. This is the aerial camera bundle, so its not the fly more combo, but it does come with an extra battery. These are how big the batteries are compared to my hand. Okay lets unbox it okay. So this is the case i got mine in right. Here is a buckle and its the drone. Look. How tiny that thing is 249 grams of pure awesomeness, so um? Let me show you guys right here how to get the batter yeah. Here we go, so you see this theres a little thing up there and then right there. This goes up and its the battery right here. Micro sd card charging, port bam, okay, so very back patch over under here. This is for the controller okay, so the controller, the thumb screws are right here, take them out and you just screw them in bam. You got thumbscrew and and its magnetic to the bottom. So just pop that boy, it is not coming out its not coming out whatsoever so thats and then at the bottom. You see when you um theres. This thing is flat. When you get the controller, you got ta, lift that up and then inside youll find a battery. Youll find two cords that plug into the controller, and then your phone youll find two spare props, two spare thumb, screws and a screwdriver, and you may be thinking wow. None of these go to an iphone. If you have an iphone, you got ta pop this thing up, theres a cord right in there see right back here, you unplug it and then that goes to an iphone.

I got confused when i first did that so yeah. So yeah and the drone takes roughly two to four hours to charge. In my experience, it takes a while, depending on what block you use and where you plug it in in so make sure you have time so you got ta, be patient with this Music.