I prefer you get this drone, its very good for beginners, so this drone is like professionally made like it has a good camera on it and also has like good headlights, so it has modulus battery hand, gesture, hd, camera and voice control, which is good. So you know for the good you know: quality of the drone so lets open it up now, and here we have the manual we have the control, which is very good. Then we have the drone that has the battery on the inside for the camera and we have the phone holder, the the propeller guards and the extra propellers and two batteries and the thing that takes off the propellers. Just in case you break one anyways. So as we continue so what this drone is basically, oh one more thing: the manual i forgot about the manual anyways, so here, if you want to access the camera, you go here, look for the qr code, see if youre on, if youre on android use that Code on the right, if youre on ios, if youre on ios like apple, you can use that one on the left and you get to access the cameras. So, as i was saying that um anyways so here to get this sucker going first, you have to do this here, open it up. There, Music im actually doing a voiceover, so you can barely hear a squat, so say: come on all right now, its open so thats the battery.

I just took it out, see you see that part right there and then youre gon na see this other part right. There right and that has to match that, has to go in there like completely in there, like the part, because if you put it upside down, make things make it quirky. So that part right there has a led red led in there. So it may look like a ufo, but its not, and here has two headlights as usual. This one actually looks like the maverick mini, which is pretty hilarious, looks like a tinier version like mini many too anyways. So now lets talk about more about the controller. So here let me just you know, take it up really quick! Let me just do okay now see when you want to turn it on youre gon na have to press that button with the on thing, and it should be flashing like that. All right now lets turn it off really quick. Now lets get the drone wait. This. Let me just do this real, quick for a second all right there. Now, when you get the drone – and you turn on like that there and now youll be ready for takeoff, but then once you try it youre gon na think like oh, i can fly by just pressing landing like the auto takeoff. You know, but then you know you have to do up the up, joystick and then down and then it will connect and then you can start the auto jump.

The left joyces is going to turn the drone up and down and then left to right and then the right joystick takes it wherever, like a regular steering wheel all right now, this is the on. I mean the record button and the photo button. This is the flip. The drone button, like it actually flips the drone, but i dont know like you have to be like 10 feet in the air to do it, and i think that compass thing is like. I think it just keeps it straight for a sec. I guess and thats pretty much it so lets put on the cross guards. Really quick. So you know we can start flying a drone, but before we start please subscribe okay, its now connected lets fly it out: Music, Music, so Music. Well, that was it well. That was an awesome flight and i hope you guys like that – and i got ta say for a question – that this um drone actually looks a lot like the mavic mini, but this is a lot tinier than it anyways. So here you can take off the cross guards to make it look like it if you want like its an optional thing.