Could it be? Could it be that its a terrible idea and they havent figured out how to get it to open doors? Yet the new dystopian attack helicopter from ring burglars? Beware, because with ring oh um, this video is a breakdown of everything wrong with this utterly preposterous idea. Everything from security to practicality, to basically utter pointlessness and jeff bezos will be mocked from beginning to end. Why? Because he thinks hes got away with it. Jeff bezos is like. If i promote myself to chairman and go to space, no one will know that im still manipulating things from the moon bond villain. Why do people keep telling me hes not in charge anymore hes, the chairman? Just because him and his brother became space? Hippies doesnt mean hes not entirely culpable for all the terrible things amazon does, but i digress here are all of the reasons you shouldnt spend 250 books on this orwellian nightmare fuel, but first a word from our sponsors. Reginald. Are you bored of your job doing what i can only assume is emptying tiny toilets for small rodents. Well, thats, not your job! You look like thats your job. If you want to improve your lot in life, then data camp is an online learning platform that will help you build data skills at your own pace with interactive courses and hands on exercises, not those kind of exercises you moon, faced, half witted buffoon with no existing Skills required you could learn the fundamentals of python ah and sql today, and eventually build your very own skill for that newfangled talking whiz bag.

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If you read through rings, privacy policy, its full of weird things like a small number of video recordings, are viewed by our research and development team to improve rings products, services and technology. Why i mean what do they need to see it for? Why do they need to literally see whats on the feed to do their diagnostics and their development and their research, its just weird? It gets weirder, though they it actually gets weirder than that they go on to say we do not sell your video recordings. We share video recordings with other parties only in accordance with our privacy notice for a minute there i thought they were selling it theyre, just giving it away for free. Instead, what why do they need to give driveway footage to a third party company wait. What is the value of that and the little conspiracy theorist inside of me and hes tiny hes about this big hes, going what the hell? What what happened? Why is that happening? I dont whats happening Music and maybe all of the terms of service that ive been ticking over the years for my security cameras are giving away exactly those freedoms. I wouldnt know ive, never checked, but guess what none of those cameras are a helicopter Music. This is amazons official marketing material for the ring, always home cam. Oh no, no, oh! No! No! Oh! No hes, not gon na! Do that thats, not what hes gon na do hes gon na hit it really really bloody hard.

There goes your 250 pound camera, and now he doesnt need to go around your house disabling. All of your other cameras, because you bought into this genius concept that one camera can do it all if you just attach it to a helicopter pointless as part of my research for this video. I stumbled across this article from digital trends. Digital trends say well, a smart home eco system is i i dont know why im doing this accent just go with it. No matter the degree of panning and tilting that your home surveillance gear can muster a camera, is a stationary product relegated to only one room in your home unless you move it to another, if only there are a way to get eyes on the whole home without Investing in a fully fledged security system, you mean like perhaps having more than one camera you its like. The only solution in this guys mind to having more than one room in his house is to attach propellers to a camera made by one of the worst smart home manufacturers in the industry shut up with one of the worst reputations for security in case youre. Still scratching your head going, what is the solution? Paul just put more than one camera in your house and be able to see all rooms simultaneously instead of having to wait for a drone to travel between rooms, ridiculous, the camera is blinded when its in its stand. This is being touted as a security benefit.

Jeff bezos is basically saying people of earth. You can trust us with your privacy. Weve also blocked off the camera, because we cannot be trusted to be fair to ring. I think theyre just gon na try and alleviate the conspiracy theorists concerns by saying. Well, you know the camera is hidden when its in its base. It cant see you are they forgetting that it can do this? It could do that at any time. It makes no bloody difference whatsoever. All theyve done is reduce the functionality of the camera. A manual shutter on a camera is a good idea, particularly from a marketing perspective. When you know some of your audience are going to be paranoid and want to be able to put the shutter over the camera, i dont trust it. I dont trust you and the toaster needs to stop looking at me, but when youve buried your camera in three inches of plastic for 99 of its life, when it can just pop out whenever it feels like it, its just as ridiculous as making a spaceship in The shape of a massive ding dong, my spaceship does not look like a giant. Does it mark? No, it doesnt it cant even chase burglars to death. I i wanted to chase them to the ends of the earth, and i dont mean i want to chase them off a cliff, so they die. I want it to follow them until they die. I wanted to follow them into pubs being a little shame copter.

So, every time they go into a pub the shame, copter follows them and they sit down and all their mates go. Youve been out robin again, you useless hashtag shamecopter, totally going to crowdfund that people will buy it its 1080p. What century is this? Why is a 250 pound security camera only 1080p and theyve kept tight lipped about what the frame rate is, and this gives me grave concerns? If you imagine a camera, a security camera on your wall produces quite a bit of blurring from a person moving in front of it. Now imagine that the camera is also moving. I have a sneaking suspicion that this is actually going to produce really shoddy footage, and i havent tried it. I dont know this for a fact. All im saying is the fact that its only 1080p, which means theyve cheaped out on the optics of your 250 pound camera, suggests that maybe the tight lippedness surrounding the frame rate is for a reason. I think the reason is that theyre hoping youre gon na go. Oh, my god, its a drone. It has a flying time of just five minutes and takes two hours to charge five minutes on a two hour charge. Five minutes wont get it round my four bedroomed house, but dont worry. It can only do one floor. Why would a drone that can fly not be able to go up my stairs? What why might that be? Could it be? Is it time buy two of them? It has no two way talk functionality, which means you cant talk to your burglars.

You know that functionality that exists on almost every other, far cheaper camera, and it is noisy on purpose in a move that amazon are apparently calling privacy, you can hear hark my privacy wait a minute. No, if i can hear it thats the opposite of privacy. If i can hear it in my house, that means its come out of its stand when it shouldnt have done, and i can now hear the opposite of privacy. I can hear publicity Music, 250 bucks, 1080p five minute battery life cant go upstairs and its been produced by the same people that had to fire four members of staff for looking at your video feed. The camera only works whilst flying and it cant be remote controlled. So is there any points to this thing at all? I do like the look of it. I do very much like the idea of it just coming like cut out of my house, but then its going to be like five minute flight time exceeded. Returning to the dock, please dont rob the house, whilst i charge for the next two hours ill, buy one its a security drone and im an idiot, so definitely going to do it. I think probably those attack, robot dogs from black mirror are probably next were almost certainly doomed as a species, but those look cool doesnt it. I would urge you not to buy one until youve seen the reviews. I think you need to see for yourself just what 1080p footage looks like on a camera thats moving and experience through somebody else, the frustration of it not being able to go upstairs and basically just how pointless it is.

Overall, i will almost definitely buy one just to prove that to you, so if youre not subscribed already do that in the meantime, i hope youve enjoyed todays video. If you have please give it a thumbs up, thatll tell youtubes algorithms. It was a good video. The more people should see it if you want to see some more of this guy hit that subscribe button and ding that bell, if you ding the bell, it lets youtube know that you want to be notified when i upload videos. These incredible people here are my patrons from patreon and it will be their money that ill use to buy this thing when the time comes. They are my big support structure. Theyre. What make this channel happen? If you want to be one of those incredible people, you can do that at either patreon or buy me one off paypal and by the way ill flipping. Well with you forever. These are my facebooks and my twitters and my instagrams come and hang out there and we can be best friends. See you next time. Do i normally wink? I just? Why did i just wink corporate greed, corporate greed, corporate greed, corporate greed, corporate greed? If only there were a way to get eyes on the whole home without investing in a full fledged security system, not my best work Laughter, i cant stop doing the accent now.