And then i continue on their flagship to 787 dreamliner in business class to dubai. I only have 45 minutes on the ground in jordan. Lets hope i make the connection but im very much looking forward how royal royal jordanian really is so lets. Do this lets go to dubai Music, so an also total fantasy of mine is flying turkmenistan airlines look at this. Do you see they even have a photo hanging there of their leader or dictator or whatever so cool, actually very interesting fact that was once booked in turkmenistan airlines from bangkok to frankfurt, uh on their triple seven, which im dying to do? I love um, wide bodies of exotic airlines and i was very much looking forward to, but then it was cancelled because apparently it was overbooked. So i got an email saying you cant take the flight. Well, hopefully, next year i dont know whether you saw the guy on the scooter or the girl passing through here on the scooter as well. Somewhere is airport, has a coveted police, and that is the coveted police. So be careful, wear your mask when theyre around, but it was then time to check in where i fell victim to a very well organized scam, which i secretly filmed. Is this a new rule with the insurance and the ticket or and how come at the at the insurance place? They dont give out receipts yeah they dont. Do they only take cash? Are you guys, working together? I ask i ask for receive when youre saying only cash.

That sounds like honestly, im working this. That sounds like a bit like a scam. You guys work together. No, you aint! In the deal you get in the pocket. You dont win stuff, youre ground, stuff, yeah yeah, but maybe maybe you have a deal like that sounds weird its all weird. Well, thank you. Hey have a good one bye. So all this is a bit strange. Um ill go to dubai on a regular basis. Never been asked, i mean onward ticket, i understand. Occasionally you get us, but the insurance thing is a bit dodgy, especially the fact that they only take cash payment over there and they dont give out a receipt. So im going to go back im going to follow up because i feel theyre kind of in on a scam here where they enforce it and then because a lot of people went there and had to get an insurance so ive, i smelled something fishy. So lets go and see if i can get a receipt, so its called the maple group so lets see what they have to say. But before we confront those people, i want to make sure that you guys are safe. Whenever you surf the internet, todays video is sponsored by surfsharkvpn by using a vpn. You serve the internet, safe and anonymously, and you get around censorship all around the world. Whether you want to surf instagram in china, use skype in dubai or watch adult movies in saudi arabia, and it works on all your devices too.

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But the thing is, i do have an insurance right for all this uh involved heres. Some. Ladies doing some tick, tock and yeah something very dodgy about this because he knew exactly where to go and he could only pay in cash very, very fishy and he wouldnt accept mike hoover insurance, so yeah. But weird and i go to dubai all the time never been asked for it so im sure hes in a deal, so i made it im inside the lounge, the iga lounge, which most of the airlines use ive reviewed this lounge a hundred of times. So im not going to review it now go check out other videos, um and, of course, didnt get the receipt emailed, which indicates the fact that there is something very fishy about it and um yeah. In half an hour, the plane is gon na land 320 to amman in economy, class, first review and then in business on the dreamliner uh sure its going to be a lot of fun. So lets put this so lets. Put the scam aside and now lets focus on the product review of royal jordania Music. Guys ive also noticed that 70 of you guys havent subscribed yet so, if you want to make my day its totally for free, please hit that subscribe button. Thank you very much. So i made it to the gate, theres still no boarding and were supposed to leave in 20 minutes, and i have a very tight connection in amman of 45 minutes, so i hope youre not going to be too late, otherwise ill be in troubles Music.

Can i go all right? Thank you right. Im, the first to board off. We go to oman first trip 320 economy class to jordan. How are you thank you so guys – and here we are welcome on board the economy class here at royal, jordanian on the 220. uh 138 seats in a 23 configuration and 12 in business class and have six of those 320s, which is pretty much the backbone of The original fleet f2019s – they have 321s and then obviously, they have the drain liners for long haul flights, which youre going to see on my second flight and uh yeah cruiser right, theres, already some passengers on board. They seem like either security staff or engineers um. This plane in particular, is nine years old. It does feel a little bit dated, but this is what the seat looks like you have a headrest, um theres, no personal entertainment, but the seat pitch to be honest, is very fair. Um. I dont know what that is. It seems broken, i think this is like air conditioning or some electronics or something i dont know im sure somebody knows what it is like. Not every row has that but its there and we can have a look inside yeah. Definitely something looks like a server or like a hard drive, or something like this, so yeah theres also hooks. I mean some seats, have it some? They dont mine, doesnt, so yeah its, not the newest cabin, and you can see here as well.

