If youve not seen part one, you really should watch that first because theres so much that i cover in that. But of course, im not going to cover in this because ive done it before. I had to split it up into two because there is so much to talk about with this drone: Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music, because i talk about two other drones in this video. Quite a lot, ive shortened all their names. This is three: the mavic 2 pro is tuppence 2p old money tuppence and the air 2s well, shes called tess Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. As i said in part, one three is a better drone than tuppence pretty much in every way as it should be. It has been three and a half years, but the thing is it: doesnt really feel like three and a half years better, and the reason is what dji brought out in the meantime Music, for example. The mini 2 is an amazing little drone with a much improved image over the first one and keeps under the 250 gram weight limit, which is really important in many countries, although it does lack any obstacle avoidance. The a2 was much improved over the original mavic air, but tess shes really set the bar pretty high all the features of the air 2, but with a massively improved camera thats. Why 3 needs to be a big step up for dji after the long gap, and especially after the big increase in price? It really needs to offer things that the other drones dont Music.

If you were to single out the most unique feature of three it wouldnt, be the sensor size, the battery life, the prores hq recording on the cine version. It would be the strange and fascinating second camera. A lot of people are calling this a zoom lens its not i mean dji, calling it 28 times. Hybrid zoom lens its, not 162 millimeter. Our first lens is 24 and second one is 162., its just the way you get to it. So we have one times now, press it again and we go to two times and then we press it again and we go to full time. So this is just digital zooming its when we press that button again as i just slightly reframe and then we clean up, you can digitally zoom in further to what they call 14 and 28 times, but its really just a two and four times digital zoom. On that small sensor with the wind, it was pretty hard to keep myself perfectly in frame for this. The end results pretty atrocious anyway, so this is what dji call explorer mode which you access by clicking the binoculars icon. This switches you to hg64 4k 30p. Only with what looks like a normal image profile, so no log and theres no manual exposure control. For now, anyway, dji told me they didnt intend it to be used for actual filming, just as something to use to look for shots. But, of course, if youre gon na give us a camera, that can record video and take photos, then were going to use it, especially when the image is really quite remarkably steady, given such a long focal length on the drone when i first used it.

I just thought it was a pile of junk as the image quality is such a huge step down from the main camera, but the more i used it. The more i saw the huge creative potential we could offer me, which in turn made it even more frustrating that the quality was so poor Music. Its half inch sensor, which is about 7.3 times smaller than the main four third sensor, and in their 4.4 fixed aperture lens. The images were never going to match. So for me to make a bit clearer. So you understand how the different size, sensors and the the lenses and the stops affect the image and what we see there is really only one person. I could call to explain it to you. Unfortunately, my mum wasnt home, so i phoned the canadian digging right here. Were crunching, the numbers see this little guy, oh hello. This is your brain. This is the brains of the operation right exactly. I dont tell anybody thats why ive been keeping them secret, because i dont want people to know its the cat doing all the work same with me, but uh, based on the the sensor dimensions you sent over. So the four thirds camera has a 24 millimeter full frame equivalent. So you have 5.6 on a full frame camera and then we also have to do a little bit of work for the iso if you want to see similar noise profiles. So if you normally shoot say iso 100 on the drone and the crop factor is 2.

Its crop factor squared so 2 to the power of 2 is 4 4 x. Iso 100. So itd be iso 400 noise performance. So we put it all together that main camera on the drone is like a 24 millimeter f 5.6 at iso 400 full frame equivalent youll get a similar image in all ways: depth of field noise, everything for the top camera sensor, the the zoomy one. If you want to go its, not a zoom lens, its, not a telephoto, then uh, although its not actually telephoto either. Unless you do the, if you do the equivalent right uh, because its 162 millimeter full frame equivalent, but based on the center dimensions, that should have a crop factor for full frame of about 5.4 times, which puts that lens around 30 millimeters. For its, you know, native sensor, if that lens is a for f 4.4, then the crop factor applied to that would give us a similar full frame depth of field of twenty three point: seven, six, something like that lets say: okay, so thats right, so f, 4.4 Becomes f, 24., i dont think ive ever shot at f24 isnt that, like thats the same as a lens cap going on right, you just drill a little hole in it yeah, and then you can do the same thing for the iso. If you want to know the noise performance is probably the most important part for this lens because or the sensor because uh, if its 5.

4 squared its 29.16 multiplier yeah, so well call it 3, 000.. Okay, so i mean the thing: is its just weird: to bring out a camera or to have a drone with two cameras which clearly do not match in the slightest um. There is no way to make the top camera match the bottom one. The only thing you can do is make the bottom camera match the top one. By degrading the image yeah, you got, ta worsen your shot unless people watch it on your phone and then it doesnt matter. It all looks great, so i need to quickly address the fact that my voice will be changing from now on from this back to as it was, and then back to this again numerous times i caught the you know, what and most of the vo had been Recorded by them and everything on camera had been recorded by them. Youll just have to put up with the fact that itll keep changing so geralds numbers are well good, but how does it actually affect real world shooting? The only goal is to get the cleanest best. Looking image that we can and to try and work with its limitations, if there was manual control and we could set our settings to make them exactly the same, their exposure should be identical. I did numerous experiments and based on the camera settings which created by the dot srt files. Oh, i really recommend turning on those, they are called subtitle files and they give you lots of really important information when youre using the drone.

