I don’t like its price, as other batteries from this maker are much more affordable and there are no alternatives for this. Drone i’ve never worked on a drone. That said this kid is a lifesaver. I crashed into a tree and broke two arms on the drone: go to youtube and search how to repair a parrot and offi. A video of a drone on a brown table top will come up, click that and follow the instructions contains all body frame pieces, except for the camera assembly. Your browser does not support html5 video Music, all the parts for a minor crash, one of the landing feet broke after falling from a table drone wasn’t, even on damn cat lol, good idea to have around just in case a bit pricey in my opinion, but no Choice: the battery works like a champ, no issue with it at all. I only put four stars because of the cost come on parrot, give us a little break here. Usanafi owners are very loyal. Please cut us a break on the costs of the battery. The only blades i will ever install on my parrot and offi you get what you pay for. I ordered a set of off brand propellers and these propellers visually. I can’t tell the difference. The main problem between the two were that the off brand screw holes were snug around the mounting screws, as opposed to these that were free floating. I don’t know if this would affect the flying or not, but the enough e is 600 to 800 and i really didn’t want to guess at it.

Yes, the off brand is two sets for propellers for ten dollars and the real and offi ones are twenty dollars for, for one set. What can i say extra note? These do come with screws. The off brand didn’t was waiting for a repair kit to be sold by parrot. The only thing is the youtube, video and repair isn’t thorough enough, not for the first time, tech, i’m, a tech, so it wasn’t t difficult fly good with battery zoom zoom. I go far 20 minutes go far go far. This is exactly what i needed. My drone had a broken left rear arm. I stepped on the drone like a real stupid lull. There is an instruction video on youtube, but i didn’t watch it and i just started repairing the drone.