So i was basically talking to myself not to say that i havent been talking to myself a lot of the times during these live streams, but anyway thats neither here nor here nor there. Okay, we have keep a couple here and hes been doing some decent work over the last while see hes even made it over a thousand subscribers. I like that, all right, one, two one, two one, two one, two one, two one: two, yes thats, better sound quality. So lets get straight into it if anybody, if anybody has been out with their drone and has even whipped it up for a few minutes, let me know, and then we can have a look at things because its not easy to get out in this weather. There are rain storms in nova, scotia, theres tornadoes in america, theres some u.s marines and that are getting theyre getting expelled from for not taking the covet vaccine thats. What i heard in the news today and even davilan youll know that being an ex member of the armed forces in the usa, so uh one two one: two, yes, please there yeah we get to your video very soon. Devlin is there and were very, very happy to see david um from new hampshire joining us. I hope youve had your vaccination. Okay lets check this. One out now keep a couple isnt. Even here yet hes late, kevin sullivan and laura are late anyway and if thats the case, why wouldnt i go on to someone elses video first, like mr red, mr red uk air, i dont know why i theres not much in that name.

Ah lets see lets say, lets see. Oh, it should pick it. Oh, my god lets see if it picks you up there. Oh, i did like picked you up. There im still not subscribed to you guys, like. I subscribed you yesterday the day before the day before that, and it seems to unblock me right and okay lets command our just just just to show you here, im going to command, or this say unsubscribed, so what is going on? There subscribed bell hit all notifications. Looking good and command or unsubscribes me, and that was me just refreshing my screen so i dont know. Is it something at your end or is it something at my end, you might want to look into that anyway. Ill just take a brief moment because i know thats an old one im getting there im getting there im looking at this one here. This is the one where you had a great little active track, probably done um manually, which is even better lets. Just make sure my thing looks the part yeah thats, not too bad weve got that we could move that over there and that even looks even better. All right so lets have a look at this lets. Listen to this message. Everyone lets listen to uncle Laughter im. Sorry, i got ta try and keep straight face for this lets see what message uncle lee has for us. The whole way from, i think manchester at least thats, where he was the other day and it was a good message.

Music. Everyone else welcome any journalist welcome. Have you got a new Music video? I dont end up drawing. This is just to say, happy christmas to everybody. Okay, have a good one. If you can uh uh, what do we mean? No, no all right hold on whats going on. You know right well, skip guys. You got ta go over and look at this video its a really good message anyway. Bloody blah have a happy christmas. Bloody blood dont spend too much money. Blah blah stay within your mains. Keep their cars within the hedges dont get too drunk. Have a whiskey on me and off we go to the drone footage Laughter. We cant hear it. What do you mean you cant hear it i mean you cant, hear it im gon na have to put this up then? Can you hear it now lets see? You can you dont need to hear it. Ive just told you everything, im gon na, put the link in afterwards, and then you can actually hear it and hear what he has to say because its quite profound, it definitely is guys everyone dont forget to like this live stream, really important. I think for the algorithm, if you come on and you give it another thumbs up, theres like theres, four or five of you on here and ive only had one like. No, no, i wont have it. You have to at least like it chat, live chat with friends from around the world.

Irish.Traveler353 holy smokes im telling you what a thumbnail you cant see that here thats what im looking at up here anyway off we go right. Lets look at this drone footage here. I dont see i i dont think i dont think can see my comments. I can see your comments, hi drones view. Can everybody see everybody elses comments, im sure they can im sure they cant dont play it. If you want, oh, my god play it. Dont play it youre worse than a woman. Oh sorry, uh right report, god, damn it! These people uh right lets, hear the message. Can you hear it if i dont end up drawing? This is just to say, happy christmas to everybody. Okay, have a good one! If you can, even if youre on your own pissed off or whatever youre doing, i dont know what youre doing, but my advice would be. Dont spend too much dont overspend dont be pissed off in january when the credit card bill comes or whatever it is that youve got coming just about what you can afford. People dont like it took get rid of them right. You dont own, you want anything! You just bow: you can dont put yourself into a crash hes trying to get stuff and please people its just not worth it. So have a good christmas. All right take care of yourselves dont drink too much and um australia. I was watching the news not five minutes ago.