I also use the data from the jpegs when i took photos it didnt make things easy. It would change the iso rather than the shutter speed or vice versa. So a number of calculations were needed to be done, but it worked out the top camera needed roughly one stop more light. This could be down to a number of factors, but most likely its. The lack of optimization of the two sensors to match each other, and also the top lens, is most likely plastic, which most cell phone lenses are and the amount of light that actually reaches the sensor as opposed to what enters isnt. Exactly the same. So its a combination of both what is clear from these simple examples is the difference in image quality between the two, its stark. Despite these limitations and the image being pretty poor, quality im so determined to try and get the very best results possible, because what i could get with it was so different to anything else. Id ever got from a drone, and that excited me. So these are my tips to get the best from this long lens, Music, Applause, Music, hey Music, do not use anything other than the one times and seven times modes in explorer. All the others are just digital zooms and look awful avoid them. Dji need to put a button on the app to just let you switch between the two cameras, avoiding all the digital zooms, Music composition.

Wise. If you want to show movement, then you have to make sure there is something to give a sense of parallax. Otherwise, even when moving it will look very static, you may also need to fly faster than you would with the main camera to get a sense of movement. That depends how far away you are from that foreground information in this shot. I had to fly very slowly as the branches were inches from the lens. Oh and yes, i broke rule number one here. I use the two times crop of that telephoto lens, which is displayed as 14 times. I did it just to see what i could do with it in post and the moon is very bright, so my exposure settings would be very low shoot in good light, so you can get your iso as low as possible, whilst theres no manual exposure control. There is an exposure lock function either by touching the screen on the airport to program one of the buttons on your controller to function as this. This tip is really important when using nd filters remember that they cover both cameras with the same strength, but the top camera needs more light. Unless you have no control over your camera settings, you need to just make sure that the nd is of a lower strength than youd normally use. If you are planning to use that top camera, you dont want the auto exposure to increase its iso because youve cut down the light coming in my last tip is a big one and thats to avoid using autofocus, because its continuous autofocus only and it is constantly Pulsing or changing what you think should be in focus its taking me a while to get the best results with this camera and not using autofocus and locking my exposure been absolutely key to get those good results when using manual focus – and you think, oh im, just Going to go to infinity because thats, what im on very fine a distance, its not always going to be infinity its often quite off – and this is the only time i use that 14 and 28 times place it like a digital punch in to get my focus Spot on and once ive nailed it i go back to the normal seven times mode.

I definitely would have preferred to have a less extreme second. Camera 75 would have been great, but to squeeze that on to there with a decent size sensor like a one inch would have been too much its a shame. I mean ive actually grown to quite like the 162.. Its given me a new perspective on what you can see with the drone, its just the quality was better having manual exposure would be great and also being able to shoot in a flatter profile. I dont need to be log but something flatter than what we have, because i do find that it clips the whites really easily. Oh and dont limit me to 30p. I dont shoot 30p. Please give us 25p or 24p. Thank you! So dji you are going to give us a drone with two cameras and something really cool like this. Please try and find a way to make the image quality match. So hopefully, these tips will help you get some half decent results, but just please dont use it to spy on people. In fact, in the early firmware three actually pixelated peoples faces on the camera. This has since gone, but clearly they know how this camera might be used by some creepers out there go away you pervert its trying to catch a few rays, cant get any privacy anywhere these days, bloody drones everywhere. Luckily, its a wide lens, probably cant, see me Music that turned out to be a longer section than i had planned on it being especially considering it is the least impressive thing about three, but the most interesting part, which is why it needed to be covered properly From now on camera wise, i will just be looking at the main camera, which is really her best feature with some caveats.

She has a better image than tuppence and tess. Well, thats, not exactly a big statement. Could you imagine if her image was worse? The problem with reviews on youtube is they can get outdated literally the moment, youve uploaded it with the firmware update, which could just fix everything, and that could be the case with three thats. Why ive got a checklist in the description, so you can see if things have been fixed or if they havent, as i feared and really was quite predictable. When i was exporting this review to go up online tonight and a quick look on facebook and the mavic 3 group and saw that somebody said there was new firmware, somebody else said that theyve done it and they couldnt see anything new. So i decided to update anyway just to double check, to see if any of the issues i had with the image had been fixed because a lot of people wouldnt be looking for those started. Three up had a look and yeah large chunks of this review were suddenly made redundant, and i had to redo a lot of the tests, oh its better, that this happened before id uploaded a video and clicked publish than just after you know. Lets get back to these tests and get back to the main part of review, because a lot of it is still completely valid and fine, it just wont be as fluid as i would have liked Music, so master shots is one of the features that came with The new firmware, which was supposed to come out in the end of january, its not something i use much in the air 2s, which also has it because im a kind of a manual flight kind of guy.

