Review of NEW DRONE VIDEO of Galaxys Edge at Disneyland

Effectively Disney has given us one thing we have all been dying for. Drone footage from Galaxys Edge. And it is SPECTACULAR! One minute of heaven. However we’re …


  1. Star Wars land, what a time to be alive

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  3. Lucky me I start working on starwars tomorrow through my ironworkers union.. past jobs Harry Potter the castle and ride, frozen, dr Phillips performing arts center, Daytona speed way new stands the orlando arena known as the Amway center which i was one of 5 guys that put together the score board which at the time of being built in 2009 or 2010 it was the biggest score board in the United states.. Kennedy space center pad 39A and 39B those are the pads the space shuttles use to deploy from pad 37 which was a rocket pad back when I worked on it, pad 41 and the V.A.B.. so many great projects in central Fla I will forever be proud to be a part of.

  4. The coolest thing about this video, and what it shows, is that 'THIS has NEVER been done before!' It is so traditional "Walt Disney" in spite of his active life on earth. If you know what this legendary genius has done, he (Walt) has again created "the impossible" (such a legendary statement). Nice capture Fresh Baked. Hope you audience really truly sees the meaning of what you've conveyed in your videos and commentaries. Thank you so much!!

  5. Not sure if this is significant, but the X-Wing they show flying over is an earlier version, engines are a cylinder , not a half cylinder like the later X-wings, not sure if this dates Galaxy's Edge?

  6. This is ruining Disneyland. Star Wars is getting really annoying.

  7. The top down view of the "oven mitt" building looks a lot like the old top down view of the Mos Eisley Cantina from the old Star Wars cross sections and RPG books. The layout is modified of course from the Mos Eisley layout as this cantina is to be on the planet Batuu. That building layout has cantina written all over it. It does make sense that the Falcon would be close to the local cantina. I really hope that is going to be a cantina with some outer rim Bith band playing their greatest hits! That would be awesome!

  8. I can remember standing in Harry Potter Land in Orlando, thinking that it was impressive..but this is beyond that, wow! I can’t wait!!

  9. Here Disney! Take it all! Can't wait! 💶💷💰💵💴

  10. What are the hulls supposed to be? Because I helped build it and we all wondering what it is..

  11. I'm getting chilles looking at that.please good let me live to see it.

  12. I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, but I'm super excited for this!! Hoping it's done by June 2019!! 😍😁

  13. If Car's Land cost 1.1 billion, then it seems like Galaxy's Edge could easily be 2 billion. Anyone hear of a recent estimate aside from the initial press release calling it a "billion dollar land".

  14. at 8:38, I think you're mistaken.  The oven mitt is light green in color.  I believe that's it at the far right of the screen.

  15. OMG this is way cool so excited ! I am so with you super excited !

  16. Any indication you have found that there will be railroad station that is near Galaxy Edge?

  17. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Seriously how and the hell is anyone gonna be able to walk around… it’s gonna be so packed fuck that🤬🤬🤬

  19. There's going to be a fireworks sky show featuring a battle between an X-Wing fighter and Tinkerbell.

  20. Get ready guys ticket sales are going from 180 to 220 starting june 2019 thats for park hoppers

  21. A Star Wars air show couldn't be projected. (What is there to project onto… The clouds?). It would probably have to be large drones, but even then it would be quite difficult to simulate some sort of battle.

  22. Seriously more starwars at disneyland smh just call it starwars land already

  23. My God are you a fooking Disney Need!!! Lol, And I am good with that!! Haha

  24. You got all these idiots with the hate for TLJ butt hurting saying they're not going. F- them let me at this park when it opens.

  25. At 8:46 where you point oven mitt, to me the mitt area looks to be on the right side where the green/yellow area is. Just because of the coloring you pointed out earlier in the video and previous videos. Awesome views on this!

  26. I agree with you David. Wouldn't be a Star Wars Land without air traffic/battles. I could see Disney upcharging people to get VR goggles which would allow you to see take of and landings of spacecraft and battles happening overhead. They could do so much more too.

  27. YES! The got that dragon that blows fire as seen on youtube, right?!?

  28. Its too bad, the last Jedi destroyed interest of Star Wars.

  29. Look back at the footage and you were close in assuming the two "domes" one with "rock work". Go back and then look at your side by side. It isn't a complete dome. It's a flat top dome with not rock work but it looks to be a huge petrified tree from the model and concept art. Then you can match the smaller dome in front of it. It's at the 8 minute mark. The "roof" starts off as a dome but turns into a complete flat top roof with round "angles" (yes I know) or lack of said angles and a huge tree like thing attached to it. That's in the model. Architecture background.

  30. If they do manage to get flying craft over the land, they need to make sure of a few things. They need to look legit. The scale needs to be correct and they can’t look like drones. The other lands could see them and that would disrupt the illusion so I’m not sure how they’d handle that. What do they do if one falls? They’re likely to be small so that ruins the magic but they could also damage the land and/or injure someone (or even kill if the craft hits the head) a person. That’s extremely risky. If they do have craft flying overhead, they should be a constant. It’d be weird for a popular destination on the outer rim to be silent overhead until suddenly a fight breaks out. It just wouldn’t feel natural.

    I hope they can pull it off though. They just need to do it right.

  31. At 9:57 i just realized rivers of America was at the bottom of the screen… in an idiot.

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  33. You obviously put a lot of effort into your videos – nice job.

  34. Just wanted to say I’ve really enjoyed following your videos of DL and star wars land. I didn’t get to DL until I was 35 or so with my 5 year old daughter! We live up in rainy Olympia Washington and have been 4 times since… about once per year. Totally hooked! Can’t wait to see Galaxys edge completed. Thanks again for the videos and your insight, hints, knowledge and DL nerd fan info!

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