Well, five minutes before i started the live stream, its roasting over in australia. You could boil an egg on the stones. What temperature is it where you are, because there were, i think it was up in alice, springs where it said that that it was pretty pretty bad uh weather wise, well, pretty good and as much as not so much pretty bad, but more like pretty hot. Anyway. Look at this nice little bit of footage taking advantage of his little tripod. Some nice music cant go wrong with that lets just lower the volume a little bit, because i i think i had it up too far there and lets just take a look. Everyone say hello to everybody else: dont be afraid to like this live stream, dont be afraid to because we get you people on you people. What do you mean you? People, five people watching only three likes tut, any journalist, okay, ill write it down. Youve got a video any drone list, im not showing it until i get up to five likes theres six people watching it. We need five people to like it whats going on here thats. The least you can do look how nice and smooth this like gets it into position. Look guess is right. Thinks okay, lets watch this tree lets make sure we dont hit that just right and off. He goes nice and smooth Music drone views, media you went out to host today and the wind would have taken the head off yeah, but nice give up after 10 minutes yeah, you got to be careful, you got to be careful, look how nice and spec all Right tell me, like the music, nice and smooth close to the trees come on man.

Your next step is get a bit of color correction. You havent color corrected this Music. I like this little bit the way its revealing from trays to countryside Music. I like this one where its revealing from trees revealing to the countryside. I like that. Oh there might be a little bit of color work done there yeah, it looks better. Now youve got the darker clouds. The greens are looking nice going over the river. A nice smooth shot could have cut it off one second nah, just one just one. Second, too late, there look oh stopped, and then he caught it ah just bring that out of it. Tighten up that addedly, tighten it up and itll be even better its already good yeah. You want it even better. If i dont tell you, nobody will whos going to tell you everybodys yeah, brilliant drone footage there, lee youre the best. Yes, you are, and you are, but that edit could have been one second, you could have cut it in nice and tight anyway. This, for me, is the money shot of the video. Tell me if you dont, think that tell me if you dont think that its the gladiator music thats about to begin thats, what i thought last night here, Music, that is definitely like the gladiator music. There is no doubt about it. Keith has dropped in too everybody say hello to everybody else and make sure that you chat away among yourselves and if theres, anybody who can get any tips from lees make sure you watch his message again.

It was very profound and it was really from the heart. I sensed that sincerity and i do think youre a good man, so i take my hat off to you for that um, the the edit is so good that ive had to pick holes in it. Well, you know i picked a hole here and that he should have cut this frame off one second early look boom just floated there a bit long, but but the good thing is is that then he brings in a lovely bit of interest. Doesnt show us this rustic building here keeps us nicely in perspective right on the rule of thirds here, and clouds are nicely exposed, got the grays going on there, and then we have the gladiator music or is it i like it? Music boom musics good there. He is down in the bottom corner: oh hes got. What has he got lets see if we can do a bit of a jason bourne here? What has he got going on lets see if we can figure out stuff here, Music before he disappears? Oh lets see what is going on down there – Music, oh, oh, it disappeared. Oh, i might be able to get this hold on. If i take it away, will it disappear? For me, what do i say it will Music boom now lets? Have a look lets just pause that a second all right. What are we doing here? What are you doing were having a nosey right lads? What do we think? Ah there he is okay, oh hes got his little mat out, ah its a bit close to the edge of the wall.

If you ask me, but there it is, what else does he have sitting down there? Is that a flask of tea? Is he making himself a couple when hes out there ah theres something there, not too sure was he brought his fashion rod with them? Perhaps hes perhaps were just a side thought for him. Lee were here with the fly rod probably out doing a bit of fashion. I led on to the drone lads that i was at when we drone all morning, ah tell us whats going on here, yeah thats. What i want to know. Weve got a landing mat very precariously perched on this. Curb here. May i add, although its a grainy enough footage, crimewatch uk, would have to blow this up quite a bit to see if they could pick anything else out of it. We want to know whats in this green bag. Lads tell us what you can see. Ah, patrick youve got too much time on your hands, uh all right, thats. What we want to know anyway, folks make sure that you like this live stream. If, indeed, you do – and we we know that this is his car over here, so lets see what else we can learn about him. Okay, so lees there out with his favorite jacket, lets see if he puts anything in there, la no la love, the landing mat. Okay, what else is yes, we know its your landing mat drone flyer good afternoon.