I think it was also probably in the air too as well, and it just creates all these different shots and well put them together. Downside 4k, i dont even know what frames per second is. It may well be 30 again. I have no manual exposure control, um and i cant shoot in prores and i cant shoot in log. I dont know if this is going to be the case moving forward. This is the thing with that ive had with three since starting reviewing it. I just dont know what is going to change and what isnt going to change Music, this isnt a huge one for me, because i can always do these shots manually if need be, but it would be cool to be able to have some control over this. But i think it is really designed for people who just want to get things done really quickly and arent worried about dealing with prores, hq and log. I think its just a different type of user, but its still very clever, and as long as it doesnt fly into any trees, then um thats cool. I dont see why it should, because i have left enough space, and that is absolutely key – is leaving enough space. So it doesnt do that Music, i think, were almost done. Music takes two minutes to do these, shots which is quicker than i could have done it to be fair, so fair play three fair play like explore mode.

We are stuck in normal colors, 4k 30p. Only with no manual control there is the ability to change our exposure compensation. I think it looks like the white balance gets locked when you start shooting, as well as the shutter speed. It was using the iso to change the exposure, which is the smoothest way to do this. This mode is either seen as something for lazy bastards, who cant be bothered to learn how to fly or more fairly its something that can replicate shots that took me years to master. Look as it is right now is exactly the same as it was when i first used it with the mavic air 2.. It would be nice to see it evolve into something more giving us the ability to decide which of the shots to do. How long for and of course, which color profile and frame rate then i could really see myself using it, but if this is all its going to be, then thats fine, i just think it has the potential to be so much more than just a novelty feature. Music, this is the umbrella name for the three key autonomous modes for video, active track version, 5, spotlight and point of interest or poi. Two of these work really well. So this is my first attempt at active track now: theyve got it on a new firmware and straight away: im disappointed it doesnt work in prores, and now i switch to d log and it says doesnt work in d log in h365.

This cannot be the case. No log, no progress hq for active track so im now in 5.1k, 8265. its letting me draw a box but nothings sticking. Try 4k, not working prores, not working hg65 wasnt working in 5 foot 1k. So now in 4k, h265, please work! Ah there we go marvelous. This was a bit shocking, but dji have assured me that log and prores are coming and they are working on 5.1k, which makes it sound like its further off Music. Is this a big deal? Well, there is a substantial difference in how 5.1 k and 4k look but ill get on to that later. Poi is a really useful mode, a way of selecting a subject and doing perfect moves around them at an adjustable speed and yeah. As for all autonomous modes, please turn on obstacle: avoidance, ive used poi, occasionally on other drones, but i really am kind of a control. My own sticks, kind of guy, spotlight mode, is my favorite mode. Here you look onto your subjects and then you fly manually with three making adjustments to make sure your subject stays in the same place you set to be in the frame. I use this on tess a few times when filming myself and it feels much better here. Doesnt seem to keep going up high when it gets closer to me. It meets my imagination but yeah. I was pretty impressed. There were a few times he got stuck, but i would rather, it got stuck than crash its a great way of maintaining your composition of being safe and being in control.

Active track 5.0 based on this current firmware is not so impressive. I dont think its as much of an issue with the apac sensors, but more of an ai thing in this mode. Again, you select your subject and you choose from which direction. You want three to follow you and then click go first off. It immediately goes too high for me. I also dont seem to be able to set a distance from me that i want it was always too close. I know it needs to be of a certain distance to make sure it can still pick you up. Only the rear following mode seemed to really give me half decent results, but even then it wasnt what i would call smooth. We have active track and it does have the omnidirectional sensors. It can include. Actually, you know you walking forward and it being in front of you, which is a hell of a challenge because its not gon na know what im gon na do ill. Give it a try. Uh click go its pretty challenging around here: Music thats, not a good start. Yeah doesnt like twigs much yeah, well that wasnt so good. Was it dead, props, wow yeah, i think its all right. Jesus christ! Well, that was it front. Tracing was a disaster which didnt surprise me at all, as thats a really challenging thing to do. The ai needs to figure out which way the subject is going to move and then preempt that by moving first i mean i didnt even know where i was going to go myself.

