I was kind of seeing if i could get a few more things in to this particular area, so that i could chat to you a little bit more but hey. I appreciate anyone who stops in and says hi, i hope, everyones getting ready for christmas because it wont be long now, as they say, doesnt come too often. This time of the year is not the best time for taking out the drone because weathers changing on a daily basis, but have you seen some of the new photos with the mavic 3. thats? The question that i have and thats the question that im wondering have any of you guys managed to get a hold of it yet and will you be and how are you entering the new competition for the mavic air uh for the mavic? I must open up my emails at some stage and if i can pop them up ill open up a new tab, ill bring it in here and i will actually check it out and mention it all to you, because i actually get email notification on it. Now. Hi to everyone whos who is joining the chat um? Would you ever enter a competition for to for from dji? Let me see: is there a way that i can? I can get this email opened. Let me see if i can. Ah okay here, we go. This might work, look hi, guys, hi everyone would you consider. Would you consider entering a drone competition? Do you feel like youre ready? Are you at that level? This is the question which some people are all into so check this out.

If you get a chance there, it is there. I think it would be really good for anyone who takes a lot of drone footage. Why would you not? Why would you not just go, and why would you not just go and enter it and see how you get on if i accept the cookies here lets watch the video tell me what you think of the video more to the point. What do you think? What do you see? Look watch the video until hopefully youll be able to hear it ah come on come on. Lets make it bigger for everyone in question. If i bring it up, will it make it? Oh, i need to bring it down. Tell me what you think, okay, by the way for all of you, people who have joined the live stream. Welcome, welcome mavic air uk nice to see you and welcome to everyone else. Whos there ozbee chandi drone views media alans there mavic air flyer uk. Why do i? Where are you mavic, er, flyer, mavic, air flyer? Uk there you are yes, thats vinnie, of course, um. I have to move you into the right area of this little list insert above, i think thats, where you would go there. Okay, hello to everyone, have a look at this really. This is, if i bring myself in a little oh, i have to do it like this, like we can do it like this yeah, and you can see it even better that work yes, bring yourself your head in a little bit.

Look there. We go check it out, uh an aerial photo and video contest. Is everybody getting ready for christmas? What about taking some time to enter this? Have a look, some great footage: isnt there for a chance to win Music sport city future first person view and more Music. It ends on the 21st of february. Would you consider it would you would you consider coming on and entering and winning big prizes huh because were all really good at it? But would you put your money where your mouth is thats the question anyway: thats the sky, pixel, seventh, look sky, pixel, 7th anniversary aerial photo and video contest, and that is for the likes of capture life creation. Who is so good uh stevie down in the bronx? Perhaps you should be looking at entering some of that fpv drone footage. I had to cancel a trip. Oh waddle, aero is telling us here. The things have not been that great. This is kevin downing, solano, county hes, saying he had to cancel a trip to see the grandkids daughter and son. Oh the grandkid hold up to see the grandkids daughter and son in law got the culvert. Okay, all right old macron is heading your way. If it hasnt been already its, am i sitting this camera of mine, i would need to adjust it. Have you seen uh see what that worked? Is that gon na work? Is that better? Is that better? Not better? I need to come in need to come down.

Need to adjust everything i think its a bit low there you bring it up just a little bit. Ah, whatever its fine, okay count, your life stevie has a new mama girl, 2 video. Oh, do you indeed well thats great okay, and my last day of i said, oh marvel everybodys get compared to that footage. A very basic drone footage taker, be wasting my time and effort and entering Music all right, osb chandi, thats. Okay, if you dont im, not saying hunter im, only saying will you enter? Would you give it a go? If i do this lets work. Look at this all over the place for every time. Ive got a new thing going on, not when i go out like that, i should really be bringing in another. Should i ah thats way too much way too much? Let me see here and now they end up making the hams of it. As they say. These cameras see i have this bad boy here, hes supposed to be a bit better at controlling the whole situation, thats, what its supposed to do, but then it seems like its going all over the place. Still no good omicron is a disaster. I know. Oh drone views media youve caught it a few times, have you and and and youve caught it a couple of times. What sort of effect has it had on you thats? What i want to know ill sort this out yet thats my new years resolution, audio audio and video and making it look good im gon na crop that off, i should be able to.