Do we have is a lot of drone flyer. Yes, youre remind me of your name, drone flyer, because i know youre in ireland, but i dont know where exactly or what to call you by who owns you as they used to say in ireland in the 20s didnt. They i think they used to do any. So there we go, that was good. We got some other details there, we nosy debated these shots. Well, we dont need to save that, will not save it now and downtown data protection and all the rest. Okay, what we do know lets see whats going on here. There we go. Oh did that work. Yes, it did lets double click this there it is lets see if we can make this even bigger. All right that looks like an estate wheres. He got it looks like its a volvo estate or ikea, not too sure leo got ta. Tell us whats going on there youre, giving lots of things away to us today, mick of course. Yes, he is. Oh dear, oh dear uh, right, where are we here? Its uh, yes mek all right good. I wan na write that down, so they can learn your names uh where in ireland are you best? If you dont mind me asking and say hello to everyone in the stream, everybody check everybody elses channels out and if you like, what you see do consider subscribing if you havent subscribed to me, do consider subscribing also youre becoming an irish drone, policemans bank yeah, but Im not going to report anybody its just for the live stream monday.

Dont worry what goes on. Drone live stream stairs on drone live stream Laughter. Yes, we stick together. Okay lets see the rest of this nice footage. Ah, we got a lovely and these shots are nice and smooth and thats one thing which i think we can all learn: look theyre nice and smooth stop with the sports mode too low to the ground. I know your name any journalist barry mullen from new england massachusetts yeah there. You go a good question. Let me ask my boy: oh currently me nothing like now. That could be as close to the dublin border as ashburn or it could be as close to uh monahan border anyway right. So here we go nice and slow thats. The one thing that mr red mavic air, uk lee just a right in and around manchester has that smoothness of shots – oh okay, hes done a bit of a twirl there. He knows im, not a big fan of the old twirls cut that right in the edit. Just give us a transition put in a transition, all right, hes turning it around. I know if he goes again and there he is down there good good line of sight, Music, its a pugil two leader, sport, lol! Oh, is it okay? Okay, all right! That was me think it was not a hatchback, well, its a sport, nice Music, thats, a lovely. Why did you not go under the bridge? A man of your drone skills should be easily able to navigate that bridge with ease ill, have to be careful.

Putting my car on ah listen, wouldnt worry about it. Wouldnt worry about oh from mullen, gar, okay! Yes, what a lovely night out in mullen gara but 20 years ago, went to a dodgy nightclub has to be said in the center of malingar. Oh, my god, i stayed down there. I was meeting someone uh ended up staying in a bnb uh, oh its a sport or state okay. There we go odd im telling you dont. Even ask me dont even ask me: mick from mullingar who lives in county mate. Uh who lives in county may dont. Even ask me about that night. I wanted to forget, i would say: okay, oh youre, close to them trees! Oh well, you are looking at it pretty closely. Oh, i think hes tempted to go under the bridge where they go under the bridge. Well, he go under the bridge, i think hes thinking could i go under this bridge and get away with it or maybe hes waiting for another car ill. Just go for the cyclist, instead very good, very good, video, very good message at the beginning, um and bye, bye to you too yeah bye, bye, you cant, just you cant, just say dont even ask me. We all want to know. Ah, you dont Laughter john hows that storm going up in canada. Perhaps we try and change the subject we so we have a blogger in the chat uh anyway. Drone views me right.

Okay, sorry, right whos! Next, who did i say i dont see kipper couple. I said i was gon na review his stuff tonight by dont. See them in the chat so well go over to any drone list again any journalist very important, because i have subscribed to all of the channel look theres another one that ive subscribed to and he hasnt it has instead. So if i go to that – and i go to that – and i say yes, i want all of it now i go in still subscribed right still subscribed. Okay, so lets close it open it again, go to youtube, go to n a drone list all right now. What drew analyst drone uh lest right will, i still be subscribed, no see dont get it like im subscribing to the channel. What more can i do? I dont know i dont know: okay kennedy digital park offers over 60 free online courses and regular live webinars right. So weve got i find that it doesnt subscribe, uh its like crap yeah, i guess im getting neutral, guess im getting a new draw the other way. What am i missing? What happened to mike mike? What did you do? Gimble is toasted refresh time im thinking smashed. My bird today, oh no, oh no! Oh no! I hope you got the footage. Sorry thats terrible for me to say it like that, but i hope you did get the footage because you want to see this crash.