I found it really overreactive wildly flying all over the place, especially when it felt like it was losing me. It was quite scary because it looked like it was just going to crash constantly. You know with social media when you share stuff and people say well. What do you expect? What do you think its going to do in a situation like that thats far too unrealistic testing it in those woods, you should be out in a wide open space, well to me, theres, a very simple reply to that. Multiple visual sensors enable accurate recognition of objects. Omnidirectionally. That means mavic 3 can automatically sense and avoid obstacles during flight, even when moving sideways and backwards. This also allows active track 5.0 to be more advanced than ever before, providing safe and reliable tracking, even of fast moving subjects and complex environments, providing safe and reliable tracking even of fast moving subjects in complex environments. This isnt gon na sound, particularly nice, but there were times that three was acting like a drunk driver, even just hovering. Whilst i was stationary, she was rocking backwards and forwards, like shed, had 18 cups of espresso something worse, comparing to how she was in spotlight. Theres. Just no comparison dgi urgently need to address the issues with active track. I just dont think its ready, yet i think theyve rushed it out. I think maybe theyre under a bit of pressure, and i certainly am not going to be using it until i know that its its rock solid.

This is the sort of feature that really needs to be rock solid. If youre going to be using it you its different when it comes to. Oh, my image is a bit noisy its thats fine. But if youre your obstacle avoidance and yeah your tracking isnt, working and youre flying into a tree, then yeah thats a bit different. So uh yeah i for now im just going to not use it and just fly manually because 3 deserves that sort of thing, and i i love flying manually anyway, because its its much more my kind of thing so dji will fix this and make it a Lot better so do check the description. I will update it when you know things are improved, but if you are going to give it a try, just do it just be very cautious. Okay, i did cover all to focus in part one, but ive discovered a few new things about it. So i want to share them with you because of the larger sensor. When you are out of focus, it is obviously gon na be much more visible and when youre flying with subjects in the foreground, three has a habit of focusing on those things, especially if they are much more prominent in the frame than your subject. Even if youve touched your subject on the screen, this happened in a piece of camera that i did actually use early in this video, which you may or may not have spotted this wasnt, my favorite take of this piece of camera, but it was the one with The least issue with the autofocus for situations when its not about foreground information, stopping down, will definitely make things look less obvious, but i really do like flying wide open, because when i am close to things, they do clearly look out of focus when your focus point Is in a distance and it does make the image look more high end.

So much like when im using the top camera, it does seem that manual focus combined with focus peaking is my best bet: im, not talking about pulling focus or anything, but just setting a single focus point and leaving it there. The problem is three: is either manual. Focus or continuous autofocus tappance has two autofocus modes, continuous and single points. Dji, please give us afs on three. She needs it. A quick word on the adjustable aperture of three and taverns. This is one of the key features that they have over tess: its not about depth of field. Its about controlling your exposure in the air not having to adjust your shutter to compensate or worst case, have to actually come down and change your nd. The standard mavic 3 can shoot in h.265 and hd6 for up to 5.1 k, and the cine version can also do this, but they can do prores hq as well. I noticed online. Some people are calling this sinner, its cinny, surely doesnt matter. Mavic 3 sinner uses cine cine, not center, and these are the approximate bitrates for them when shooting in 25p im not gon na go through every single frame rate dont. Let the numbers trick. Qh265 is higher than h364 as it is older and less efficient. As you can see, broad hq file sizes are frankly ridiculous and they do cause immense workflow headaches both when filming and offloading, which i go into detail about in part.

One so make sure you watch that just as a side. Note, though, i have done some additional testing when offloading threes, four one terabyte ssd at home, to the internal ssd of my mac, and also to a fast external one, and i have managed to bring it right down to 23 minutes, which i think is just under Half of what i was getting before, but its kind of irrelevant, because i still have to transfer footage to my larger hard drive, so i can actually work on it now i did come up with an idea which might be possible and if it was, it would Really help with the huge problem of getting your footage off of three between battery changes, because if you arent already doing this with your micro sd cards, why the hell not always swap out your cards when you come down just in case something happens to your drone And all your footage is still on there if youve shot, say 200 gigabytes of footage with one battery, which is actually quite easy to do, especially if youre shooting at 5.1 k 50p with a fast ssd. That will take a few minutes to offload, but most people arent going to carry a laptop around with them whilst flying and set it down on the ground. So you can do a quick backup, but it doesnt seem to be any obvious reason to me as to why you couldnt directly plug in that ssd into three.

But if dji made a new feature in the app, so it recognized this external ssd as a device. You could go into the playback section, select the clips that you want to offload and then transfer them to the ssd. For me, this could be the solution that would make me recording prores hq again, although i wish theyd put in lower versions of prores anyway theres. My idea dji my gift to you, Music hlg, will come along with new firmware at some points, and i expect it will be 10 bit but ive never really liked it. In previous dji drones. I always recommend shooting a d log. Whenever three will, let you get the best dynamic range and, in 5.1, k the least processed image. The difference between the prores hq h.265 h.264 vlog are so minuscule that i couldnt even point them out to you. Threes d log is much more loggy, im sure theres a proper word for that and the one in tuppence and tess the flatter the better. I say, theres a piece of cake to bring to life that flat image with djis official wreck, 709 lut or maybe theres. Some people out there who made their oak nuts for sale, who knows and with that you have the ability to adjust your exposure. Your highlights your shadows, stuff that the normal profile gives you very little ability to do. Oddly, right now the color display assistant, which lets you view rec 709 on your screen, while shooting the log is currently missing in three it was there before launch.

