Hs170 predator mini drone, so stay tuned were gon na go into previews and i will Music, okay, Music. Welcome back and im gon na give you some simple details that are off the box. This is the holy stone, uh hs 170 predator um, its a four channel drone 360 degree rotation, which is 360 flip. I have had this drone previously. This is just a second copy of this one and im pretty familiar im pretty familiar with it. So were going to go ahead and review this one, and what else was it animations? 170? Okay, so i guess were going to go ahead and unbox this thing and bring it out there. We go okay and it kind of fell apart there bring it back together. Okay, so looks like here is the drone in its little case here, along with some oh extra props and such and controller, which is kind of stuck in there as well, and they dont want this coming out. Do they all right? You can set that plastic piece up here, heres the controller for it really cool. It looks like yeah. It takes uh six double a batteries. Its a lot of batteries set that there – and here is the predator mini drone um the screwdriver and the propellers, and it looks like oh yeah on a propeller remover see this little uh metal piece here. I dont know why? Really? You would need that because these pre uh props on my other drone anyway, are rather easy to take off.

So you probably do not need this unless youre just trying to save fingernails or whatever, but im gon na, go ahead and set that down and putting the plastic over there. And it looks like what we get on this uh bag is a charger and oh thats, interesting one free battery. It says on it. I dont know what that means. Ill have to look at that and see what its that means, but according to that and some instructions and uh whatever else is in here, so we have the charger, the four extra props, four extra screws and the prop um remover, the screwdriver, the drone and the Controller, so im gon na go ahead and charge this thing, and i will be right back alright folks, welcome back. It has been right at 60 minutes later uh. It is done charging uh, so yeah its done charging and im gon na go ahead and plug this thing in, for you guys so heres what happens when it first comes on theres flashing light, so you want to set this down on a level surface coordinate, let Its gyro and everything calibrate now that its slowed down flashing. You turn the controller on here and switch on and according to parrot, you flip up flip down okay, and that should be it, and it is now paired so were ready for takeoff yep. Ah, oh um, so i guess were gon na take this thing outside and i will be right back.

Alright folks welcome to the outside scene, so uh im not going to show this entire video of its all the way flying because uh itll be a very long time and you dont want to watch it for that long. As long as this drone will be applied. So were going to dive right into the controller section here, so this is the power right here to lift it up. You see, and this is the rotation okay – and this is your force backwards, left and right. Your joystick here move this, so you can fly around here and gon na put that back in the middle, so were gon na go into buttons. Now this button right here is your light. So long press will turn your light off like that, and long press will turn your light back on. This is no button. As far as i know it will not do anything. This is return home, headless mode forward and backward trimmer left and right trimmer and hold down on this button. Right here are your modes, your speeds, actually so heres mode, you heard okay lets, go back mode, 2 mode, 3 and mode 1. and heres your flip. I do not want to press this button right now, because, if i do ah itll fly off as soon as i take off and try to flip and then crash into the ground. So, im just going to show you some short clips here and there of my drone flying and flipping and session there so ill be right back all right, so ill try to get a flip for you here.

I dont know how well yep and there it went so you can flip this thing repeatedly like flipping it forwards. All that. But i cant do that very well right here, because im not in high enough altitude to do and if i did go high enough, you wouldnt be able to see my drone very well so there. That is all right. So im gon na go ahead and bring my drone back at max speed here wow and how do you know when your batterys low? Oh, your drone, uh lights start flashing, so when that happens, you want to go ahead and land this thing, and that is good. All right so welcome back, were at the ending details here and the flight lasted about seven minutes about what they advertised and so far, ive been really happy with this drone, like i said, ive had a previous copy, so im rather familiar with this one, and i The previous copy ive had for right around a year now ive flown it probably about 200 times and crashed it 100 times or 300 times or whatever, and so im really impressed really tough drone. I love it uh if you want to get one of your own on amazon, theyre 20 ebay is 25 or so dollars, and if you want to go to holystone.com and pick one of these up is um around thirty dollars. So its the holy stones, a little bit more expensive than the others, but uh im really impressed with this drone uh its not an altitude hold drone its just.

You know as soon as you let off the drone fall, which is really nice, its really fast, probably about 30 40 miles an hour. This thing can go. I made it go faster when i took the blade guards off of it like really fast, but then youre not very safe, because if you crash it it could break it so, but around 20 you can get this one and so far i am really impressed with It um, so i guess that is pretty much it um.