This is the second drone that i have owned, the first being basically, a toy in comparison to this. This drone seems to be a direct competition to the higher prices. Dji drones, this thing sports a 4k camera, but realistically this is the one area that the higher priced drones have an advantage. The quality of the photos is pretty good, but video is let down by the 15 fps. I think i would have preferred at least 30 fps at a lower resolution for me, that’s. The only thing that i was slightly disappointed in for my purpose: it’s, not a big deal, as i primarily use this drone too, for scouting out locations. If you are looking at this drone, mainly for creating high quality 4k video, then you may want to look at a more expensive drone, so with the cons out of the way let’s move on to the pros. First is the flight time being excellent? I don’t know if it’s exactly 26 minutes, but it certainly seemed like i was flying it forever. The next thing that really makes this drone stand out is the app and all the features that the drone comes with. These are all the same features that you’re going to be paying top dollar for with the other drone manufacturers. Overall, this feels like a very well made and quality drone. I can tell you from experience that it can take a couple of crashes with no problems: lol, Music, also a tip join the snapton voiceout club.

The customer support is great Music. I can’t say enough good things about the sp 7100 by snapton. It has pretty much everything you look for in a drone today. It has all of the basic features like headless mode. Follow me points of interest. It also has features that are usually found in more advanced drones. Those include optical flow, sensors, ultrasonic, positioning and altitude hold to make controlling the sp 7100 easier. The camera is 4k quality that has shock absorbers to produce better video to reduce the shaking seen in most other camera drones. You are able to change the angle by adjusting the dial on the remote. The app is very intuitive and works smoothly. You can easily map a path to where you want your drone to fly. You also can record three ways either by clicking the app on your phone or the remote Music. The remote has a photo button and also a video button. You can also use hand gestures to either record video or snap a photo for a hands free experience. It uses a 5 grams wi fi connection for a better performance as too 4 grams on other drones can get a bit laggy flight time is very good as well, lasting between 25 to 30 minutes, i’ll more than likely purchase a few more batteries to be able To have fun for a few hours, brushless motors are a must, as they last so much longer than motors with them.

Overall, this is a very good choice for any level it’s easy to fly for beginners, and also you can up the speed as you advance in your skill set, because it has two speeds setting it up takes less than a minute before you can take off landing.