I am 100 certain that this is temporary and it will come back. All the resolutions and frame rates are 10 bits when shooting in d log prores hq is also 422, h264 h265r, but dont worry about that youre not going to be doing any green screen work. Are you? The important part here is the 10 bit. Unfortunately, when you switch to the normal profile, unless you record in hq so youre recording an h364 h265, your recording is all going to be 8 bit 4. 2. 0. That is pretty much the biggest advantage of having the cine version. You can shoot in the normal profile in 10 bits only in prores hq now. This is not a new thing. Toppings and tests are the same. There is no reason for this to be the case, and also we are forced to use normal color profile. Well, we dont want to, but we have to down to limitations with three so yeah. I consider this to be a bit of a problem, but even if they make the normal profile 10 bit for h26486, it doesnt help with the other big problem that the normal color profile has Music. So many camera companies really over sharpen their image, but djis drones have been doing this for ages, especially the smaller ones, the cheaper consumable ones. You had the ability to adjust the sharpening in a mavic pro and a mavic 2 pro, and that was nice to have.

Although its a little bit mushy, especially on the mavic pro, but it is an important thing to have – and we dont have the ability anymore on the mavic 3, its gone mavic pro had it mavic 2 pro had it mavic 3 and mavic 3 cine do not Have any ability to change your sharpening Music, the normal color mode, is very over sharpened in all resolutions or codecs. These are all screen recordings with peaking turned on different strengths, different resolutions and profiles, Music, yeah log isnt, going to show as much peaking as a normal profile, but it still makes a difference that you can still really tell that. This is a shot that i had with the color assist mode on with peaking set to high youll, also notice that when i switch from 5.1 k to 4k, its even worse and thats in all codecs and profiles, and even log part of this can be attributed To the 4k being over sampled from 5.1 k, which will give it a slightly more detailed image but its not that its something else and ill get into that in a bit. I understand that punchy. High contrast over sharpened images are appealing to the average consumer, but is that really an excuse to remove the ability for us to adjust it in three when youre reducing the sharpness youre, not blurring the image, youre, simply reducing the amount of in camera processing? And you can easily add that back in post, if you really want to the other thing about the normal color profile, is it doesnt? Have the dynamic range, as you could expect, of d log, combining that with the over sharpened image and unless youre recording in prores youre going to be 8 bit, which is a shame, because the colors are really nice, but the image quality is compromised too much.

So i do recommend just shooting in d log just put a lot in it and look much the same. An in between profile like the cine like as we had in the og and what happens is solely missing. But we also need the ability to have control over our image, its simply not acceptable in a drone. At this price point, and especially as the previous models have this ive no idea why theyve removed it, it makes no sense im, just hoping that its a firmware issue in this early one, its gon na, have it. I can only hope, because in previous drones, theyve used the line when ive spoken about it is their consumer drones for the cheaper ones. This is still a consumer drone by their definition, but not with the price that it is that and with the mavic 2 pro and the mo pro both having that ability, it makes no sense and they really need to sort this out. Please dji, although ive had pretty good success recently in reducing the over sharpening of the image from many of dgi drones using topaz labs. Video enhance ai video enhance is an amazing piece of software, and the results have at times been miraculous, not just on over sharpening, but really for the upscaling and cleaning up of old video. I still use neat video for straight noise reduction, as it works very well. Has more fine tuning ability and is way faster? I find topaz works really well for dealing with compression and lack of detail and over sharpening issues, its just very slow on some really bad.

Looking footage ive really been blown away at times. I keep saying im gon na make videos and i never do, but i will be making a dedicated video next year, all about this marvelous piece of software and how i use it for all sorts of footage. Please remember, sharpness and detail are two very different. Things have a look at this video that i made explains it very well. You see. Life is full of detail, its not full of over exaggerated edges. You may notice in that earlier piece of camera, two threes. Yes, i have a replacement for my original three, because i have the production model now and that was supposed to send original three back, but i decided to hang on to her until this review was finished just in case and im glad i did because now i Can do these tests with the image and particular noise and compare the new firmware with the firmware that i filmed the rest of the review with and see just how substantial these changes are otherwise, its just like, i think, its different im, not quite sure, whereas here I can definitely tell its just a shame, because those tests, ive done were really nice and they were really good. They showed so much. I spent so much time working on them and now ive just got to redo them at least im at home and its warm and its dry prior to the firmware update the noise that three had in every profile.

