I was surprised when i opened it up how nice the material was. Most of my previous drones have a cheap plastic feel that just seems like after a couple crashes, it would crack. This, however, feels dense and like it would take a beating. I love the fact that this drone can fold up so nicely and everything fits into a small case, making it easy to take with you on the go. The drone flies really well and holds a strong hover. I haven’t tested the follow me function yet, but we’ll try that someday soon it’s return to me function is very nice. It gets relatively in the same spot plus or minus a foot overall. This is a fantastic drone for its price range Music. After reading up a ton on what to look for in a drone, i decided on the simrex x20. I’M glad i did. The price was very good for what you’re getting hd camera gps. One button return. 30 minutes flying time it has all the bells and whistles of a much more expensive model, it’s very sturdy and well built. I can’t believe how small it folds up comes with a very nice case and replacement propellers, which is key since i’m. The idiot who launched it inside my apartment before reading all the directions so read the directions. It was raining out and i was too excited, so i turned it on inside and let it rip i read up until taking off but neglected to read about landing a small collision with a kitchen chair later and i have a small ding on a propeller speaking To the durability of it, she still flies, even with the slightly bent prop took a short video by hand with the camera note the stabilizers aren’t on since i am holding it, but it still is very high quality Music.

I can’t wait to keep practicing and learn to really test this thing’s limits. I will come back and update when i do. This package came with everything i recommend getting a micro sd card so that your 4k video is saved. As i opened the box, there was a carrying case, which is awesome. Then i saw the wings which the drone needs four sets, and it comes with eight sets in case. Any accidents happen how cool the wings are twisted in so easily. The control is nice. You need to download an app on your phone called simerx fly and you get gps and a live feed. The control is easy to control. It is not like other ones where there are a lot of buttons. It is simple and easy for beginners Music. I can’t wait to take this to the beach or park with my family and have it follow us around, so we can make montage videos and upload them to youtube. This is a great buy.