My goal is to move up to larger, more sophisticated drones and incorporate them into my existing real estate photography business. The package came with no damage and everything was included as described. I opened the box and immediately started charging the batteries. I purchased an additional 3 and charging hub with the drone Music. I went over the instructions which were basic but enough to get you in the air and by the time the batteries were charged. I was ready to fly. I went into my garage, moved the cars and shut the door, even though it was rather inexpensive. I didn’t want to lose it on the first throttle up. Well, i didn’t need to worry after syncing the wi fi. I made sure it was on slow speed and then hit engine start props began spinning and i slowly moved the throttle up left. Stick it immediately ascended to about five feet and i let go of the throttle. It maintained its height and started drifting right. So i started moving the right stick to the left and it came back and i landed first flight success from there i couldn’t stop. It took very little time to learn to control the drone. I did crash hard about five times learning to rotate the drone with the left stick, but there was no damage to the drone Music. I did have the prop guards on, or i am sure i would have broken a prop or two Music.

I made an imaginary course in the garage with two landing points and within an hour i was flying the course with ease. I downloaded the app and used it to see the video as it’s being taken very cool and works flawlessly so far. I don’t have any good video yet but that’s, because i am still learning to control the drone, but the footage i do get is decent quality. Today, i am taking it out of the garage and and letting it soar well, maybe up to 50 feet or so well see my opinion. This drone is well worth the money. If you’re looking for a starter drone, i would also recommend you buy the additional three batteries and charging hub batteries only last eight to ten minutes each. I think learning how to fly drones without gps as an important step on your journey to more advanced machines, and this little drone delivers on price performance and durability. This is the second drone that i have purchased from holy stone and their customer service as excellent. One of my favorite features of this drone is the live streaming feature where you can view the drone’s hd camera feed on my device. Holy stone has done a great job, making quality drones with altitude hold to gps. This is my favorite drones. I have purchased to date and would highly recommend it to anyone. Here are the pros and cons i identified pros and cons pro. The drone is very stable and easy to control for beginners con the battery drains in about 10 minutes in, i had checked several reviews and youtube videos on the hs170d before i purchased it.

So i knew what to expect in the box. One thing not shown in the amazon picture as the cute little notepad with pen colored stick on tabs and post its inexpensive cardboard cover, but a nice touch with holy rocks hotline and email address printed on the back. I am a total novice with drones. My only experience being a disaster with a toy helicopter. Several years ago i set the speeda1 must have controller linked to the drone.