Most of the days hes got lots of pent up energy. You can see kind of over to the mountains. On the left hand, side youve got the glitteri the right hand side here with uh krivgark, pretty misty and grim looking over there. Its quite windy today, as well so ill, try and find a spot out the wind a bit more for the chat. Apologies for a little hiatus on the video front, ah personal life stuff and a bit of a leading to a bit of a lack of motivation. For these, but back in the game now uh and im off to spain in a few days as well, so im full of psych again ive been down the wall this morning, uh training, one last training session before i go away, its kind of that weather in North wales, now drizzly, i say cold, actually its quite mild today, where its hard to get much done outside actually, which is why either you kind of the best bet is to go away to someone like spain, fingers crossed covered allowing or you know get psyched about Scottish winter and stuff like that and scottish winter well, that has been my thing in the past: ive done a fair amount, its not my thing so much now id rather be sunning myself in spain, although we do spend a lot of time in the shade getting The primo conditions im just trying not to fall over as we go through boggy ground here, todays video, two parts to it.

First, bit about the patagonia das parker that ive been wearing for i dont know maybe a couple of months. Now time flies uh. I thought it was worthwhile doing a review of this, even though my name isnt colin haley and im not climbing in patagonia and putting it through the most extreme of weathers that these jackets get put through. But i thought probably its quite realistic. The use that i get from this jacket, what i do with it, is probably similar to a lot of other people, its the same with a lot of our kit, its probably over engineered for for what we necessarily use it for um, but ive had it a While and ive used it on dog walks like this, i use it mount to leader courses, teaching scrambling all that kind of stuff. So ive put it through its paces, a bit its been out and about quite a lot. Ive, worn it shed loads and ive been out in the snow with it. Um ive been bitterly cold in the wind on trevan the other day, for example, mountaineering days damp days as well, and it sort of tested its waterproofness, and i have, for a long time been a massive fan of the mountain equipment citadel, which is probably its main Competitor so ill have a little chat about those in a sec and then the other part was just about sort of mountain training courses, rock climbing structure, mountain leader, mountaineering, climbing instructor a bit about getting deferred on them, because i had one yesterday a reassessment for someone Who got deferred by myself a little while ago, its actually a really positive experience and thats what it should be so im going to talk about that? What im going to do? First, im going to nip over here, put the camera down.

So i can go through the jacket stuff first without my arm falling off, because, ah its quite hard were holding this up for all its quite heavy. So join me in just a sec when ive set that up there. We go sorry if the camera is a bit uh on a skew its hard at the rockstar, the boys catching my jumping from rock to rock over there. So i really like this jacket, the das parker. As i say, i was a citadel user for years and years and i properly beasted my sister. I was looking a bit tatty a bit worse for wear um ive, had it all over scotland, alps, norway and loads of places as a flipping ace jacket. That thing is absolutely one of those quality sort of legendary bits of kit. I love mine. Now it still hangs up, but i dont use it quite so often uh, because im going for this thing, instead, thats ace dead, warm pretty good at keeping a shower from what have you as well comfy, all that kind of stuff loads of pockets, but its flipping Heavy uh the one ive got, is even more weight. The newer one thats just come out. Sorry, the boys distracting me uh is about 880 grams. I think ill flash it up if its anything wildly different to that, but its on the heavy side and for someone like me, whos carrying a jacket like that most days rather than wearing it.

When i am taking it out its quite meaty. It takes up a lot of space in the bag. Actually it would be a really great jacket for like mountain leader, camps and stuff, like that, but um i just found it took up too much space i wasnt actually carrying it. So for me, thats where the das parker comes in, because its quite a lot lighter its about 300 grams, lighter actually its like five five six for that lightness, you know its almost guaranteed. It wont be as warm really isnt it, and people were telling me new technology. Prima loft is really good and thats what the citadel the new citadel has as well, and it is really good, but it just doesnt quite compare to my old citadel and, whilst i havent worn the new one i cant imagine thats any worse. The new citadel has uh got a gore in uh infinitum. I think its called something like that ill flash that off as well so its kind of a brand name waterproof outer. This is sort of patagonias own brand stuff, and i have had it out in quite a lot of damp weather. Its performed really well its not as warm as the citadel it is warmer than the mountain equipment fits roy. That helps to put it into context, because, probably between those three theyre, the main ones, that people in the uk use a lot features wise. It just does what you expect it to do.