Resolution codec was problematic, although the contrasting normal profile did hide most of the issues until you really push the iso up. The 5.1 k had a weird green blotchy pattern in all codecs, making it near impossible to fix, but now looks so much better. 4K was very magenta in all codecs originally and strangely had heavy noise reduction applied in h365 and h364, but not in prores hq, which was thankfully untouched. The h.2654k is now less magenta. The noise reduction is still there and even worse, theyve added it to the prores hq 4k. So now they both look identical. I know this is over pixel peeping, but doesnt. The prores hq 4k look more over sharpened than the h.265. Now i think it does. The really dark things if i took the old 4k and just reduced the magenta, it looked better than this does. This is not a good thing, its had a substantial impact on the image, and it was until now for me, one of the only reasons. The only other reason to shoot perez hq the other one being the normal profile being able to record in 10 bits for now were just left with the latter. When you use noise reduction, lightning, video and post, you do so because youve had to push your exposure past where the sensor works cleanly its something you do shot by shot with delicacy and finesse, because if you get it wrong, it can look awful.

You dont apply noise reduction to well lit, exposed footage, unfortunately, in all 4k modes, on three, its on full blast in every codec picture profile and iso. With this current firmware thats why the peaking level was increasing when i went into 4k from 5.1k in the normal color and log, when you add noise reduction, you add post sharpening to compensate and thats what theyve done here and it absolutely doesnt need it at these. Lower isos theres definitely some benefits at the higher isos dont. Get me wrong. Noise reduction removes detail, so this is not a good thing, and this brings us to a sort of temporary workaround. If you are shooting in 4k d, log always shoot at 800 iso. As a noise can mask some of that noise reduction and that clinical image a little bit its better than nothing you just got to accept in video on three. The camera has to process the image to get something acceptable out of it. Its just the difference of the processing that you get between the 5.1 k and the 4k is a shame. What you want from your cameras is for every mode to match as much as i like sitting in the middle of a field with a puddle with people walking past me with their dogs and wondering what the hell is wrong with this man. I think its time to stop these over the top obsessive tests. I think you get the points, theres some inconsistencies and they are obviously fixable and maybe theyve been fixed already.

Maybe all of this was a complete waste of time. Thatll be depressing Music. The suns gone down, it is getting darker im in d log, uh, im, recording h365 and its iso 800, its underexposed as you can see and thats. As far as i can go so this firmware, i dont understand this is the real problem, and then this has to be fixed. Because, prior to this i was well. The firmware that came out on launch day took away my ability to go higher. I was shooting at 6 400 iso with d log and yes, while it was noisy, i could clean up with neat video im, not even given the opportunity here. This is as high as i can go. If i want to go higher, i go into the normal profile and then im stuck in a high contrast over sharpened for most people 8 bit profile, which i cannot adjust, which is not what i want at all. I can go up to iso 6400 here and yes, it looks noisy as you would expect. I mean this is what i found quite funny. When three was announced, people saying this is going to be a low light beast. It is a four third sensor camera and one of these being famous for having low light performance. Well, apart from the dual iso 10 megapixel sensor that we have in cameras like the panasonic gh5s, this is the pre release, firmware thats 6400 iso in d, log 5.

1, k and sadly, the only shot. I got because i didnt know that the new firmware coming out the next day would remove it a little bit of work in post. It looks great a lot of people mistakenly say you should not shoot log when filming at night. Well, thats nonsense! This is incredibly challenging dynamic range, so use log. Well, if your camera will let you, but with log limited to just 800 with three, you really cant, see much. You can, of course, push your exposure up in post in 5.1. K, youre gon na see a lot of noise, but you can clean up a fair bit with neat video now that that noise pattern has become much more even and it definitely looks better than the normal profile at 6400 iso in 4k, iso 800 in d log, With that default noise reduction, you can actually make things look really good in post to a point in this shot. I pushed it out by about three stops. I did also shoot at 25th of a second for a lot of these, which i would only do if things arent moving much and to be honest, i was moving a bit too much for that shutter speed. So the motion blur isnt ideal, but it did give me an extra stopper light now. Whilst this looks pretty good, the problem is, it looks pretty good in post, while shooting you can barely see anything on the screen.

Hence i would like to see higher isos in log, please and im not talking about night flying im just talking about just generally lower light conditions. I dont get this 800 iso cap and i hope dji rectify it Music. This is going to be a very short chapter, as i actually havent taken many photos with three sorry. The ones from the main camera obviously look better than the ones from the top camera Music. As of right now, the panorama modes arent there – i dont – really use them that much. I prefer to do mine manually, although i would actually quite like them to put in a top down panorama mode where three actually flies in the grid pattern. To get some lovely birds eye views of a much larger field of view, because, obviously you are limited by a 24 millimeter lens and your 120 meter height restriction. There is actually an official wide angle, adapter coming out from dji, which is going to give an equivalent to 15.5 millimeters. I havent used it, but im definitely going to get one mostly for those top down shots, but also when i want like really lovely wide perspective. I did a couple of really rubbish hyperlapses after getting the new firmware and you can program it to do different types of moves and different lengths of times its incredibly boring. You just sit and wait for it, but thats time lapse for you, video synthesis completed and then, when its finished, it will create a video file for you, which is strangely hevc 3840×2160, which is a lot less than the resolution of the original photos.

