It is easy to set up control and flies great everything works smoothly. Their app is awesome, it’s, so great that you don’t even need to take the remote control with you when you’re going for a fly. Each battery runs for 10 minutes and you’re, given two batteries, which gives you 20 minutes of running time. Batteries also charge super fast. Music, this is my first drone i’ve owned and it has been used friendly and easy to control the two batteries last for about 20 minutes together. So you get a decent amount of flying time in one session, it’s very fun to fly and it seems like it is built pretty sturdy Music. I am a first time, drone, buyer and user. It was very easy to set up and fly this drone. Two batteries provided with the product helps to fly for longer time. It is fun flying this drone to capture great pictures and videos around the backyard. I love it and it is a great start for my drone hobby Music. We did try it out, but the app seems to be crashing. So we asked the customer service for instructions, but unfortunately we could not figure it out, maybe our phone, so we had to return the item i don’t know who is more excited to use this. My son or my husband, it is very easy to use and has a lot of cool features. I highly recommend this. This is a gift for my husband’s birthday.

He liked it a lot it’s perfect for beginners it very light and you can carry it to anywhere. Also it’s very simple: we tried it. The camera is very neat and clean. The price is just right: we will protect to use it since we aren’t that good at it on thanksgi Music. This is a fun little drone easy to fly decent camera records, both video and takes photos. The drone folds up nicely for storage in its bag. It comes with two rechargeable batteries for the drone. The controller uses double a batteries. I recommend this drone as a great entry level machine Music, extremely fun. Little drone i’ve been flying this almost every day. Please note this drone isn’t remotely in the same class as something like a phantom, but the camera is decent and the flight time is great for its size. I’Ve gotten a lot of enjoyment out of it and i’d buy again great toy for the price. This was a fantastic drone for my son. We’Ve had a different drone before, but he had difficulty maneuvering it. This one was very easy for him and he had such a wonderful time playing with it. It is definitely a product.