This is a mini drone. Um is by a company called red five um i’ve, never used from them before and it’s their nano drone um yeah. So this one, i guess, is trying to look like a mini phantom or something similar to that um, which i guess it does. If you put on these legs um so yeah you get with the drone um the drone itself, the controller, a lipo uh battery that’s 3.7 volts, one usb cable, an instruction manual, four blades and four landing skids, um, the blades and the landing skids. I lost the bag that they’re in so i can’t show those um. Maybe i can show you everything else so that’s the box. It comes like with the drone in this area and the controllers on this side um. I do like that they put them beside each other, because it’s more flat, like the box in general, is more flat um but yeah. So now i’m going to talk about the drone um. It has some really cool features which i like so first of all, we’re. Just going to go over the usb and it’s just a typical usb, i have two of these now from other drones. I own um. It works pretty good. It says it only uses one amp like to not go higher than one amp, but my portable charger does two amps, like it outputs two amps. So you know this totally worked, so i don’t know if it’s gon na not last as long but you know for me, it worked good.

Put that to the side uh. One of the other extras you get is something they call the drone code, which is basically just something to kind of teach you ish about like different little laws. You know like don’t fly near airfields or airports or anything like that remember to stay below 400 feet, which is 120 meters, observe your drone at all times. You know, which basically is um, is saying like stay away from people or property. Um, like this is just a micro drone. I don’t – i honestly fly this indoors, so i don’t really have to worry about these um never fly near aircraft, that’s the i guess, that’s true. You know this doesn’t really put out um any kind of gps signal. So i don’t know why it would get in the way, but you know, it’s a good safety precaution with all drones. I mean yeah enjoy the responsibility because they are a responsibility, and here it has some different examples. You know like um, for example. Here it says, be responsible for each flight, so that’s like basically, and it has a little diagram which is really cool, uh, legally responsible uh, the responsibility lies with you. Um failure respond to spy to fly responsibly could result in a criminal prosecution without that’s. True, um yeah, so you you could have a read on that um and it will, you know, give you an idea of the laws and stuff and what you’re allowed to do.

You’Re, not how to do by the way it comes with instructions. So they’re inside the box right now, just because i you know um they’re in english for mine um, i know some people bought the chinese version of this and there’s in chinese. You know that’s. Obviously, if you had a chinese one so yeah, this is the drone um it’s, just under four inches, so it’s definitely a three inch drone and it comes with um prop guards but they’re like fixed into the body so they’re permanently there and considering that most of Us can use this indoors. I actually really love that and uh. The propellers do go above the guard. So if you hit the ceiling, you might scuff up the propellers a bit um, but what i love is when you hit something let’s, say right now: i’m flying and i hit something. If the propellers keep spinning, if you can see that they they keep on spinning, which i love, so if you lightly hit the wall like it’s fine, obviously, if you hit it hard enough, so the entire drone does this, then you might end up in a crash. Um, as you can, we can see, mine is black um and yes, there’s the battery underneath it’s 150 milliamps. With this battery, you actually get like five minutes of flight time, which is amazing um if you’re flying it in the low speed mode and you’re flying it very smooth and carefully.

I found you can get almost eight minutes, nine minutes with it um, so it has got a very good flight time, especially for this size of a quadcopter um, the front ones like the front propellers, the yellow, the white, the back of white. You honestly don’t really notice them when you’re flying when you’re flying, at least for me, i’m, looking at where the wires are because they do stick out at the back or i’m. Looking at the leds, these have leds um i’m, actually going to show you a pretty cool safety feature um when i power up and stuff um, but first i want to show you guys the controller so let’s put that over there. The controller is that if originally this was going to have a really small controller um, this one is a black body with yellow um buttons, there’s a white version um, and instead of like a black and gold that one’s like um, white and red, i believe um And yes, there’s the on button there, it has a pretty cool red light. That’S your speed change. I believe it’s only got high and low there’s, no medium uh. This is your flip button. I actually really like it how it flips it flips really smoothly uh. This is your throttle, so that makes the quad go uh up and down it’s a mode two that makes it go up and down that’s called the throttle. This is called the your which makes the entire quad turn, and so it turns like that, and then you have the other stick.