If i just went over here, what is it like, thatll work? All right is that a bit better, its the its the right pan, oh its a right pin? Is it okay? Now, if i simply got them its a little bit better right lets have a look at some videos. Is that better? Oh no! I got to move things around so that it does look okay, and this was looking at the mavic air to who has got. Anyone got any new videos that they can folks or six of you on watching, and only two of you have liked. This live stream. So the least you can do for me is like the old live stream, and that way it helps the old algorithm, as they say, has anyone had a chance to get out with their mavic air 2 or their um annie? For that matter, hello keith. I have a new video, oh mavic, air flyer. Uk okay lets just see mavic air 2 flyer. Uk. I will stevie look at yours afterwards too. If i get the chance uh ian and london, is there mavic air 2 flyer, uk isnt, it mavic air flyer, uk mavic air flyer no need for the for the for the two and if i do that and then, if i go here and i go to Channel, surely that will bring you up which it does and im subscribed: hey look its dead, subscribed. Okay lets see whats going on over here.

Its really important to adapt and be flexible claim your free business profile on google. So you can manage your app if i am speaking ill. Take it stay connected with customers using your google business profile every moment, or at least the music. They lend me to you over in lancashire, thats hi, mike okay, a merry christmas gang yeah. Merry christmas, everyone by the way wont be long now, only four more sleeps, as they say, isnt Music. It. Why Music? I have a new one called a winters journey. Oh four minutes low and slow flight epidemic sound is my audio Music. You know what i think its well worth hold on. Do we have you down here? We dont monrock media productions. Give us a name please, so that we, oh you are here its richard, yes from canada, gosh. I must put this this sheet of mine okay. Here we go lets pop that up there. Let me bring it in here: okay, well, weve, checked that im going to put a little star here, um to check next and then, if weve time, we will then check capture live creation if we can find it. Yes, okay check, new video, all right so theres, two that were checking out capture live connection there we go yeah pop it here. Okay, great thatll, keep us going now. Uh all right lets lets keep going Music, mavic air mavic air flyer, uk vin vincent from manchester uh.

What were you doing up in lancashire, as if i would know, is that closer every single time you look at me? Let things happen. I like it when people do at least put up that theyre getting messages and then theyre going all over the place. People texting. Why do people text they know im currently down capture life connection is currently downtown in new york city next to the freedom tower. Ah, you should be going live, you should be going live ah and showing us around anyway. This is pretty good, vincent or vin or vinnie. The sky is a little bit blown out there, though a little bit on the white side on this. Its a bit as it says, blown out and blown out means when the when the sky is just slightly over exposed there and im wondering was that what what you think that might have been? How did you did you change from the automatic settings? What settings did you use? Is that with a mini, or is it with your should have given you a lot better footage than that Music? Well, heres, the memorial cross, yes, Music, its a lovely video im, not a big fan of the jerky movements. I see that if i were you, i would i wouldnt move it, make it much smoother in the action to go around things. Lucky you, okay, the subscribe. Yes, we give it a no subscribe. Thats, always good. I see your cameras a bit jerky there.

I dont want to go Music wheres, the cross Music. All right now were gon na go downstairs. Music when is this, is the spot finn is in the spotlight. No, i mean listen were just looking at were just trying to learn from each other, mr red mavicker. Coming in there with the old comments halfway through the livestream Music, lee got ta feel uh lee mosby that he was singled out last week. Really, this is a lovely aqueduct by the way Music, but you know i always have this idea that we are having some fun yeah. We you know were were were trying to if you are willing to pop your video on here its because youre open to that those helpful tips. I do like the fact of the winter sun and its lovely there. Look. You can see the lovely shadows along the ground, dont be afraid to do because theres patterns in the english countryside also really really good. If you can actually do some top bottom top down shots and move it nice and slow, especially when theres, like fields being separated by walls and trees, sometimes that makes for quite an abstract artistic pardon me shot. So definitely get a few of those. You were a bit high up when it came to the cross. I would have, i would have went down a little lower and i even you know i would have got one going around it. Perhaps an orbiting shot always good if youre doing the likes of a cross, where its actually exposed well suggested to do this camera to do like an orbiting shot uh, i would suggest that too.

