to be like. Okay, have really good resolution over what the pedal is doing. Thats a. I definitely felt that and then uh it puts it automatically into high ride height uh. It softens the dampers yeah, so it softens the dampers. It raises it um and then, in all purpose, its its just kind of in the middle, its the best of everything yeah yeah. But you can still do like all purpose high and you can keep that pedal map um but then theres, okay, a few other things behind the scenes: Music, um and then the and then conserve mode to probably im guessing drop it down yeah, it lowers it and It disconnects the rear, drive unit, so then youre down to a measly 430 horsepower easily yeah. Oh so, basically, it comes in just like a front wheel, drive front wheel, drive and it lowers for arrow and also to kind of flatten out the half shaft. So you get better power, train efficiency, whats, the whats, the range. Then, if youre going so right now i have 150 miles unconserved, but you itll itll actually show you live.

So if you go to you see it: oh yeah, it looks going on dry yeah. Oh its going up, it went from 152 to now 162., so it easily gave me 10 more miles, yeah and then off road again, like itll itll, be a little bit more. I think what you said was for a first time, uh off roading. This is like the best oh yeah. It feels like youre in cheat mode or something yes, thats exactly so easy. It really does, especially with the drive mode um, just easily being able to switch into off road and then having additional options when youre off road makes it so much easier. But i do see what people are saying is like when the windows are down yeah and youre, going off roading like youre, just hearing the crumbling of the rocks or nature and nature of the birds like im gon na raise you up here. Yeah cause were gon na, go up this hill, so they didnt even hear us. Oh up, oh yep, oh thats, a cool shot so its a little bit rutted out, so just go ahead and crawl. It up the hill were just leaving it an all purpose. We dont really need the off road mode for this. Oh wow Laughter, oh my god. Are you nuts and were not sliding all the way up? Yep dude, i cant see anything. The camera is heres the camera wow and then were gon na make this left and go right on down.

Oh geez, Music, no way this is sick and then im gon na put you just back at standard height just for fun and just follow the road. Okay. Whats a safe speed to go here i mean this is a safe speed. I was doing it at like 60 yesterday. No, no, you werent, really theres a ton of grip here. Oh my god, youre right holy! Yes, are you kidding me? You stay in the rut, though man i would have pushed it more like that. I was getting a little nervous, someone wasnt really pushing it. The truck is so capable. I promise you raj. You got two kids come on yeah i mean definitely do what youre comfortable with yeah. So even heres, we got tons of group yeah Music and then just make the right. Sorry guys. I just need it. I got ta test it. Man, the peoples got ta know they got ta know. Is this the truck? And so far this feels like the truck youve gone straight. I dont know how to best describe the feeling that it was to drive the r1t other than it made off roading easy. I always looked at off roading as being difficult, but this made it easy. It made it fun. The truck is quick, its fast. It grips where i thought i would slip easily by pushing the speed on loose, gravel and soft dirt it held, and to me im. No truck person and im no off roader, but thats, pretty important uh if im looking for a truck.

So i really like that, like listen, people will like hate on me for not being a truck driver. Ive had that before when i complained about like sizes of other trucks, but on my non truck driver experienced thing here, dude i should be slipping but im not slipping right. Can you just focus on driving? I am look at me: im driving both Music. This truck just handles it. This is supposed to be comfortable enough for anyone thats, not a truck driver. I i would 100 agree with that. I am not a truck driver and i dont do this kind of stuff, but this is damn fun yeah and on here i dont feel like its gon na slip or that im in danger it actually its performing really really well. Okay, then what happened? Next? Was we went into sport mode? It lowers the car, it activates all the motors and it was essentially a launch where you hold down the brake. You hold down the accelerate and then you let go of the brake, thus launching you at the top speed, which is promised to be 0 to 60 in three seconds um. Now my experience didnt really feel like three seconds. It felt more like five seconds when i went back and looked at the video and timed it on timestamps here check it out: okay, ready hold on to the steering wheel; okay, one two three: when do i stop whenever i feel comfortable? 75? Okay, okay, okay, go! Okay, wow, okay, that was pretty nice.

You could feel it hauling just like yeah and you feel like the wheels you dont feel any slip at all: thats all computers and magic, keeping the keeping the tires gripping on individual basis, the magic of the. Now, while i felt that the rivien was quick, as is any electric vehicle for the instant torque, i didnt feel like it was as quick as like a tesla, which is literally a launch. I mean it throws your head back. The rivien felt more of a ramp up if that makes any sense, but definitely not as quick as a tesla but still pretty decent and not everyone needs a launch. Go right. Go right, go right, yeah, see even in the rocks the gravel right, and i did that with one hand by the way the gravel like you should be slipping on and im sure also some of it is. These are really good tires that are on here. Theyre really good tires what size these tires were going to follow these guys down. They are 34 yeah. These are the 20s and follow this white truck, so i can see from like the top of the rear, fender all the way up to about the top of the the back window. So good visibility from here, you guys also have the sensors here somebodys in your blind spot, which is nice and then, while youre driving, you can always pop up the cameras and thatll. Show you your blind spots here i mean so do those are those only just focus on the tires, or will that show you? These are focused on the title.

Okay, but you should. I mean youd, probably be able to see if a car is there. I can see the blind spot, so you can also turn on the rear camera just by tapping that oh nice, but thatll come on uh automatically in reverse something called so just roll up nice and slow until you can see where youre going on the camera, because Youre not going to be able to see it through the windshield, oh my god, its like a cliff yeah. Exactly there, you go im just going to rock your brains out: oh, oh, my god, okay, so im just going straight down straight down and im, not on the accelerator right now, im just just letting it roll okay im gon na press on the brake a little Bit but this is steep whats, the whats, the uh, oh my god, the grade you wont hit anything youll, be good wow and then lets just pull right into the corral. Now on this drive, we tested all purpose mode. We tried off road mode and we tried sport mode for the 0 60 launch, but there was one more mode, which is the off road rally mode that required a different driver than myself check it out Laughter, look at the traction out of my feet. I got out of my seat. Wow offroad rally mode get out of here: attraction: okay, thats, it thats it lets, go, find your gopro, so heres the thing i loved how rivian thought about doing an electric truck.

I love the spirit of adventure. I love the add. Ons, the accessories, the craftsmanship of the vehicle and the tech thats underneath the hood, it performed well off the beaten path and will satisfy most when it comes to speed the areas i felt that could be improved like the ui of the display and the quality of The on display can be fixed through software updates. My only last concern is with an ev. You need to be able to charge now. Evs are awesome because you start every day with a full battery which is great for daily driving. But when you start considering road trips, you have to look at the third party infrastructure, which has been proven to not be the best experience with other evs. Now rivien is creating their own charging network, similar to how teslas have done called the rivian adventure network. Theyre. Projecting about 3 500 of these to be up by the end of 2023, so getting an r1t right now may be difficult to road trip in, but by 2023, its going to be easier because of a dedicated rivian charging network.