This is widespread. What the unsubscribing thing or, where its not letting me subscribe, not a bit of wonder im losing subscribers drone list has a good one. I watched today. Okay, i hope its, not the crash one lee dont believe it anyway right kennedy park. Waterfall all right have i seen this one before now: Music, Music. Sorry, i got distracted there. Okay lets go back to this drone footage a little and we got some nice music going on. It was a bit fast starting off, but we are in business. Okay. Lets start from here, nice smash. No, it doesnt Laughter, uh. I wasnt getting notifications for a lot of the drone shows. I watched turns out youtube. Unsubscribed me drones view media yeah. You may be onto something there. Alan im, not too sure i hope so right lets. I hope not sorry should i say: okay here we go south coast, river fall fall, river massachusetts and kennedy park; okay, that was a bit faster coming in, but here we go nice rule of thirds whats going on up here at the top. Why is there a black line? Why is there a black line in that? Why was there a black, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, barry! Come here to me: barry whats, going on here whats this black line. All about in this shot! Look look what up here? What is this, can you see it on the live stream? Yeah you can that shouldnt be there should it, you can get 20 new subs in one day and lose 17.

The next day i have the same problem. I subscribe to a channel then leave youtube and the next time i go back im not subscribed to the channel. I have been in touch with youtube, but never received a reply. Sending best wishes vin, okay, so theres a few things going on there. Ah, okay, thats, not good all right hello to everyone. Whos just joined the live stream, if indeed you have just joined it and if you havent liked it make sure that you do because theres no point in popping on here and theyre not liking the live stream. Now is there we want you to like it, give it an old thumbs up as youre all chatting away in the background. Okay mike mike has smashed his drone. Today were not one bit pleased about that and everyones having a a go at youtube because basically were all subscribing to each others. Channel. Look even the likes of this now its saying unsubscribe cancel a minute ago. It said it wasnt even subscribed. This might be. It then lets see im. So um no see unsubscribes me, god, damn it. Dont know whats going on there right, so im interested to know whats going on with this shot and why theres a black line is that the nd filter wasnt put on. Oh, the gimbal wont calibrate. Ah mike has worked it out. I had to fix the horizon, fixing crooked footage. Yeah, you probably should have just expanded it out a little bit and got rid of that black line.

Tot we spotted a flaw were not out to look for mistakes, but if we see them, we got ta call you out on them. We got ta call you out, because who else? Who else is gon na? Do it? Your friends are well, and we are friends. We are online digital friends, but, like you know your buddy in the pub isnt going to say didnt, like the black line in the top right hand, corner of your drone footage the other day when i was watching it. No, what browser am i using well that could be interesting im using im using power on no im using chrome, its their browser, its their browser. I had to zoom, i missed it and i journalist yeah davids there hes close by and uh hes from new hampshire. So yeah, you know the lads arent going to say anything down in the pub so were saying it to you and were saying next time, no black lines on the horizon and the top of your footage. Rookie mistake anyway. Amb photography has joined us. Thank you for joining us thats, alan up in scotland. Yes, we like scotland, we want to get out there and do the whiskey tour and go and see the bridge that harry potters tree and went across and just zoom around that, but on his way to hogwarts. God only knows when that will happen. It does the same on edge and firefox. Okay, all right anyway.

Next time, no black line, just sam thats, all nope, not trying to pick holes, barry youre a very good drone pilot, but those are the little details. This estos pequenos de tires that make all the difference anyway. I hope you all say hello to each other in the live stream. Please do give this livestream a bit of a thumbs up, if, indeed, you do enjoy it and off we go seeing a little bit more footage. Nice little orbiting shot. Oh yes, weve got a story going on. The park was added to the national historic register in 1983. thats. What i like, when im watching a bit of drone footage, give us a little bit of history: lovely shot there, nice little transition now a bit of a reveal, oh bit of a reveal. You just stopped it there you got ta, adjust your yaw, make it even smoother, got ta, make it even smoother. Okay, nice backwards shot but hold on hold on wait a minute see now everybody say i subscribe to your channel, but you wont even know, but i will have to talk to that. So look. So this is a nice little backward shot, but its always delicate. Whenever theres people in it – oh no, it was correct its actually a backward shot. Nice because see the people in the park. I thought they were going backwards there for a second but theyre. Not you sped it up a little bit, in which case you can see it Music.