Can you hear me and my big is just dont – move the camera halfway through your shot, if youre going to do that, put in a transition to just make it look like its very, very natural thats. All i have some in okay next clip, okay, youre right! I really should have just watched the whole thing. Music then go back Music, perhaps thats the methodology that i need to follow. Music. Oh, the clogs are much better than this one. Yes, thats a good shot, whats your money shot. What do you do at the end? That should have been your first shot. Music. I would have put those at the very beginning. Now we dont know what the chronological order of your day out was, but i would definitely have put this one because youre a little closer to it, Music see everythings better exposed than that shot. I, like it Music, definitely much better shot of the torah than you did of the cross Music im gon na have to go on im gon na have to take out my drone im gon na have to show you on where to go exactly. I wonder if i open up okay, like i could show you on the um on my pdf, actually ill have to poke that out for you and then ill. Show you exactly where to go to adjust that yall on the camera very important its just with me. It would take away the jerky movement, but its still beautiful Music agree with patrick should open Music.

What people are saying about the attention span and if people drop off this is the time to really you know to really. I would have probably have started with that shot because its smooth, its in the middle, its nice and theres, a nice smooth movement, Music and now youve put up here. Something for it to distract me. No dont put that up yet unless its to do its, not where im gon na get more history Music. There is a little bit of overexposure just up there and i wonder: are you doing that afterwards in post to re, because youre trying to bring out your greens a little or do you do? Are you just flying into the sun and dont have an enemy? Why are you saying that im giving you a grilling im, not are you making me feel bad? At least youve got the m cards in which is really good. Listen that was really really good. The video was really good. The only thing that i would suggest is change the order of the shots, because your best shots are towards the end of the video theyre without a doubt, the whole this here was definitely the money shot, in my opinion, uh, if you agree with it, let me Know if you dont tell me and say no patrick thats, just a matter of your opinion. Your opinion is not the same as my opinion, but thats what id be saying: its nice Music.

This is a good video, it was four shots and it was really um. It was really hi lee hi everyone and anyone who has joined me in this live stream. Please do, please do say hello, introduce yourself if you havent already dont dont worry about the comments that im making theyre all meant, as someone used to say in the best possible taste so that we can all get better and somebody out there say: hey yeah, youre Right the next trip i might im gon na try and put into practice the um, the 20 best drone shots into the shot, and whenever i put up a video, i expect the same level of criticism from you. I do chicken noodle soup for santa right, so that was really good, as i said, just change around the order. Put this all this about auto players on all the players. Oh this whole section here to do with, like those shots, are much better this one at the beginning, its too far away youre too far away from the cross. I can hardly see it and what went on up there tell me a bit more. Are you recovering from covet? Ah sorry, oh my god, now youre making me feel bad. I was recovering from covered when i did that i wasnt in the mood. Oh, no, you know its a bit like that terrible joke that my friend played on me when we were at school and he said to me patrick.

He says another way you like playing snooker, i like to play snooker because dennis taylor was uh. From the same time that i grew up in and we all played snooker back then, as they say its like a form of pool playing, billiards and anyway well well, well, what happened? I would into school one day and a friend of mine came up to me and he said hey. Why dont you talk to peter hes got a really good, looking sister and she loves to play pill and i thought yeah. So i went up to peer and i said hey i hear your sisters really really likes playing pool uh any chance you could you could uh ask. Does she want to play, give a pull with me and you never know, and then he turned around, and he said my sister has only one arm and i was like wha: oh no and it was terrible and he made me feel so bad. It was one of his friends that put it up and it was a big joke in the end, but its like the reason why i tell you that story is because there i was saying to vinnie or to ven. You know all this and that about the criticism of his drone video and then, of course, in his description, he turns around and says: ive had coveted and im in quarantine, and i wasnt really in the form for editing this video.

So now i kind of feel bad anyway, if youre new to this stream, please do like it and please do dont be afraid to drop me in uh. Your comments, your videos, if youve been working on me and well, try and get around to them. Monrec media productions lets see how easy it is to find your channel moonrig media productions. Okay, when i see the word productions, i think this is gon na be really good. It has to be because its a media productions, its the media productions last pepe comodison in mexico, vivo, okay, see your world from a new perspective. Yeah all right does this instagram link work lets check that out. Yes, it does oh wrong channel. There lets get a switchman account to the other. One Music lets, give you a little funnel. Oh thats, a really tidy timeline on instagram. Yes, oh by the way, dont be afraid to also please follow me on instagram too, at patrick d, conlon anyway and thats, where youll see what im at when im not sitting here. So you can see what i really get up to error. Try again what happened there, why? Why did it? Not okay, so follow me on insta also, but you have to write patrick d conlon yeah that worked. I dont know what happened there, why it didnt anyway, so were in monrich media productions, hes up in canada, thats richard or richard wreck right back to his video.

