This size, great indoor, fun, can be used outside too, if there’s, no wind and the charge is good for a decent duration. Recharge is pretty fast as well. This drone is small and so much fun to fly in my house. My son loves watching it my 10 year old nephew can fly it, but my 7 years nephew needs help with it i’m going to buy one for my husband and my brother too. So obviously, i’d recommend it. If you are looking for a great beginner drone for adult or kid, i would recommend this mini drone very easy to learn how to fly. The kids will love the flips out of so many drones. My son has gone through. I must say that this mini drone is by far the best one. He is only four and he is able to maneuver it all over the house it’s so easy to use, not to mention it comes with three rechargeable batteries great purchase. I am so impressed with this little drone for the price i didn’t expect more now i decided i will give it to me son and order a second one. This drone is so easy to maneuver. I can’t even explain it comes with extra set of screws and a small screwdriver. The only thing is, you have to read the manual to pair it and then every time you turn it on. You have to push the left joystick up and down, but that’s me just being picky again.

I am so amazed with this drone for the price you are getting it for either him getting old. Either. Technology evolves too fast. This supposed to be my nephew’s christmas gift and he couldn’t wait to open and play with it. It’S really strong, having almost 50 plus crashes and wall hits and it’s still working like new. It comes with a spare set of blades charger controller. The round part protects the blade very well great product.