Now that we’ve entered the premise of this video i’ve waited hours for this. It finally came the a top x pac 2 and, as i could tell there’s a camera right there, so let’s see what it has. It has three variables variable speeds, headless mode, successes, gyroscope and every others wrong, pretty much whatever your other town has. Oh you let’s open it. Oh wait! Oh there’s tape. It just has to be taped on everything nowadays. Doesn’T there let’s go. Oh nice, nice packaging, nice, packaging, nice, packaging, whoa yo. Here it is here’s the thing it’s just stuff in it: yo guys it’s been waiting hours for this Music, something i don’t know. How do we get? This? Oh could have done that yeah that’s the amount, but i feel like there’s more missing, something that looks to be everything yeah. This is huge. Oh, it looks so good, though, is the battery just built in yep built in look at that there’s, a camera yeah that’s. One of the reasons i got this thing yeah. This is amazing, and yes, this won’t get as many views as the uh other one that i have the uh 40rc, because 800 views. Thank you so much guys for the 800 view top or we’ll just set that in there there we go. No. This is not going in, oh no, that doesn’t fit, but okay, okay, you know what i’ve just said that over there is. There should be something else: in Music there there’s milo, get out yeah.

Oh he scratched my lip. How dare you okay? So we got a bag with the chargers, screwdriver blades, oh, we got batteries included. I love this no because of that it gave us a screwdriver and battery that’s. What i was looking for this piece right here that hurts: how does this go on there? Thingy hey! I got it to fit i’m gon na read the instructions i mean honestly. It already took triple a’s and we already have like millions of aaa so good got the batteries installed. This is speak, so we got the launch and land and a video and photo button that cut hurts. You know might as well plug in the thing while we’re at it. Oh that sucks, you can’t even open it with the mount on there. Yes, i love how it all fits together, so compact, like it’s, really good. I hope you know these are all better than the droken antenna in the back part for the wi fi yeah. Definitely for the wi fi whoa. Look at the top like it looks so: cool we’ll just grab this. Oh yeah that’s, good. Okay. How does this you know? You would expect it to click in your butt? Oh, oh, my god, it doesn’t fit. You would expect it to fit it doesn’t even fit in there. I give up it doesn’t even fit in there. Okay! Well, let me figure it out after fiddling with the cable it doesn’t even fit and that’s the included cable, it doesn’t even fit in there it’s going in the right way, but it’s just not fitting in there.

I don’t know why it’s super loose. I might actually have to get a new one: i’m, not i’m. Over exaggerating, i might just have to get a different cable to plug it in there, because that cable is crap like the drone’s amazing everything’s amazing, but the cable, which is the most important part doesn’t. Even fit what the heck, let me clean up in here guys i didn’t pay 30 or 20 bucks. I spent 50 bucks on this and the cable doesn’t. Even why like why you can’t just do that to me. You can’t you honestly like why 50 bucks, okay, so all like mini drinks, the cable expected and youtube – has to squish down the aspect ratio because yeah it’s, a 4×3 aspect ratio and it’s terrible but yeah anyways, here’s, the flight, um it’s, honestly, okay, quality it’s, better Than that laggy mess that we saw of the 40 rc, which made me feel obliged to buy this, but, like you know, also because like a drone, can have a camera on it and yet they still don’t add a mic like people just add a microphone not On the drone on the controller, it just makes sense, but um yeah. This is the 4×3 aspect ratio that you’re seeing right now or not. 4X3 1.