Was it this early christmas? Is that the one you want us to look at or is it tell us which one you want us to look at celeste, not like a little bit? Nothing like a little bit of christmas music. What is wood, wood, wood? Okay, i need to follow up with the chart here. Uh check this in a minute uh, ladies and gentlemen, thanks man, hey, thank you. Okay, all right make sure everybody likes each other um, you know follows all the other drone. No, no! Oh okay, whoa whoa whoa. Getting a little bit of direction here, which one did you tell me to look at? Oh the winters journey Music? Oh look at this! Please tell me you go under that bridge. He does yes lets get a look at this youre in cranberry sauce! Oh no youre! In cranberry portage, sorry its getting too close to christmas for me to not think of cranberry sauce love a bit of cranberry sauce on the old turkey and ham right lets, see here. No, what if i were really responsible this time and i take out my notepad on my pen – and i say: okay instead of just waffling away. Why dont you take some notes and let everybody watch the darn video and then you can go over and tell everybody what you think about the good bets and the bad bits kickback couple has joined us almost missed. You today give on a little bit later.

For you now, if i move this across this, ah that might be oh, that might have been the whole thing, but i wasnt really: oh god, this is there. We go thats, not too bad. Is it yeah were okay. All right lets play this lets. Take some notes and lets see if we can do this a bit better right with a little bit more so were going to put the good things here and the bad things here. Oh sorry, man, ah rick richard, please dont, are you sure youre up for this? Okay, well, the first shot im impressed because youre going in under the bridge and thats always good: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, lovely, lovely, smooth transitions; Music; yes nicely: Music, Music, Music; oh what was Music, oh its, a that sudden Music. Oh at last, we get a top down shot. Sorry, i know im supposed to be saving this. To the end, i will i will its really good its nice, its calming its like something youd see in a in a spa resort Music. That spot is in my area. I did not do a dissolve. I felt, like i put too many in okay, okay, Music, this for me right Music and what uh? What are you whats? The settings on it there, its only in four here to use it wheres that plan on that it isnt 4k lets see. Does that make any difference to this so im just checking out something here now, if i do that at the beginning, so i want to go back to that Music.

Just Music go back to that in a moment. You can tell me what you think so: ive upped that wheres that gon na effect, so this was definitely for me, one of the nicest shots ill, bring it down instead of 4k ill, bring it down to 1080, roughly or 144. Music Music theres, the bridge Music. Music, okay, rick – that was really good. That was really good. No, i do, as things have changed wow. It was very, very peaceful right now, 321 lets go to three times: yeah, okay, Music, all right, so that was before that transition anyway. Rick, who am i is that it looks like im looking the other way, doesnt it now. If i lets see, if i go like this, i bring it up a little bit. Ah, this is mad ill sort. My own camera out later right, first things. First, very, very good, its been really good. This is a really good video rick and thank you for letting us bring it on board and having a look at it. Definitely very, very good. My interest was intrigued right from the beginning, because youre doing an under the bridge shot, which i thought was very good now. One of the things that i would say is that youve got two really good good shots and i would have put them way closer to the beginning, see this shot here. That, for me, is a beautiful shot. Dont ask me why, but i think its one of the better ones it might be because of the colors and the fact that youre going through a valley, i think thats, really good and this shot at the very very end, see that shot there, where youve got What do you see this see that shot? That, for me, is beautiful dont.

Ask me why i just think that its really really good, so if you were asking me to even i would have to even better the shot again, i would have made listen its really good, the musics beautiful its peaceful, its calm, the footage isnt too high its Nice and low at least i can see whats going on its smooth theres some lovely transitions. The transitions are nice and smooth going, which match the music really important. I think thats really really good its steady footage. None of this jerking around that. Sometimes we get with some of the footage really really good. I just think that this that this shot here and the shot of three minutes and 21 should be closer to the front, make the first few shots move a little bit faster just to suck me in and then you can slow down as were going along. So it this is giving me context, there is a bridge. The context of 321 is also really really nice, so i think it was around here wasnt it uh yeah, which is just after the little transition thing that you said so you have that. Then you have the top down in the bridge and then boom youre going in underneath it gives me a chance to just get sucked in some of the ones where youre going along. You could have probably mixed it up a little bit more because after about 10 to 20 seconds, i start to lose a little bit of interest, not because the footage isnt good, perhaps its just because of the superficiality which um, which my nowadays everybody seems to have.

