I had many splashes of waterhead and dirt on it and it was standed very well it folds and is easy to carry in a back plaque pros, easily folds up and holds its folded shape without any need for reinforcement or straps easy to identify and see from Above i prefer to use the bright orange side up as it is easier to see using the black side. The orange h is a little hard to see the pad has enough weight that it wont blow away. It is water repellent, so you can put it on wet grass and it wont absorb extra moisture, didnt notice, any problems overall. So i dont have any negative critiques or considerations. I would definitely recommend this Music have several beginner drones and love the landing pad to practice on well get a professional drone soon, but would hate to crash it good practicing on the 20 drones for now. Let me start out by saying im, not exaggerating when i say this is the best drone landing pad on the market. I have tried other landing, pads and theyve all fallen short of my expectations or had some sort of flaw with them. I can honestly say that this pad exceeded my expectations, and i cant find any issues with it to start. This thing is sturdy, its heavy and durable, not heavy enough that its a burden to carry around, but unlike the fabric pads this pad stays flat and on the ground.

When i take off and land on it, it doesnt flapped or moved at all due to propeller, wind speaking of durability. The last mat i used was the gtech pad amazon.3jmlcb. That pad was essentially a paper pad with a plastic coating. It was light didnt fold well and wasnt fully water resistant. The vitek pad, on the other hand, is one durable, beast.