Its a lightweight stealthy commuter e bike that hides some pretty neat features like that gates. Carbon belt drive lets check it out. Ten ways has just launched their new e bike, known as the seago 600 on indiegogo. Here on electric, we only cover crowdfunding e bikes if they either come from a reputable company with a track record of successfully delivering e bikes or, if theyre, a new company. They have to. Let us test the product out to confirm that its legit and having tested the 10 ways ebike over a couple of weeks. I can tell you its definitely legit. The bike combines a lightweight stealthy messenger, bicycle design with low power, yet effective e bike components to make an attractive, unassuming urban bike for city riders. The rear motor is only 250 watts which isnt exactly overloaded with power in the us. The bike gets up to 20 miles an hour though in europe they limit it to 25 kilometers per hour to conform to local laws, theres also a hidden battery measuring 252 watt hours as usual for e bike companies. They tell you some crazy, high maximum range, in this case, up to 80 miles of range. That might be true under ideal conditions in the lowest of the three pedal assist levels, but dont expect anywhere close to that under the max assist level, though, to be fair, the fact that there is no throttle here means you are gon na get much more efficient Riding than any throttle enabled e bike, and while i really like the way the built in battery looks or rather doesnt look since you cant see it.

That also means that down the road, it could be a bit trickier to deal with the replacement in a few years. The batteries are usually removable if you ever need to replace it, but its not a simple task designed to be done every day. For that reason, you cant pull the battery out for charging either so its good that the bike only weighs 33 pounds. So you could carry it up the stairs and into an apartment to charge the battery. If you needed to the last note ill mention about the electrical side of things here, is that the bike includes a true torque sensor, which is a big deal, its a nicer and more comfortable way to engage the pedal assist than using a typical, cheaper, cadence based Sensor, that means you get more responsive, pedal, assist and almost zero lag from the time you step on the pedal to the time the bikes motor kicks in on flatland riding. This is just a nice thing to have, but if you find yourself at the bottom of a hill, i consider that a necessity since youre gon na want that motor to kick in pretty quickly, especially on a single speed bike like this. Okay, now lets move over to the bike side of things, theres, obviously, no suspension, which is part of what gives the bike that sleek look. The fork may not absorb much shock, but at least it looks pretty classy component wise.

My favorite part here is that gates carbon belt drive for sure its a low maintenance or practically zero maintenance solution. That replaces the chain and gives you a smoother quieter ride. Combine that with the hydraulic disc brakes here and youve got a super low maintenance e bike. You just check the tire pressure once in a while and youre basically good to go theres no derailleur to adjust theres no brake cables to fiddle with to get the right tuning until your tires or brake pads, actually wear out, theres, really nothing to mess with. On the bike maintenance, wise im – typically not a huge fan of these narrow 700c tires, but thats, probably because im just more of a mountain bike kind of guy, but when in rome as they say, and for strictly urban bikes, 10 waves has kind of nailed it Here they even give you two sizes for the frames and plenty of interesting colors to choose from which considering the 1299 dollar price theyre asking on indiegogo is kind of crazy. Now, im sure that price will go up in the future when the bike isnt on pre order anymore and of course i can only speak to the quality of the bike, not the ability for 10 ways to deliver, but so far from what ive seen 10 ways Seems to know what theyre doing here. Theyve got a great bike and i can see it being perfect for urban riders that want a quality alternative to a private car or public transportation.

But dont want an e bike that turns into a hassle as far as no must no fuss e bikes go the last few weeks of riding this one has shown me that its a pretty great option, if youre not into thin tube, thin or lightweight e bikes. It might not be for you and if you really need multiple gears, because you live in a hilly area again, this might not be your jam, but for a lot of people who live in cities, this is exactly the type of simple e bike. That would be perfect for an urban resident Music thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the 10 ways stealthy electric bike. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle. Videos well see you here. Next time, Music, you say: im, not your god, come on.