Which is why i saved the original raw photos as well. The video file thats created also has electronic stabilization added onto it, so theres. Another reason why you should make sure you keep your raw photo, so you have full control of your end, hyperlapse, Music. One thing that is really disappointing is how much you can manually pan the gimbal yourself via the app so by pressing the screen and then moving left or right. Previous drones youve been able to pan the gimbal quite a lot with tests. You can pan almost 80 degrees in each direction, tuppence isnt far off with 75 degrees, but poor old, 3 shes, practically the neck, brace with just 5 degrees in each direction. You can see why, because shes got such a big bonds, even though the camera sticks out more than the other drones, just because of the size of that gimbal is bigger. We have these limitations, its not a feature. I use that much, but it is nice to be able to look around without having to actually move the craft around its a very practical thing to have in tests because she has no side sensors. So you can fly forward safely and still point off in one direction, but on the flip side we do have this amazing ability to tilt up way higher than ive seen on any other drones, which is absolutely fantastic. Without that i wouldnt be able to get shots. Like this, and a big part of that is, her, camera does stick quite far forward, and so the props dont get in the way Music.

If i was going to single out one feature over the past five years, a dji brought into their drones and was the biggest yeah im going to say this phrase: game changer, then itll most definitely be tripod mode, which they brought out with the original mavic. Pro. All the drones since that, and even a couple which were updated, which came out before it had tripod mode. It gave us a flying mode with a really wonderful top speed of just one meter, a second and it opened up the ability to safely and precisely control. My drone, so i could easily replicate classic camera moves like jib and grain, shots dolly and track shots, as well as more complicated shots, because, after all its a drone which you would normally need to use something like a techno crane for it was amazing. But then, with the mavic air 2 in 2020, they replaced it with sunni mode. Yes, cine not sinner, and they said it was superior to tripod mode. Well, how can something be superior if its not the same thing? It now had a maximum speed of five meters. A second yes thats, five times faster, which made it just too fast for delicate moves, and it also made the sticks too sensitive now to try and get tripod mode like results with city mode. You have to be really really gentle on the six, but even then its incredibly hard to keep them at a really perfect, consistent, slow speed, which is the key to getting successful.

Cinematic camera moves and its also so easy to accidentally move the stick a bit too far and because its fast, it results in a crash. Since the mavic air 2 came out, ive repeatedly asked dji to please make the cinema top speed adjustable from one meter. A second to five meters, a second for people who, like the new mode, but also people like me, who really miss the old tripod mode. I really thought i was making progress at one point, but the last time i asked which was just before the release of three, i got a very simple reply: cine mode has replaced tripod mode and it felt like this was the final word on the subject from Them i tried to explain how different they were and how much safer it was to have a tripod mode, but nothing made a difference. Music not having this in the otherwise wonderful dress, really distressed me. So much that i even made a dedicated video after my review, where i made my own slow sticks, so i could have less responsive dampened ones with less travel to try and recreate tripod mode in a physical way. Actually, in the same video, i also made my own diffusion filters to try and combat the over sharpening of the image in certain modes that dji refused to address, and both my solutions worked out really well so much so that free will themselves send me some proper Diffusion filters based on what ive made and then theyve gone on, to make their own variable nd, missed versions, and i believe there is one coming out for three.

My sticks worked really well and even gave me the ability to be slower than one metre a second. If i wanted to, but i could easily just flick them up and go to normal mode, it also inspired others to make and sell their own slow sticks. So clearly a demand was there. Tripod mode was being missed. I couldnt believe it when three came out and she was the same as tess. Also as i had the new rc pro, my slow sticks, didnt work with them. It wasnt the different spindle thats, a problem, but the whole mechanism on them. I kept being told to calibrate my sticks and the thing is the rc pro sticks are really sensitive, so i switch to the standard controller because i can use my slow sticks and get some really controlled shots which i just cant seem to do with the rc Pro and the lack of tripod mode – and these are really good – a theres just a stick on here – i dont know who sent it to me, but hopefully i found out and the name is there: he doesnt sell them, but i think he should theyre really cool Dji have added the ability to change the expo settings, but they havent put in the sensitivity settings that the og and supplements have which are all in those same controls. But it does give you the ability to change the initial responsiveness, but even at the lowest point.

Its still not the same because the speed doesnt change theres, nothing like tripod mode, but although i did have an idea of using this in combination with some elastic bands by changing these settings in the advanced tab, i am able to get this much more delicate control. Its not quite tripod mode, but its pretty good, because you can still go fast if you push hard, but you do need to push harder on the sticks for it to respond, and that does make controlling it. Much easier. Im going to keep on trying to make some slow sticks for the rc pro ive got a couple more ideas, its just, i dont think dji are going to budge. They havent budged on anything that ive asked over the years whether it comes to sharpness or tripod mode. I dont know if this is going to help but theres nothing to lose. So i started a petition to ask dji if they could make their cinemate adjustable speed from 1 to 5 meters. A second, please can you sign this and forward it on if enough people sign it, maybe just maybe they might actually do something about it. When you come back to me Music, when you come back to me Music, when you come back to me, Music Music, i know im, not the only one who thinks of drones as cameras first and how they can create these classic movements, whilst browsing skillshare. The sponsor of this video – i came across this very interesting course in using drones by oliver astrologo.