Really a good chunky, zip, a nice chest, pocket thats, a good size, not map size, but a decent size for shoving things in two big hand: warmer pockets and then inside you have got a pocket on that side. I think and that side as well. So you can chuck a you know your gloves. In there or a water bottle theyre, you know semi generously fitted. I reckon almost it doesnt look silly just worn normally over a jumper. It does go over some other layers as well. So you do have a bit of space in there for like, say for shoving that water bottle and putting it over other layers and everything like that in the cuffs. My mate mikey works for patagonia, pointed this out uh they have got if i can find them anyway, thumb loops somewhere uh. Where is it its hiding from me there? It is so you have got that on either side. If youre a fan, ive got quite long. Arms, so what it fits okay, but after a while it does start to dig into my arm a bit of the you know the bit on my thumb a little bit. So whilst i do like thumb loops, i havent been using those a massive amount adjustments. You know down there its a good length like it definitely covers your butt theres a bit of elastic thats, not quite at the bottom and thats got that that goes under my bum quite nicely, so you can cinch it down with the you know, the drawstrings that Are in the pockets really nicely so it keeps me warm.

It keeps me toasty plenty of movement, the downside, theres, always a downside to these things, isnt theres, probably two to this one, the hood. It fits over a helmet uh. Just about the thing i dont like about it is, you can thats like where it sits naturally, so that leaves quite a lot of your face even with goggles on it leaves quite a lot of your face exposed, so you can pull it up like that, but, As soon as you start moving, it just goes back down to there. So im a little bit disappointed in the hood yeah. Okay, you can wear a balaclava with and stuff like that. I just want a hood that wraps up and leaves just my sort of goggle uh space, free, really thats a personal thing, but thats like what im thinking about it. Im loving it im, taking it out a lot at this time of year, but i say warmer than a fitzroy, not as warm as the citadel to put it into context, so i hope thats a useful little overview now. The other bit i wanted to chat about was like getting deferred on a mountain training course and, like i say its been in my mind because of yesterdays experience and ive got another assessment reassessment tomorrow, its something i dont like doing. I dont like deferring people, but you know theres a standard to be maintained, isnt there, so i have to if theyre not up to the mark on the on the assessment course now.

The first thing to remember is if you get deferred its okay to be upset. Angry disappointed all those kind of things right, thats, a normal human response when you get a result like that, and you do have those feelings – you know its hard to take all the information on board that your assessor is is telling you in terms of the debrief. Okay, so most assessors good assessors will be happy to speak to you again in the coming few days weeks whatever if it takes a while to calm down, and for you, then, to sort of process. All the information that theyre trying to give you and were there to help you right, we re – i cant stress that enough. When i sit down at the beginning of the course i expect everyone to pass. I do my best to get the best out of them, but sometimes people just arent quite at the mark and thats just life thats fine right. Secondly, its okay to defer right, i deferred on my mountaineering, climbing instructor assessment uh some years ago now, and it makes no difference anymore right. I was gutted at the time. It was slightly embarrassing because you build up to this big thing, and you tell your mates about it, your colleagues and all these things, but, however long it go, it was. It makes no difference to my day to day life. Now ive got the certificate i passed. It a few months later and its neither here nor there it was a good thing and thats another important thing to come from it is take the positives from it.

If you get deferred, that means you werent up to scratch on some of the syllabus right. Okay, ignoring that for a minute, it means you were up to scratch on a shed load more and thats brilliant isnt it. So you would have done really well on loads of stuff and just some bits, werent, quite right, okay. So, for example, for me that problem solving day or my mci, it just wasnt good enough right id practice loads, i say practice makes perfect it doesnt. Actually that does it perfect practice makes perfect. I practice shed loads. I practiced all these building blocks of different bits of problem solving, and maybe i didnt quite understand them well enough to put them together in the right order. So when i got slight ball on my problem solving day uh, i had to haul a climber up and then theres a bit of damage in the rope, so i then had to switch systems and things which makes perfect sense now its fine at the time it Just you know, with the assessment pressure for myself, i didnt have the best experience on my assessment to be honest on a couple of days with the assessor. They did not make my life easy im still a bit bitter about it, but regardless it doesnt matter, it was me i wasnt good enough right. I should have been good enough. Whoever was the assessor, whatever pressure they may or may not have put on me.

