Despite of the small size of this drone, it still could be herded by the speeding propellers, if not operated, carefully and sometimes loose of the controllability of the remote controller. The indicator light was sometime, confusing the pairing and the un pairing, for instance. One tip i learned was that the link between drone and controller only requires one time pairing. I still did not get how to calibrate the controller. When i followed the manual, the drone actually starts to set off, but it was running well so far the battery could last about five to six minutes for one charge, which was pretty amazed for such a small size Music. My son is five year old. He enjoyed with it very much Music, very cute, great gift for kids. This mini drone is a lot of fun and fairly easy to use. Once you get. The hang of it comes with multiple rechargeable batteries for the drone and the remote takes three aaa batteries sold separately Music. It lasts longer than i expected for the battery. It is easy enough for older kids to be able to operate as well. I would recommend this mini drone fun little toy drone. Three batteries are a nice touch and two charges, so you have plenty of power as well as extra props are all great Music. I ordered as a gift for this for my niece, who would come over frequently during summer break, because i want to give her some brand new experience, something different from her average toy to play with, and we had a lot of fun.

The drone is about my palm size and pretty lightweight. I particularly like it that this mini drone’s propellers are encircled with soft plastic and hence safe for kids. Under any circumstance, the drone did crash to the ground multiple times at the beginning, but thanks to the impact buffering protective outer structure, the drone didn’t malfunction and worked just fine Music. After a bit of practice, now she’s able to fly the drone by herself, and this drone offers quite some maneuverability and playability with the altitude hold and 3d flips features Music. She is also quite impressed by the auto landing feature. Besides the battery life is prolonged with three batteries offered in the package. Overall, i am pretty satisfied with this purchase experience and one cannot go wrong. Getting this for kiddos. I thought it would be bigger, but don’t. Let the size fool you. It may be small but it’s big fun perfect, since nothing was really open and we didn’t want to take the kids out anyway. Super easy for the six years old and the three years to use controls were extremely simple me and my fiance loved playing with it.