My main application is for camping. I like to send a drone up to map my local pads and take scenic pictures and videos. This drone comes in priced similar to medium quality drones. After doing a handful of distance tests, battery tests, camera tests and overall quality tests, i’ve got to say that this drone in my eyes, come in as a higher quality than i expected Music. With this drone being heavier than any i’ve ever had. I was at first skeptical about its ability to fly, but after my first use the weight was just a sign of durability because it flew perfect and was barely affected by the wind. Both the remote control and the app for my phone were simple to understand and easy to use for the price. This drone is definitely worth it. This drone is my second venture into this hobby. My first was the earlier dji phantoms, and this one from ykrc is an improvement over the dji in most aspects, i’m, not going to go into specs of this drone, but at the end this drone has so many features that it makes it easy to get into This hobby, for starters, i really like the gps enabled features such as the follow me features and the waypoint routing. It also has some autopilot features in case controlling the drone gets overwhelming. I do admit it is a big learning curve to control the drone in a smooth manner, and these features do help just keep in mind that the follow me keeps the drone stationary, but the camera tracks you based off the gps signals of the remote for the Video quality it’s really good.

The 4k video footage is sharp and clear, and i appreciate the camera has an image stabilizer. All the videos i have captured is usable. The only slight improvement i can think of is the remote controller. The joysticks are a hard plastic and i would prefer if it was wrapped in softer and gripper rubber. Everything else about the remote is good. I like the smartphone holder and the lcd screen, that’s easy to see in the sunlight overall. I think this is an incredible drone for the price.