The park was restored in 2001. Good were getting the info. I like that now, if youre shooting in 4k, for example like would you not? I just would like to to throw this out here, barry for this particular frame, right, thats, grand okay, but see here that they all car park. I dont know it doesnt really add anything to it. In my opinion, could you not have cropped it in a little bit there and just given us a lovely just with the greens, it would have been a really nice shot then, especially revealing it like that. I think it would have made, for you know a more artistic shot im just saying Music and then weve got another nice one. Few sound effects very good like this is a good one. Here we have started, i you could even have pulled it in a little bit more because it doesnt look to be anybody around now. I love the fact that youve got listen to the sound effect yeah. Is it the sound effect of the kids playing? Because i like that, especially when youre talking about the 2014 inclusion of the playground – oh sorry, the inclusion playground was opened. Music, a good tip to do a backward shot safely, is to reverse the clip in the movie maker program. Absolutely that is a brilliant tip. As long as you dont have a player park where everybodys going to start walking backwards and the people in the cars are going to all start going backwards, we dont want that either, but it is a really good tip, just reverse it.

In post, Music, very nice. The ballpark god isnt it just thats, just like the typical ballpark you see in the movies for us of us who dont live in massachusetts. We got to see these things and we think in the movies nice little baseball park there, pretty cool Music, nice, music. Okay. At least its got the end card there look, it says: im subscribed right, okay, lets just do a command or to see now does a stair subscribe, which is refreshing. My screen, no Music, not happy about that lads. Music, not happy Music. Someone was back be time for one more one: more okay, whos been doing any videos who has been doing any videos and they wanted me to have a look uh. There was one there that somebody was mentioning just in the chat uh what bro yeah. Oh my was it mike where we send mike anything new up there. I think no, it wasnt actually mike. Oh no im, not even yet see well pick it up, even if its spelt wrong there we go see another one, look another one: ive subscribed to all. Okay, now, if i say go to the home, theoretically, thats thats gone um see im still subscribed there, okay right. So what just dont refresh? That would be the thing to look at all right playing with albert on the urtus sirmi thats, an okay got the van here hes coming out here: cool as ever with the doggo nice big boy there getting his drone ready, okay, making sure hes, not gon na Hit anything and off we go right.

Oh oh wheres, his dog. What type of dog is that? Oh, he might be aware. Looking for a place to do his private business, he is oh no were looking at him. Oh dont be doing that to the poor dog. Oh no, okay, i didnt okay cool, oh, not so bad thought we were going to get a bit of a show there anyway. That was a great video um. Everybody like i havent added uh, anything, oh okay, okay! So no real ad! Its going on here right lets say there was somebody um that was saying that they were looking at somebody elses work and they thought they had a good uh. Waddle arrow says: hola amigos crash suck, yes uh, he wasnt getting notifications and no its but white spread. Um, okay, okay mine should be a man with your skills should be able to fly under the bridge or you could hit the pillar like patrick yeah. That was page handy. I remembered that one didnt you, you remembered that, oh god, damn it. Yes, ive had a pillar or two in my time, uh so yeah, you know what definitely dont want to do that. Definitely, okay. Views may have checked to see. If i look at any videos, when are you going to put uh drone view? Okay, just checking everybody else. Uh me it was any journalists, video well almost oh any drop, oh well, thats, the one that we just looked at yeah.

That was the one, though all right, okay, so were back doten, im doting here folks anyway, folks its been lovely to chat to you. I think we leave it like that for tonight. I hope everybody is well. I look forward to chatting you wow this next week. Will we still be here next week next tuesday? We still here next tuesday megan? Are we still here next tuesday? Okay, we should be around for the live stream. We should be able to get another live stream in before christmas. Please do like and subscribe to my own channel, if you havent done so already nip over there and throw an all comment on my latest video. If you want to take a moment to watch it, i will try and include all of the links below to the channels that i have looked at this evening. I think that thats something that has been pointed out in the past and lets try and get a few flights over the christmas period. Why not? Why wouldnt we something we all have to do and thank you for showing albert uh thanks for showing over here is my buddy well, this is obviously yeah were very happy. I was just afraid that albert was going to you know, give us more than we bargained for there, and the bushes hes obviously got a good nose on him smelling around seeing who else has been in the area saying this is my bush all right? This is where i want to be: yes, so theyve got grip.

What type of dog is? It would be the question, but anyway listen. Thank you. Everyone and thanks for joining me on this live stream, and i will chat to you all next week and thank you once again like this live stream.