Viper Fury start room, this room is really nice and it has a lot on it and a cat, and it does really good flips and it and it and uh it has good LEDs bomb. But I dont think I have that much better to say about it. The the only thing is that battle is, that is that it doesnt take super long until its long flight time and the Q2 from propellers and then theres a bunch of weird things like wanting two on the controller, it makes a bunch of sounds like that, and You can heal it keeps beeping until it connects even speeds when I turn it off, so that might be a bit annoying for the peeling process. But you dont have to push the stick up and down to peel it like most wounds, do uh, and then it has this little sensor on the bottom. Let me see if I can get that to focus and live this thing, yeah, that that is a teeny, tiny camera that sees like, like if its drifting like if its moving, then it sees the grounds moving kind of and it stops moving. So that keeps it not drifting away and then it does have altitude hold. So you so you press this launch land button to take off and you press it against the land and it does have low and high speed, but they call it normal and Sport. You press it once you go into school mode and press again to go into normal mode and keeps going, and next cycle keeps going and to calibrate it.

You have to press the flip button when its on the ground. If you try to calibrate in the air its going to do a flip, so you just try to do a flip on the ground and then it will calibrate just tap the step button. The flip button and the calibrate switches here – and one thing I found weird – is that whoa a lot of rooms you that can flip you press it and then push it in whatever Direction you want. We want to flip, but if you just tap and this one, you have to hold it and if you dont tell it just tap it, it just automatically doesnt wave flip its, not even random. So a little weird on thats, quite thats, a little weird Im. Never Im pretty sure Ive never seen any other Throne do that, but the LEDs are nice, so our LED theres no on off switch. You have to plug this in. Ah so one. Where are we see on the back uh one? We we know we do on the front and then green eyes kind of glowing through there. So good orientation and you got and you got the different color propellers too, and I really like how the scene looks. It just looks so good and then all your controls are the same and your emergency stop, which they dont even call an emergency. Stop because this is a power button plus it wants to turn on plus itll pop it to emergency, stop and press and hold it and to turn off and so oh to build.

You go forward or first and then and then and then well and then, while playing photo reverse you tap the stunt button and thats how you do Bill rules and its, and I already told you its a 650 milliamp hour battery eight is nine. Is tennis minute flight go flight time and I think thats Im going to say it about this. You control some extent. Your controls are quite similar, so lets plug the so theres no on off switch. So you have to plug this in uh, its not unplugging there. So Im gon na say theres that battery last before I do that holds the battery just tap press. It turn it on and then it paired yep so lets look lets get away from me so see that thing stops it from flipping around see see it stops. Drifting so of course, yeah slide out here. This thing can fly indoors, so lets do some flips whats good, actually lets do a barrel, roll three two one go its, not bad, so see you can easily see those LEDs to let good yall. Wait has a really good. It has a good Yahweh too the interning, oh its gon, na blowing away by the wind. This thing does not have a camera or tdf, and I forgot to say that the clock goes. They keep falling off when you try to put them on so lets. Go into a sport. Theres only 40. hmm looks like the Yahweh does not change.

I found that the LEDs on the remote they keep blanking. Oh see see that sport mode one flashes and if youre in school mode, the normal one flashes, it makes a bunch of noises. Okay, okay, so lets Play One More. Okay, lets do another flip, no good, that things was okay, so, as I guess thats all I got a show about this, so lets. Take it down for landing. Lets. Put those two hands off, see its pretty stable, so lets go down. Oh and one thing I got ta kill you with that, is that when you land land, do you got a little delay before it finally goes down and look so the emergency stopped as well. So I cant have it here: stop it works Music, its a nice drone and then and then one thing I realized is that doesnt really when it blinks like that it doesnt blink it alternates between those two LEDs, whoa thats. I hope you like.