It is a global product which is popular not only in asia but throughout the world Music. In this video, i will tell you each and everything about this drone, how it flies, how it lands and other important stuff. My friend, suhail sather helped me in making this video so lets start before the flight you have to unfold. The drone like this now lets talk about this remote from this button you can on or off the remote from this button, you can pause any activity which the drone is doing, or you can call the gadget back to its place from where it has taken off From this middle button, you can set the speed of the drone too fast or now lets talk about these two joysticks from left joystick. You can ascend or descend your drone and from the right joystick. You can steer your drone to left right forward or backward from this button. You can control the movement of gimbal fixed in the drone and from this button you can take photos or videos now lets see how this frog flies. Actually, i call it a frog, because it looks very much like a frog. Dji mavic mini 2 is eq with a 4k recording camera, which provides extremely beautiful pictures claims that the flight time is 31 minutes. But what i have noticed is that it flies 22 to 23 minutes depending on wind conditions. Dji mavic, mini 2 is an extremely lightweight drone.

Weight of this drone is less than 250 grams. If we talk about its range, then the dji company claims that it can go up to 200 meters vertically and up to 12 kilometers horizontally Music. This drone gets directly connected to gps, so the flight is very stable and there are very less chances of it. Getting lost compared to other nations. The price of this drone in india is quite costly, and if you buy it online, it will cost you somewhere around 80 to 90 000 Music. If you liked my review, then do comment share and subscribe. My youtube channel anurag sassan thanks for watching.