Where they want things fast, i would be saying those first, three shots the establishing shot above the bridge or even the one of the uh going through the valley. Then the bridge then going under the bridge and then you can slow it down a little. But no more than five to ten seconds, and you know you can have the whole the mean shot going right through the valley, but you could split it up with a few of the top downs, a few of the little little bit, perhaps even bring a little If you are going to keep us along the journey with just one long solid shot, perhaps put some text overlay over it too and explain where the where the hell we are. What has happened in miss mystic, creek and sheridan road vantage point in northern manitoba whats. It all about what happens there? Why should i watch this? Did anything famous happen? Did somebody you know plunge their car in there did a movie get shot. There did theres bound to be some sort of local history that you could fill us in to keep me interested as were going along through your drone footage. Otherwise, four minutes of footage for four minutes of footage sick. I dont know its beautiful dont. Get me wrong. This is really really really good stuff, but just to give it a bit more of a story and an edge just a few considerations does that make sense.

I hope it does thats all i want to do if youve let, if youre liking this live stream and you do enjoy what you see, give it a little thumbs up. Please just a little thumbs up to say: yeah, we like what youre doing here were getting tips and were getting them in reality were getting them when youre watching the actual videos. So with that in mind, you know that i mean well. I you well that doesnt help the cameras falling down here. Lads might might end up being better. You know by the time were finished. If i do that – and do that seems like its very and its focused in an awful lot ill have to sort that out over christmas. Definitely there we go anyway. These are just some of the things that i want to say very well done for those who use da vinci. The cut page has a boring detector that warns you when a clip goes too low. Oh interesting um that does make sense, patrick okay, well keith. Thank you, a great job, reviewing the videos, patrick all, right. Well, okay, so you know im thats, all im trying to say you can. It goes from being a normal video that you see a lot of to it being really really nice. Now. This is a really really good video, its mistake creek, but i want to know more richard rich rick. I want to know more now.

What program do you use to edit would be the last question i would have and um what else can we say, boring, boring detector, boring detector, whats the boring to type me im, the boring detector anyway, guys its lovely to say hello to everybody. Um has anyone. Oh so so, as i say, uh really good in general, beautiful beautiful scenery looks good makes me want to go. There makes me want to take my drone out. Um. Tell me a story within your drone footage in the best way that you can, if youre shy, to cut out a like. If youre asking me, i would be like you know, really. I want you to give me some b roll introduce, get yourself in front of the camera, dont be afraid to introduce it and say, listen lads here we are and mystique uh mystique mystique creek, where here we are in mystic creek uh, on the on the sheridan Road vantage point near northern manitoba out with my drone and off you go and there you go, and you just keep keep telling us more about this beautiful wintry journey that we have and ill stare and see whats going on. But, as i said, those three shots at the beginning to get me in nothing too long, but keep it snappy so that i stay hello, patrick from cornwall checking out the checking out the coast with my heir to s very good over in cornwall, nice.

Okay. So wanderlust travelers, yes, guys if youre liking, what youre saying dont be afraid to give it another thumbs up, definitely helps, i hope, youre all subscribing to everybody elses channels and that youre checking it out. When you get a chance very important, i am going to sort out afterwards my video, because i do not know what i have done. I should really just be popping it up here if i brought it down like this and then i just pop this on im not happy about the way this is here, lads its just its, not good, not for the caliber of person thats watching all this. This needs to be much more professional huh down with that sort of thing where you think you can just pop on. Is that any better? Oh nice see i need to get my setup sorted out that looks a bit better there. Does it Music the cameras way up high, i dont know i dont know whats going on anyway ill sort that out for next week, folks lovely to say hello to everyone and thank right. Have we time for one more, what is going its got ive on stuff land around here, whats the plans for christmas. More to the point now anyone anyone say the boring detector that warns you. When the clip goes to uh, oh and davinci, okay got it get it so david stop it. I know im gon na get it sore see.

If i put that over there then im looking at this, this would probably be the best thing for me to do. Hold on a minute here hold on a minute now were get look. I do this. Wait wait a minute wait, a minute hows that that actually might work, because thats the tv that im actually tv thats the monitor where im actually watching your videos santa needs to bring. I have cameras coming out of look at the setup lads. Look. Let me show you the setup here if i can like take you behind the scenes here. Look at this all right, so look so youve got. Let me just see if i can do this without everything falling apart. Can you see this now hold on hold on dont be going away and we get to the next video now in just a second thats caught thats caught here right here we go all right, so this is what im looking at okay, so youve got my macbook There then youve got a screen. There then youve got another screen there and then youve got a light and then youve got another look. Youve got a camera in there and then weve got another one there and then more camera tripod its all happening in this little home office, setup huh, im telling you its not to be sneezed at its a pretty good setup. If i could just set it up, i was in a rush today thats why i didnt get to close the blinds.