Everything is a bit worn, its been in service for some time, so flight time is roughly 90 minutes. I think, and then 45 minutes on the ground. And then i continue to dubai on a flatbed. The crew then handed out a hygiene kit and we made our way to the runway for a slightly delayed departure Music Music. So we just climbed out of istanbul. I got a beautiful view over the old ataturk airport, which is still used. I think for cargo operation and yeah never get people that need to walk around during takeoff. I literally were airborne for like two minutes and then you had like people walking around without a mask as well and then just a row behind me on the a rose like one girl, flat sleeping and a crew. Doesnt really seem to be concerned much by these kind of things, thats, why you sometimes ask me: what is your job as a crew? What are your duties? How are you supposed to look after these kind of things, so yeah a bit of a lenient uh attitude towards these kind of things? Other than that, we are curious to see what we get served on this two hour, hop to oman so thats, an interesting fact. A roger daniel is the only airline that i know were masked on mandatory for passengers but optional. So you dont have to wear a mask. You can wear a mask so yeah but im going to keep my on but its safe than sorry Music.

Shortly after we reached cruising altitude, the crew started with the onboard service, so peach juice, some dessert or water, and what i believe to be a sandwich looks like beef well find out, looks a bit dry. Foreign review. That sandwich is actually pretty good, a bit on the dry side, but still pretty decent for a two hour flight. So this is what the loo looks like here on the royal jordanian uh total mess. I wanted to go to the other loo and then theres a woman sitting inside like not blocking the door. Looking at me sitting on the potty and being all surprised that somebody walks in if you dont, lock the door its a bit of a weird uh audience here on this flight, no mask uh people behave a little bit barbaric, very rough and hectic, and no rules Are being followed, nothing and the lure just that pretty much is a visual presentation of the flight pretty much here in economy. Cars. Music! Excuse me, do you mind using headphones Music? So we just started our descendant to jordan um. I dont know what we are like. Uh schedule wise, but im gon na make my connection or not its gon na be very tight anyways, so but youre gon na be part of it. Lets see if i make it um, but to summarize the flight here on uh royal, jordanian in economy class, comparing it to the other middle eastern carriers, uh yeah, theyre way behind them in terms of hard product.

Soft product food was all right, but everything else is just a mess. Also like the people here on board. Elsa crew doesnt enforce any rules. They dont really care that much. So i wasnt too impressed so lets, see what we get on in business class on the dreamliner um yeah, but then now enjoy the landing and im. On a few minutes before touching down, i was shocked to see that the crew couldnt be bothered to get the cabin ready for landing, so welcome to another edition of cabin ready with jordanian airlines where tray tables stay down, seats, reclined and seat belts off. Unfortunately, we spend all our money on the new patio livery and cant no longer pay attention to safety. Some unbelievable scenes still taxiing half of the cabin on their feet already grabbing their bags and all that kind of see, uh sweet bell times just turned off such uh yeah, irresponsible crew here on this flight now lets see if i can catch my connection. So many things testing my nerves today. Here alright lets do this gate 130.. I can make it. I can make it oh by the way i just wanted to quickly show you the dreamliner thats, what it looks like seven, eight, seven, eight minus at the four gate. Actually parked just next to it um on my way here, so it says last call quite an exercise wasnt. It so lets board the dreamliner to dubai. Okay, good! Thank you, Music, all right! So here we are welcome on board the dreamliner in a two through two configuration 24 seats in business class here on raj, jordanian flew this bird before from kuala lumpur to bangkok, 2019, its been a while before covet, i wasnt too overwhelmed uh, but it didnt have Like a proper service or whatever, so i guess on this flight, the service is going to be a bit more enhanced, but this is pretty much the same seat like, for example, thai airways uses on there on dreamliner and those are the old seats of qatar airways.

