Everyone knocks its thats kind of hard to say, okay, so this can do flips, but so can this, but this its the same brain as this, this uh voyage aeronautics. This is the center of currents. This is from walmart. This is from costco, but these ones are cheaper from if you buy it from costco. You can get this for sixty dollars off of amazon, but you can get this for like thirty dollars off of costco, but you can get this for like 40 dollars from walmart yeah 45., and so this is good for this price. If you get it from like costco, this is is powerful and it has a lot of speed and the camera looks a lot cooler. Well, this camera just looks kind of lame for a bigger drone. This controller, its basically the same thing as this controller yeah its more comfortable this, however, i just like it more because its bigger and you could see it easily easily when its like very far away this, if you just put it 10 feet away its going to Be very hard to see Music, and this has a stronger battery. You can tell that the battery is not in it because theyre charging – and this has just the weakest battery, but this battery does last for 10 minutes. This lasts for, like 20 to 30 minutes, so yeah Music, they both have their like. They both have cameras. I feel like this ones better, because you can probably see better in the dark because of these lights Music, while this one just has like these slides but its not really direct on the camera, and this has like this back light and this doesnt, i dont know What this is this, they both have basically the same extra parts and yeah thats about it.

So in comparison, this is better for its price if you buy it from walmart, but this is better in price if you buy it from costco, so this is probably the better deal if you get it at costco, and i would really recommend this. But this is amazing for beginners, because its just it comes with these things, and you need these things in case. You feel like a beginner and yeah, and they both have trim, as you can tell Music yeah trim, is like very important for a drawing in case. If you want to like put the slightest amount of power more power to a propeller, so yeah, so yeah thats it. This is better Music for like most of the stuff other than speed this, and this sounds a lot more for some reason so yeah.