Now this drone is kind of a good drone. I had it for about three months, but there is some things of it that i do not like. So let’s get right into the video so now here’s the drone well now let’s take it out and tell you what i do not like about it and what i do like about it. No, i like how it’s foldable but it’s it makes it more portable. If you don’t want to use the case, but it can’t really fit in your pocket and pieces at landing, gear could break off like right. Here it broke off from a nasty crash by the wind. I hate the wind with the drone and i got a scratch right here and a few scratches on the top right there. I don’t know if you can see it. I didn’t tighten this propeller that good and i lost a screw from this propeller, but luckily it comes with extra propellers and extra screws right here in this box. It comes with three boxes of extra propellers and extra screws, but the third one is over here, but i kind of lost it when i was changing the propellers so now let’s unfold this drone. Now i like how the camera moves by itself and these kind of look like front lights for like to copy the mavic 2 pro, but it’s actually not lights, so it kind of sucks – and this is where the battery goes – and this is the power button you Just press on it for the drone to turn on so let’s get one of these batteries.

It comes with two batteries and let’s show you it turn on so now to put the battery in you just put it in right here and then you just push the front and then the batteries in it’s clipped on tight and now to turn it on just Press Music and now the drum is on and to turn it off. You just hold this button and when the back lights are blinking green, that means the drone is turning off, and now this video could record this drone could record videos with a memory card. You put the memory card right, there, that’s a slot and on the bottom, this is lights at night when they’re really bright at night. I kind of like these lights that’s. Another thing that i like about this drone, and this is the sensors in the camera. You can see in the bottom pretty sure to measure how high it is, but i don’t think these sensors are really real. It sucks, but i think they’re real at the same time. So now let’s take a look at the transmitter, so here’s the transmitter kind of like a copy of the mavic 2 pro again. But these antennas are most likely plastic i’m. Pretty sure you know i’m pretty sure, they’re plastic, and this is the switch for transmitter to turn it on. But if you want to connect the transmitter to the drone, you hold down on this button and then you turn the switch off and then it should connect to the drone.

Let’S turn it off now. This button right here is to unlock the drone when you’re about to take a flight. This button right here, if you hold down it’s, going to record a video and if you just press on it, it’s going to take a picture. This returns a home button when you want the drone to return home, but you can’t make it come home by yourself. You click this button, it will automatically return home and when you lose connection with the drone, it will return home and when it’s on the low battery. Now this button right here, if you click on it, it will turn on the bright lights. On the bottom of the drone, and if you hold on it will change the speed of the drone is going and now this right here is to move the camera up and down. Let me show you right now: Music turn on transmitter and you can see it’s fully connected to the drone and the speed is on mode too. If i hold down the button it right now, it’s low, i don’t know if you say, but it says hi all right now. Right here is how high it is and how far it is right now, it’s telling me to calibrate the drone. You have to turn it horizontally clockwise. You have to turn the counter clockwise i’m. Sorry and then turn it vertically and spin it counterclockwise again and now. Let me show you the camera.

I can move you see i’m holding right here. You can see the camera move. I kind of like that feature that’s pretty nice and i forgot to tell you this drone comes with brushless motors, not brushed motors. They say brushless motors, actually more better than brushed motors that it could go faster. But i have this drone called the vti sky tracker. Gps drone and it has brushed motors, and it doesn’t go as if this drone does not go as fast as it. Okay. So now let’s talk more about the transmitter. Now this button right here is to take off the drone flick when you want to do it. Flight to unlock the drone you press this button, but it won’t let the drone take off the propellers are going to start spinning, but it won’t let it take off to make it take off. You press this button or you push the throttle stick up and on the top right here is where you put your phone and bottom bottom right here is handles for, like i’m sorry it’s for more better grip when you’re flying the drone. Okay, so now i’m going to show you what will happen if we click this button to unlock a drone for a flight, see how it’s not taking off but to make it take off. You push this throttle up, which i’m not going to do that, can i’ll make a fly right now. So now, if you don’t do it, if you don’t take off for a while it’s just going to turn off itself so now, let’s turn off this transmitter and turn off the drone hold down this button and you’ll see the backlight blinking green, and that means it Was turning off for now, let’s look at the charger.

No, it should come with one wire and then here’s the charger to plug it into the battery it’s kind of hard to do this one hand but plug it into the battery. You just put it in from right there so hard and then now it’s plugged in let me unplug it there we go, but to make a charge. You have to plug this into the back and then plug into a charger blocks or a laptop or anything. You know to know that when it’s fully charged there’s three lights right here, the middle light would be red, and these two lights will blink green when they’re blinking. That means the drone is charging when they’re not blinking and they’re, just staying green. That means the drone battery is fully charged and ready for flight. But after you do one flight, you need to make sure that the battery cools down for like 30 minutes. So because i mean the battery is hot and if you charge it while it’s hot, it could damage the battery and give you less flight time. But i love how this drone comes with two batteries. I love this case, it’s really durable. I dropped it a few times and it’s still good, but this handle right here. I had to glue it on because, when i was running with the case to my friend’s house, this part right here came off and i had to use crazy glue to put it back together.

Anyways Applause, it’s still a good, and i don’t know if i mentioned that on the side, the drone right there that’s a memory card slot. So you can record videos with the drone to take pictures by that button. But if you don’t have a memory card inside the drone there’s no use of that button, i’ll suggest to just download a screen recording app. So you can record what you’re seeing on the phone that the drone sees so that’s.