From the airbus a330 quite common, its not the most private, as you can see, not the latest and not the most innovative product, but the great thing is it is flat. It is comfortable as long as there is nobody sitting next to you and once again on the road in here masts are optional, not mandatory crew. Elsa is just going around um, offering arabic coffee. What is a tradition on most middle eastern carriers in business class? So i its very strong, though very stronger, so i dont know what i want to have one or not so it doesnt matter whether you like arabic, coffee or not, but the smell is very unique and it feels like youve arrived in the middle east, with which I am right: jordan is as much middle east as it can be uh. How did i get this seat? I pretty much um booked an economy class flight from where did i start today, istanbul to dubai so booked an economy contract and then they uh sent me. Maybe five emails asking what i wanted to upgrade and i think the fifth email was when they got me when i was like yeah. You know its been a one month. Trip and uh lets just end it on a comfortable note and the upgrade was only 200 us dollars for 20 hour flight. I think um its not too bad quite a bargain and it was an instant upgrade. So its not.

I didnt bid on an upgrade. It was an instant upgrade so, but as let me give you a little seat tour so have your screen right in front of you tables kept here middle console, your seat controls remote control. You have some more storage here in the back, where you have a usb and a power outlet, and i picked 4k, which is a bit of has a misaligned window. So my window is here supposed to be another one here, but this is where all the pipes go through for the air conditioning wiring and all that kind of stuff. This is why you sometimes find like missing windows or misaligned windows, because theres a lot of stuff behind it, which you dont really see on airbus, and i dont know why but yeah that was the sea tour and theyre coming around with welcome drinks as well. So im gon na have one but guys cheers to a great flight coffee shop, so weve been 20 minutes into that flight and its full swing already on its giving a hot towel uh its nice. You know hotel is something that died during the pandemic and i cant really think of airlines that still do it. The first call of action by the crew. After its what i hate about this seat every time, my elbow touches, the seat, controls and moves the seat were giving out headphones. Keep in mind, this streamliner is not wi, fi equipped, so theres no internet on board um.

I really like the look of the menus. We have four meals to choose from on a regional flight of three hours. This is pretty impressive, i got ta say and then we have a wine list. Um, probably gon na try some uh local wines. I mean they only have many half champagne, french and then jordan, jordanian white wine jose jordanian cap sap so as well as beer, spirits, liquor the whole thing its our service and everything its very much pre covered no covet cost cutting nonsense. Its a real, quick uh before the dinner should, i say, dinner dinner service starts a look at the amenity kit, which looks pretty fancy or like fancy, classy uh, stylish id, say even a pen toothbrush eye shades as well as socks, which is not bad for a Three hour flight, the food wasnt necessarily award winning, but i really do appreciate the fact that the airline isnt trying to be cheap and saves money on weird covert measures. So i just moved into a bit more comfortable position because dinner service is just done and i think its now a great opportunity to uh summarize my experience in rio, jordanian um since its been a two class review. First flight was rather disappointing. Right safety issues are a crew that couldnt be bothered about these kind of things, not enforcing anything. They were not bad. You know they were friendly people, but they didnt seem to put any effort into their job and especially when it comes to safety.

You guys know me uh there is there. Is there is no lacking, you know, theres no slacking. You should uh always perform 100 on these kind of things, because this is what youre there for so uh the economy class experience wasnt that great to be honest, uh transfer experience was pretty decent, pretty easy. The airport seems actually pretty nice in amman. This flight, in terms of seats, yeah lucky – i have nobody next to me, its comfortable, its nice on a long haul, not 100 sure, and also not here. The crew is not going to win a service award uh. To be honest, right, uh, the camera memory was pretty nice and uh like hes trying really hard, but i barely saw him. He was uh on the other aisle uh rotating over there. He was very engaging. He was actually really cool with most of the passengers. I ended up with a a girl that just did the bare minimum, so i uh there was no service attitude. Nothing was she did her job but thats it. What im going to say about indian, its all right, you know, but in comparison to all the other middle eastern carriers, they are theyre way behind them. That is my opinion overall now having experienced them, but guys this should be it for today i am going to end the video here im going to lean back and enjoy really that last full hour of my one month trip by not having a camera and guys.

I would love you to check out my patreon uh. If you support my work, i put a lot of energy and money into those videos, so i um would be nice if you want to become a patron join my whatsapp group. I offer some really cool perks. Um leave a like subscribe if you havent yet and uh yeah guys. I hope this video is helpful for you in the future to make the right choice and wherever youre off, to have a safe trip.