I should have been better, but you know in those coming few months i got even better than i would have been if that makes sense, so i really focused on getting like so slick at that problem solving stuff. So for a while i was probably the best person in the uk at problem solving thats. What happens when you get the third one things you get really good at that side of things you sort of over practice. If anything, and then i went and did the assessment passed it, you know – and i say living happily ever after using that qualifications – so yes be grumpy, be upset. All those kind of things get all the information you can from the assessor, whether thats on the day or later, but then take the positives and move on from it. I think actually a lot of people who have gone through and had to do a reassessment come out. You know much better than they would have been if they just scraped through they get so much more from it. As long as theyve got a good mindset – and this is why i was thinking of it yesterday – is because the lad who did get deferred a few months ago, you have to wait normally three months before a reassessment uh, he had been away and he had practiced And you know he took it the right way and yesterday on the reassessment he did really well cruised it really and at the end of it you know was happy and understood why hed been deferred and just came out a better instructor for it, and you know Remember its just the stars in which you qualified, then then you get really better and better and better because youre out using it and working with people, but once youve got that information from the assessor like say whether its on the day or later, you can access This via the mountain training, candidate management system, your d, log kind of area as well, so you can look back at it.

You just go away and practice those bits dont, you dont forget the other stuff as well, but you go away and practice those bits that gave you the issues on the assessment and you just really consolidate that and then you come back for the assessment you dont Have to show off those bits again so lets say it was a rock climbing instructor assessment that you didnt do so well on. Perhaps it was the group ab sale, so you just go away for those few months and make sure you smash out some group ab sales stuff, and then you know you come back. You just show off those bits. Youll, probably just do a couple of group abseils, focusing on whatever it was that you didnt quite get right on those bits and away you go like say you hopefully youll pass and you get the same certificate as everyone else now remember on the assessments as well. Just not to build them up too much because theres no pressure from me. I want everyone to pass. I expect everyone to pass but im just out to have a nice time when im doing these things, but you do put a lot of pressure on yourself. Its. Never an assessment, its just, not one strike and youre out. So if you make a bit of an error, a carabiner undone, no one ever defers for, like one carabiner being undone, you might defer on it if it becomes a theme throughout the whole thing is ive.

Never deferred anyone for that its just like one example, what actually happens is perhaps on the group half cell the problem solving element, someone has their hair stuck, for example, you werent doing it either safely, or you know that kind of thing you get another girl doing It with a hopefully a bit of feedback along the way as well. You get a second chance at it and hopefully smash that, and you might have to do a third one or something. If you know you didnt get that first one right and do the second one maybe do a third as well just to really for us to make sure that you are completely on it. Sometimes we can put things down to assessment fever for sure we try and get the best from you, though a mountain leader qualification. You will get something wrong on a mountain leader course, its five days, long, of course, youll relocate wrong ones, just dont. Let it become a theme. You know if you didnt quite uh, interpret those contours right, fine, just dont. Let that become a theme and get all your contour kind of stuff wrong, because then we dont have any choice but to defer you on that sort of element. Okay assessments, a big part of an assessment, is further learning, but that can only really happen if you are the required standard. So, although im talking about deferrals and waffling on a bit, i know im waffling on a bit uh, you know.

Equally, we dont want to defer: do we so as much as its okay to defer and you just take it as intended. We dont want to so just practice everything until it becomes like sort of second nature, and you can do that set up on a rock climbing instructor course. While talking to someone about what youre going to have for dinner or what your favorite climb of the year was or youre on your mountain leader course and youre navigating a leg at night and youre, just doing it youre just going right ones, gon na do a Bearing and a pacing and ill be there when you get there if you practiced it youll be super confident still look around, get like your three justification points and that, but just you know chill and take your time, and ah you just wan na be mellow about Everything if youre stressed it shows because you rush things, you make mistakes and you know youre not as thorough as you should be. Maybe im aware of waffled on lowes there so im going to draw a line on it there and just say thanks very much for watching and fire away with any questions at all. You know im happy to answer as best i can in the comments or email or whatever just drop us. A message anytime. Follow us on insta find us on facebook click the like button smash the subscribe button. All those things i ask every time, theres a buy me a coffee link down there, so i can have more than beans for christmas dinner as well, but other than that i will do some more videos a bit more regularly.

Now ive got some more time.