I didn’t want to invest dollar five zero, zero one, zero zero zero in a drone only to have it crash and burn like a few other ones i have had did. I had bought three other drones that were under 200 and they were very difficult to fly in the slightest breeze since they are lightweight, but this snapton sp500 drone is so much nicer than the others. I have owned the biggest advantages this drone has is the flicker free live video stream to your phone, the excellent gps flying mode that holds the drone very steady, even in windy areas without the drone blowing away and the higher end features such as follow me mode And fly by way points. I have now flown this drone 11 times and it has been so easy to use and very fun to fly when you get the hang of it, hit the speed button and hear the two beeps and you will have much more speed and agility than when in Beginner mode, i highly recommend this drone to everyone. Looking for the best drone you can buy for under 200.. Your browser does not support html5 video at the 100 to 200 price point. This drone can be beat, i own a few others, including a dji mavic air, and this drone is really impressive. I haven’t been able to try out all of the features yet, but i am having fun playing with it. I got this as my play drone since i use the others for work and i’ve been surprised about how nice the image quality is and how well the drone handles considering its size and weight.

This is a great beginner drone, because it’s easy to fly, packed full of features and doesn’t take much skill. Snapton sp500 is the first drone i’ve owned. So i don’t have a great amount of experience. It comes nicely packaged in a diligent box and everything is packed. Neatly, Music, what you get is a drone, a controller two batteries, all relevant charging leads and extras. The drone itself is extremely compact and feels solid.