I think i said that right and in the course he has some very wise words. Do some nice slow movements and take you some good shots to start. In most cases, the simplest movements like dolly shots, or maybe a simple movement of the drone forward and backward to be the more effective one technology is making big step ahead. Probably in the future, there will be drones that will be more efficient, more easier to use, but despite the technology that youre going to use in the future, what is making your content to send out is decorative. It is the way that you are approaching your content. Skillshare is a fantastic resource with so many road courses which i am currently taking and theres, always new ones being added the first 1000 subscribers who click the link in the description below will get a free one month trial, and i challenge you all to make a Better hedgehog than me Music, so why was three the hardest and most complicated drone review ive ever made if youve not skipped the rest of this video to just get to this bit and then youll know a lot of the reasons. The main reason, though, is pretty simple: it was released too soon. Ive reviewed and bought many products which werent fully ready on release, but three has felt more like a work in progress than anything else, ive used. So why did they release it so early? Well, the holiday period is obviously an important time for companies like dgi, but just how many people were getting dji, mavic 3 and three cities under their christmas tree as presents lucky people, if any product that should be pretty much 100 ready to go with.

Only improvements coming as firmware that really should be a drone going on sale with so many missing key features is one thing, but for many of the main things to just not be up to scratch is something else. You could definitely use the argument that products get refined and improved over time and three will certainly get there for most things, but dji arent, a new company, its not like this – is their first drone out of the block. Three should have been near perfect in every way if she wasnt whats the rush weve waited three and a half years for her. We could have waited a bit longer, but then theres the more fundamental things. The choices that theyve made ive already stated. I think three is a great drone and is better in almost every way than tuppence, but not every way. When i first started reviewing three, i was really impressed with the image with the larger sensor and especially the battery life, two of the most important things, but as time went on, i started to go much deeper and it struck me that three didnt feel like three At all, she felt more like an air 2s pro. If you will, let me explain that three almost improves on everything that tess does anything right now. That is not as good is the weird image issues between the main video resolutions that three has tess doesnt have any of this, because three is missing.

So much of what tuppence has thats, why i didnt feel that it was so much as a next model. If you know what i mean, especially after three and a half years here, are some of the missing features that have stood out to me and im sure ive missed some tripod mode. The sensitivity and gainer sticks image control, afs adjust the battery percentage before return to home kicks in the ability to broadcast live the ability to pan the gimbal head more than five degrees clip names that can be set to continuous, rather than resetting each time you format And recording audio from the phone controller, with proxies a big thing, is a controller. Whilst i love this standard controller that it comes with, it really isnt appropriate for the follow up to the mavic 2 pro its pretty much the same one. That ships with the mini 2 after all this is a very basic controller, with barely any features buttons and controls on it. At all, the mavic 2 controller has its own screen, packed with information. If your phone should die, it also has loads of customizable buttons and dials shouldnt. It be at least the same grey as three. This controller just seems like an afterthought like they were really just hoping. People would buy the rc pro on the subject of drc pro. I do think is excellent. Why is there no microphone on this and if they did allow audio to be recorded with proxies in the app wouldnt work here and when i do screen recordings theyre mute? How much would a microphone have cost? One thing i havent really talked about is the app.

There is no reason why the fly app cannot have additional features for each drone connected. After all, the go4 app was different when used with a spark than when used with the mavic 2 pro. I actually dont hate the fly app at all. I think its actually nice and much more streamlined. The go4 app is very messy and cluttered its. The missing features from the app that i have the problem with and i dont think they are fly app related. I mean, after all, the fly app is called. The dji go version 5 in the rc pros, android directory structure. I dont think ive ever made a review about anything where ive talked so much about negatives, probably more than the positives. Normally i just dont waste. My time its just that three has the potential to be really great and most of the issues are fixable. I doubt my review will prompt these to get fixed, but i really do hope. Dji watch it and take on board what ive said. I really hope it doesnt stop them. Sending me review models in the future, as i do love reviewing their drones. Ive just never been. One of these everything is awesome, type reviewers that we have so many off. After all, i have been reviewing cameras and camera gear on youtube since 2008 and i wouldnt still be around if i was one of those one thing i mentioned in passing a few times, but not directly addressed.

That is the very controversial pricing of three. The price of the original mavic pro this is the basic package, not the fly more, the thousand dollars the mavic 2 pro was got my prices here i need to look at them was uh fifteen hundred dollars, and this one we have lots of prices with lots Of versions: 2, 200., thats, just the craft, the controller and one battery. You want to fly more combo thats going to be 3000.