It might look even more professional, see thats, better thats, not too bad, see anyway. Thank you for your patience, its not about the technology, its not about its, not about all the technology. You have its about how you use it as they say, right, keep a couple. Okay, you have two new videos. They better be good and capture life connection. Yes, im going to get yours, but i have i have reviewed a few years, so i, if i get a chance ill, go back towards them, but lets go to. I had a cup of tea here earlier: look and its cold. Now, oh, no, like drinking cold! Tea right, i should have an extra i should have an extra did. I bring it with me, should have an extra mouse here for this particular setup that we have. I dont. Oh there he is im. Looking for the mouse dont mind me. This is what im. Looking for look squeaky squeak, this is one of my mice here all right now we just went to this click center ship. Is it coming there? It is hurray, okay, right now now, remember if you, if you tell me to review, i i like the light yeah. My light diffuser is a piece of f4 paper. Okay, i better be subscribed. Oh, live stream time. Are you having a live stream? No hold on a minute, wait a minute there we go. Oh, the best shots. Oh yes, we love an old compilation, thats a chromebook with the everything button.

Wonderlust travelers had a great time a few weeks ago in madeira, in portugal, nice david doyle, hello to you mike nice to see you dropping in too and everyone whos joining the chat. Please do like the old live stream. We will end tonight on this little one. Music Applause, Music still got work to do tonight: lads, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, hi, guys welcome back and thanks for tuning in, as always today i have put together a look at you. Is your fancy graphics get in there nice? I like it? Oh dear, oh dear, all, right, kevin and laura lets do this of 2021 everywhere that we have traveled and shot a video and anywhere that we have taken any drone footage. So i mixed a match check either the 2021 drone footage of the rainstorm video and i hope you guys enjoy it merry christmas. We love you all peace check, nice. I like it, i like it. I have to get around to making a shorter intro. Yes, you do, i was gon na, say it, but then i thought ive been a bit. Ive been a bet on the kretikon side tonight. So i was just gon na. Let that one slide right, but lovely, lovely introduction. Love of man is not afraid to put himself on the camera and say here we go lads. This is what were going to show you. I must actually try and get time to do a best of myself, Music, always good nice rule of thirds going on Music.

Oh Music, nice Music that cliffs fairly eroding away isnt it, but its lovely. Oh drone, fox ireland, welcome Music dont forget to like the old live stream check out my own latest videos too, and subscribe and bloody blonde. Do all those things that youre supposed to do to try and grow a youtube channel Music, listen for anybody who takes the time to go through all of his best drone footage from the year and put it into one small, succinct, video for us. I take my hat off to you because thats really really good stuff, so thank you for that. We should all be doing a best end of year. Drone footage video. Why not? Music? Oh dear, so sorry, clicked up the accident Music, a bit of speed, ramping cant! Go wrong with that Music. I love a backward shot. Look watch this Applause Music. I love that shot more of that sort of thing Music. Now what happened there id love to know Music, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, Music, lee says he couldnt be harsh. Doing that? Yes, do it for us for yours, your fans, please lee, do it sit down someday over christmas and look at it and put together your best shots Music? It must be like a shrimp farm or a sandwich. One viral seems to have dropped in thats all right. We, like jesse from the netherlands, saying hello Music. Yes, i like it. I like it all. I think its a good compilation: Music, wow, Music gosh, look how fast that is! Look how vast it is guys holy commonly its like.

You could go there and walk for dares and you still wouldnt make it to the end. What is going on Music, Music, okay? Well, the answer is that was really really good and you know that so kevin and laura. What can i say, good little summary of the years work lee over in england hes going to start working on his so that he can um pop in we got lost out there and had to be yeah. It looks like it is so far away. Layover in england is going to prepare us a lovely compilation of his best shots yeah, even some of the little times when he nearly lost everything but uh yeah uh, im gon na have to shoot by everyone great work on your video okay. Well, i have to go to were all gon na go and thank you very much to everyone who has popped in and said hello and uh well see. Can we get it sorted for next week? If not, we take a break and well join you. In two weeks, time have a happy christmas everyone and i hope that everything goes well and stay safe. Please placed sf so that we can get rid of this cover and get back to some sort of normality. Well catch you all again.