This is your pitch, which makes it go forwards and backwards like this, and this is your roll, which makes it go to the side. Like, like almost do a barrel, roll to the left and to the right, okay and quadcopter flying is all about mixing all of those to do all kinds of cool tricks and stunts and everything yes, i’m, a pincher. I know there’s some people who thumb do what suits you. I honestly don’t care also on air it’s got uh buttons. These four are on the on the right side. These four are your trim. They trim the pitch and the roll and, on the left side, these two control, the uh trim for your dash roll. They control the trim for your uh, your uh, the up and down ones. Do nothing uh this okay button, uh puts it into headless mode and let me just check real, quick, yep that’s headless mode. I personally don’t use headless mode um, but if you want it it’s there, and this does what they call one keyword turn which i guess kind of works. It hasn’t got a gps on it. So when it goes back to where you were it just kind of keeps on going so like let’s, say you’re here and you fly the drone to here and you want to bring it back, but you can’t control it or you can control it, but you’re too Scared or something instead of coming back when it when you press it will come back, but then, instead of coming back to here and then stopping it, will just sort of keep going so that’s.

Really, if you get it too far, and you want to bring it back to get like, so you can see it again, that’s kind of what that’s like but yeah. It requires four double a batteries and yeah now i’m going to power it up, because this is almost 10 minutes. I think until it’s gon na be like 11 12 minutes, um i’m gon na do the flight video next time. So you just plug that in they flash. You turn that on you go up and down with the photo right and then they go still now. What i love is and now by the way you can turn it on. You know the mo the throttle is really sensitive, and i love that um like if you’re in a sticky situation or you’re flying into something that you can get over. You just give it a little bit of photo and just goes right over it. If you crash – and it goes upside down the first of all – they start strobing like crazy, like if some of you might have a seizure just watching this right. It will not power up, and i love that, because you’re less likely to damage your propeller um and also look how bright they are like my room right now is fairly light. I know it looks a little bit dark that’s because of my camera, but like right now my room is fairly light and, like you can see the things from up there.

You know so i think that’s awesome blue in the front green in the back that’s. Actually, how i tell which side is towards me, not, i tell from the lights and from the way the wire is um so yeah, because this video is now coming up to 10 minutes long that’s, how you turn it on and off you just plug it in Um because uh it’s coming up to 10 minutes long i’m, honestly gon na do this video explaining it and the next video i’m going to do two flights with it. One in low uh modes like low uh, speed mode and we’re in highway speed mode, because i haven’t even tried the high speed. Yet since i only flight in my room and my room is fairly small, um, so yeah, i hope you guys enjoy that um like subscribe, and i see and i’ll see you later. Oh yeah, yo, 20 pounds. This thing was 20 pounds uh. It was a gift for my girlfriend. She is amazing for that. I know you’re watching honey. Thank you so much um at the beginning, uh, i didn’t know if i was gon na like it or not, because i learned how to fly a drone on one of these smaller quads um and it and it was good, but the controller was so bad like It was so stiff. This is a fairly good balance. I one thing i will ask if the company is watching or someone who makes drones is watching, is if the your springs or gimbals were just a tiny bit, looser not by much um, because the drone itself isn’t that um sensitive, like it doesn’t instantly like there’s.

A dead space like a dead area. If you get what i mean like to make it do anything, you got ta really push. So it would be nice if there was just a little bit more a little bit less spring tension um, but yeah that’s, the video. I hope you guys enjoyed it now, it’s well worth it. If you ever see it pick it up. Um i’m, not sure how much the chinese version goes for um, but yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed this video like subscribe and i’ll.